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A special farm

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Megan is in search of work and she finds a job working on an isolated farm

(Please forgive my grammar)
My name is Megan I am 15 and blonde.
My father wants my to get a job and so I did at a very isolated very special farm. When I arrived my boss guided me to my room and gave me the rules. Don’t go in the basement or his room. I thought it made sense so I unpaked and he gave me the day off the next day he woke me and left for work I was supposed to go out after breakfast so I did what I was told only to go out side and enter the barn to be greeted by pens or slaves and my boss holding a whip and a cloth laced with Chloroform as he brought the cloth to my face I let out a loud scream.
When I woke up I was naked collerd and tied up in a pen and on either side of me were more girls all of them around 15 like me then my boss or now my master saw that I had woken up he came over to me an attached brest pumps to me and the rest of the girls and it hurt after about an hour he came around to take them off and he dragged me out side to a sex bench and tied me up I thought he would fuck me but I was wrong he brought over a black Stalion and made him fuck me after master fucked me himself. After he revised me and brought me back inside the barn and gave us lunch, slop that he pissed on after lunch he said to rest up for the evening.
Later he came to the barn with chains in his hands and grabbed me and toke me to his basement that was transformed into a bdsm dungeon. He tortured me that night and it happened once every two weeks for me because every day he took a different girl to the dungeon. After a month of this torture changing a bit every day it was harvest and for harvest he attached us all to a machine that we pulled through his fields and it harvested the crop and with master on the machine he would whip us to stay at the right speed and in the spring during seeding the same thing happend only with a different machine and this happens every year some days are easier and others are harder but this is my life until I am 30 and he says I am useless and kills me with his whip

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    WOW, should of left this in the waste basket along with all the other fucked up stories. Not even a moron would rate this a five and obvious it was you rating yourself.