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I work in the casino as a first responder. I do security when there’s no medicals going on. They recently hired a new slot tech, Melissa. Techs fix the slot machines when necessary. This girl is about 5 ft 7 and around 175lb. Cute, nerdy but
insecure. She’s a little overweight but that doesn’t bother me.

We are both on the grave shift together. I started off saying hello to her every shift. I started joking with her. Then she started opening up to me. She started joking with me and talking with me.

I was at a bar one night. My two friends who were supposed to meet me ended up not going. So I’m sitting at the bar by myself and I noticed she was there with her two friends. I don’t think she noticed me yet. I bought her a drink. The bartender gave her a token and said it was from the guy right there. I raised my glass to her.

I went over just say hi to her. She was very quiet. Her friends talked to me and flirted with me. I can tell it was making her uncomfortable so I said, “I don’t want to interrupt your girls night. I’ll just go.”

I went back and sat at the bar. I could hear her friends asking her, “What the hell is wrong with you? That guy obviously likes you! Go talk to him.” She replied that “he is just a friend from work.” Her friend said, “I will then.”

Her friend Lana came up and asked me to buy her a drink. I refused saying “Nah. I mean I strike out with her and then go for her friend? I think it isn’t right.” I finished my drink and left wishing them a good night.

I saw her and said “good morning”. She returned it. Now she was kind of standoffish with me. Later on I asked her if I offended her somehow. She told me no. Ok. She was not interested in me. That is cool.

After a couple days she started talking and joking with me again. I apologized for the bar thing. If I made her uncomfortable around her friends.

“Why me?”, she asked. “Why not you?”, I asked. “Nothing is wrong with you.” I asked her if she was interested in getting breakfast after work.

She said she wasn’t so we left it at that. Her friend called her “a freaking idiot”. “Some guy is finally interested in you and you shoo him away.”

I met Lana again at the bar. She said “oh you are the one that works with my friend Melissa. Remember we met the other night?” We had a few drinks and decided to go back to my place.

Lana was actually not bad looking at all. 5’6 A little chubby but not bad. Nice big tits.

We were on the couch and I made out with her. She unbuttoned my pants and took off her pants to reveal a nice little trimmed pussy. So cute. I got her on top and spread her lips and teased her clit with my tongue as she sucked my cock.

She started trembling and arched her head back and let out a loud moan as she came. I got a nice face full of pussy juice that smelled better than any cologne. I told her to get on the bottom.

Those big titties looked so inviting. I sucked on her nipples. Then put my dick between them and fucked them. She rubbed the tip while I did this with her thumb. I felt my climax coming on and I grabbed my dick and jacked it until I came all over her face.

She laughed. She went to my bathroom and washed her face off and came back. She had me lay on my back and guided my cock inside her. “Here you love them so much.” She dangled those big tits in my face. I sucked them as she rocked on my cock.

She started kissing my neck and hit that certain spot. I felt myself heading for my climax so I grabbed her hips and started pounding her pussy. She let out a loud ass animalistic moan as I did this and I emptied my nuts into her. She kissed me and laid next to me.

“Melissa was a fool to turn you down.”, she said. I said, “yeah lets not talk about her” She said, “What do you still like her and want to date her?” She said, “Trust me she is complicated. She is her own worst enemy. Low self esteem. She even told me she did not go out with you because she thought she was not good enough for you.”

I laughed, “Really? Wow that is an ego boost. Did not know I was so great.” “Well I wanted to see if you were. Believe me you are.” She said and smiled and kissed me. “Aw aren’t you nice.” I kissed her and we made out again.

We started dating. We actually have a lot of fun together. Always finding different things to do on our time off together. She was still friends with Melissa. However I was on Melissa’s shit list at work. Even though she said she was not interested in me.

I saw Melissa in the back hallways of the casino. I was checking medical bags and went into this storage room without a camera. She came in and started talking to me. “Ok did you really have to date my best friend?” She asked. “You said you weren’t interested. She showed me interest before so why not go out with her? We have fun together. I like her a lot. If you are not interested in me why are you so mad?” She stomped off.

I really don’t think I did anything wrong. Her and I could be doing the stuff Lana and I do but she rejected me. Oh well. Your loss.

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  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Misery loves company

  • Reply Luke ID:fx7itanhj

    I know many chicks like this the perpetually miserable. When she sees the results of her misery she lashes out and blames you. Sad.

  • Reply Casino ID:4o717tkqm

    Guys the title was meant as a rhetorical question. Lol. I would be a fool to leave Lana for her.

  • Reply Luke ID:fx7itanhj

    Dude you are doing exactly what she wants you to do. Second-guessing your decision and feeling sorry for her. She rejected you. Honestly if it was me and I didn’t think the relationship with a friend was going to go anywhere I would have made up with her and did her too. LOL

  • Reply Common fucking sense ID:1fjgjo7ik09

    Obviously you’re not in the wrong, its her own stupid fault for acting like such a chickenshit and a prude to boot.

    The fact she’s mad that you’re screwing her friend and not her is a huge red flag anyway.