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A Small Mistake Made My Wife a Cum Dump Part 2

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A innocent dick sucking went on to get my wife getting gangbanged.

“What the fuck is going on,” I said, throwing my bag on the floor with rage.
“Hey Mr. J, how’s it going? It won’t take much longer, just sit on the chair over there.” Jimmy continuing to fuck my wife’s ass.
“Wait what? How dare you speak to me like that and who are they?”
“Oh, these guys? This is Mike (In her pussy), this is Steve (Fucking her mouth) and this is Ben(My wife jerking him off)” They all waved hi to me as he introduced them to me, still fucking my wife.
He continued ” And yeah, your wife and I got a little comfortable and now she is our bitch. So relax and sit down and let us finish off inside your wife. Ok.” He continued fucking her ass.
“Honey? what is going on here? This was not the deal? Was it?”
She removed the dick from her mouth – “Well…dear, things got out of hand, and I lost control of the situation. I’m… I’m sorry. Jimmy just outsmarted me and now I’m his bitch, honey” She said with a lot of stutters trying to be in rhythm with the very fuck she was getting from behind. She went on to put the dick back in her mouth. I just sat in the chair trying to understand what was happening. Soon they started cum where they were. She was getting filled up her ass, pussy, mouth, and her hands covered in cum.
They all got dressed and started to leave.

“Well, Mr J, I’ll leave you guys alone, I’m sure she will fill you in about our new arrangement. See you soon” Jimmy said closing the door behind him.

I ran to Gloria. “What happened honey? Tell me” I held her as she was unable to stand properly. “Please take me for a bath.” She said.

I sat next to her in the bathtub as she was narrating the incident of the day.

She started – “Well, I did what we planned. I invited him into the house and showed him the laptop to fix. Then I made my move and easily got his teenage dick in my mouth. I was so busy, giving him a blowjob that I didn’t even notice that he was recording. By the time I finished blowing him and swallowing his load, he had sent the video to his friend’s group. I was now in a very vulnerable position. He told me if I let him fuck him in the pussy, He would delete the video from all phones. So I obeyed him and got naked. Sucked him hard. Got on all fours, as he wanted me to fuck in a doggy position. The next part is really stupid…. I know, But don’t get angry. He recorded fucking my pussy from behind while pulling my hair. By the time he finished unloading his warm cum inside me, I heard a doorbell. He handed over the phone to me and went to open the door. I was on my knees, naked, watching him fuck me from behind in the new video. He came back with 3 more teenage boys. His school friends. Whom he had send the address during the first msg. I told him this is wrong, he promised to delete the video of me giving him a blowjob if I let him fuck my pussy. He said sure he will. And he did. I asked him to delete the one where he was fucking me from behind. He said that was not the deal.
So we made a new deal. I let them fuck me and they will delete the video. I know… But I was scared honey. All were minors, I didn’t want to go to prison. So I obeyed. I asked them to give their phones to me. They agreed. They took turns fucking my pussy and my mouth. By the time one was done other was hard again. This kept going till like1 pm. Then they felt hungry. I said I have done what you have asked, now they should delete the video and go home. Jimmy said ok and asked for water for all. So I went into the kitchen to fetch water. When I came back they were watching something on our laptop. Apparently, they recorded them fucking me multiple times, via our own web came and now they have emailed the video to their email ID. I know I know I’m stupid. By this time I gave up. So they made me prepare lunch for them, naked. During this they kept groping my ass and boobs, humping me, and rubbing their hard dicks against my ass. Once they had lunch I sucked them all off and Jimmy made me swallow all their cum. Said it was my dessert. Then they again started to fuck me, and yeah this time they added my asshole to the list, just for fun. They were now recording everything, anyone fucking my ass, double penetration, leaving jizz in my pussy, everything. Jimmy made it clear that I need to obey him from now on. Else these videos will be out on the internet.
And then you showed up. I lost count of how many times they came inside and on me.

So yeah that was my day…How was your day honey??”

“Oh honey, I’m sorry to hear that. Did you at least enjoy a little bit?” I asked in fear.
“Well yeah! I love teen dicks so Loved sucking on them, I also came twice, both times when they were fucking my ass and pussy at the same time. So.. It was not all bad” She said.

“So what else do you think they are going to make you do?”

“Not sure.. Honey..Not sure” She slipped in the bath water she was tired for sure.

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    Part 2 please

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    I hope they continue using her a d then introduce her to K9

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    That was so satisfying end to such an amazing story. Please continue. May the kids make her do more degrading stuff.