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Accidentally knocking up my sons girl

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I came home and found my son and his girlfriend passed out drunk in his room after just having sex. I saw her laying on the bed and couldn’t resist.

I once came home shortly after midnight, I’d spent the night out down the local pub, and I’d told my 13 year old son not to have anyone in the house while I was out.

When I got home and headed upstairs I found an empty vodka bottle on the landing, I knew he’d been drinking it so I burst in to his bedroom ready to tell him off, but when I opened the door he was laying on his bedroom floor by the bed, with his pants around his knees and his little cock hanging out, with a used condom on the floor beside him.

His same age girlfriend was also there, laying across the bed with her feet hanging over the side and her panties hanging off her right ankle, both of them were passed out drunk and it was clear they’d been having sex, or at least tried to before passing out.

Overall he’s a pretty good lad and I wasn’t really angry with him for disobeying me and having someone in the house, let alone drinking my vodka, seeing him in that situation just made me chuckle.

Then as I looked back at his girl laying on the bed it seemed like such a waste, and a little like she’d been left there as a gift just for me, “Cheers, Son. Don’t mind if I do.”

Obviously my son used condoms, which was good, nice to see he was being careful and using protection, me on the other hand, I couldn’t be assed with all this shit, I just went bareback.

I stepped up to the bed, undoing and dropping my pants as I approached, I held on to her skinny chicken legs and turned her around a little, then I lifted her skirt up and had a really good luck at her little bald pussy whilst giving my cock a good rub and getting it nice and hard.

I flicked her clitoris with the tip of my cock and then slid it down her crack before pushing it inside her warm tight tunnel, “Here comes the choo-choo train.” I was drunk so talking to myself a lot, I lifted her tank top up over her chest and caressed and squeezed her small breasts while thrusting in and out of her.

A proper little cutey she was, she looked so gorgeous, especially with my cock inside her, and she moaned and moved her head from side to side as she enjoyed the pleasure of me fucking her tight hole, “That’s right, princess, you’ve got a real cock inside you now. I’m going to feed your hungry pussy, don’t you worry.”

I held her legs up at my hips, like we were in the wheelbarrow position, and I pumped her good and hard and watched her little boobs wobble around, and then I came in her, her tight pussy squeezed my cock like a toothpaste tube, helping to extract all of my seed, “Ooah”.

When I pulled my cock out, it squirted a couple more times, dripping my seed on the outside of her pussy.

I didn’t even bother cleaning anything up, I just left them there and went to my own room and straight to bed.

I didn’t feel bad about fucking my son’s girl, at least not straight away, that came a couple of months later when he and his girl told me that she was pregnant, but they didn’t understand why as they’d always used protection, I told them condoms aren’t always 100% effective.

But I knew, the dates matched up, she conceived the night that I fucked her, the baby was mine, but I’ll never tell my son that.

Looks like I’ve got a secret kid on the way. Oops!.

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