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A day in the life of a Suburban housewife

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It’s quick tricky to make sure your family is happy. I have perfected my day to make sure all are satisfied.

Hi, I’m Bella, your usual Suburban housewife. I am 38, (36DD, 36, 38). My husband, John, 38, is a software consultant. My daughter, Nelly, is 16. And my son, Nathan, is 13. Of course, we cannot forget our dog, Parker, a Mastiff breed.

I wake up at 5 am and start the day with some exercise. I’m into nude yoga so I do that for like 30 mins, in my back porch. I try to be on time as my 60yr old neighbor sets an alarm to wake up to watch me do yoga. This is also the time I take care of Parker who loves to lick my bare pussy when I’m still in different positions. Then I take shower and masturbate myself to a couple of orgasms. Then I start preparing breakfast for all. I prepare the pancake batter and go to get my husband up.

My husband like to be woken up with a blowjob, so I make sure I’m sucking his balls before his eyes are open. He wakes up and finishes by holding my head tight to his ball and cuming inside my mouth. That’s the very first shot of protein I take every morning.

As I leave my husband to get ready I prepare the veggies for the breakfast. Then again I leave to wake up the kids.
Waking Nelly is very easy. I just pull out the butt plug from her ass. She just loves to sleep with it up her ass. This wakes her up and she goes on to get ready for the day.

Nathan, has taken on his dad. He too needs to be woken up by a sloppy blowjob. So I get on with it. I take his 4-inch pencil dick in my mouth and blow the shit out of it. He still cums quite quickly, like 2mins, in my mouth. My second round of proteins. Anyway, I return to make the pancakes.

This is when My husband is ready and up for breakfast. He lifts my full-length gown and fuck me in my pussy while I’m making the pancakes. He loves to fuck me standing up. He never fails to give me cream pie. He takes his breakfast and leaves.

This is when Nelly comes in and goes under my gown, while I’m assembling their lunch for school standing near the counter. She licks and sucks the cum out of my pussy that her dad left inside me. She is such a sweetheart.

The last one to join us is Nathan, he never comes with his pants on. He just sits on the counter with his legs spread apart. I give him another blowjob while he is having his breakfast and eating his sister’s pussy. He cums again and gives me the third dose of my daily supplement.

I send them to school and start cleaning the house. I try and be fast as by 11 am my father-in-law, Henry, visits us. My Mother-in-law passed away a few years back so we take care of him. He lives nearby. Once he is there I prepare him his oatmeal and go down on my knees. As he is having his meal, I suck his dick hard enough to fuck my pussy. But he is a gentleman, and never forgets to first lick my pussy wet. He does it for a while then he lays on his back and lets me ride his semi-hard dick. He is a little old-fashioned so he makes me remove each and every piece of clothing before he fucks me. Awww…So sweet.

He leaves around 12pm after leaving his non-fertile seed inside me. I prepare lunch for my husband and myself. Around 1 pm, Sam visits us. He is John’s 19 yr old intern who comes to collect John’s lunch. I welcome him was a blowjob at the door. Then once he is hard, I start assembling the meal, while he fucks my ass from behind. These young kids love to try out new things. After leaving his cum inside me he takes the packed lunch back to my husband.

Around 3 pm either our 47-year landlord or any one of his friends visits us. We actually made a deal to ease up on increasing the rent by offering me twice a week. Monday and Thursday. Today is Thursday so, he himself is here. Since he is not family he treats me
roughly. He thinks I’m a whore. Well, technically you can say that, but I’m in my house, in my gown and all. So….
Anyways, he makes me gag on his 8″ dick as he deep throats me. After a while, he throws me to the couch and spreads my legs wide open, and fucks the shit out of my pussy. He folds my legs so close to my ears that I’m blessed that I know yoga else they would have broken by now. He flips me over and rides my ass. He is into food fetish I guess. He uses stuff like fresh cream and mayonnaise while fucking my pussy. He applies them to his dick and shoves it right up my pussy or ass. He continues to destroy my ass and pussy, until he cums inside them.
The good thing is Parker loves fresh cream and mayonnaise. So he lick my pussy clean once the landlord leaves.

I take a quick shower to remove the food smell on me. And wait for my kids to come back home. They both attend extra classes after school. Nelly goes to singing practice, while Nathan, goes to Karate classes.

Nathan is the one who comes home first. I stand outside waiting for his to arrive. He jumps into my arms as soon as he comes back. I take him inside and help him to change. Before He puts on his home clothes on his naked body, I suck him hard. He loves it. Seeing his mom on her all four, while his hand on my head, and thrust his tiny cock inside my mouth. Then he flips me around and inserts his hard cock in my mommy pussy. I make moaning noises to encourage him. He cums inside and lays on my back and whispers in my ears “I love you mommy”. Every time without fail. I too repeat the same to him, with happy tears in my eyes. I leave him to get ready while I wait for Nelly to return.

Nelly comes back usually 30min after Nathan returns. As soon as she returns she hits the bathroom. I make sure I’m available for her in the bathroom. Nelly is kind of a slut in her school. She has 34B boobs and a thick tight ass. So she attracts a lot of guys. And she does not have standards as such, so she lets anyone fuck her. So usually when she is back, I help her clean. I suck the cum out of her pussy and ass and lick her giving her a well-deserved orgasm. Then I prepare her a bath and clean her whole body. By the time she gets out, I keep a glass of warm milk and a cocktail of meds ready for her. It’s usually some antibodies and a plan B. She does not like the feel of condoms. Like mother like daughter I guess. Hehehe.

I go back to the kitchen and start preparing dinner. In the meantime, my husband returns. So I leave everything and attend to him. He tells me all about the day while changing clothes and freshening up. All the while, I’m sucking on his cock, hoping around with him. I swallow his warm cum and prepare the dinner table.

We wait for Henry to come by. Once he is there he have our meal discussing our day. We laugh and have fun. Once the dinner is complete, My husband and I sort out the dishes. By the time we reach the family room, the rest usually have started the family orgy. They are already naked and sucking and licking each other. Nelly, on her all fours, is sucking her grandfather, who is sitting on the couch. While Nathan is laying on the floor on his back licking his sister’s wet pussy, his head between her legs. We just smile and hug each other and start kissing and feeling each other up. We too get naked and join the fun. I cowgirl my way on Henry’s hard dick, thanks to Nelly. Nelly goes on to suck her dad now, while Nathan shoves his dick up my ass. It is so mesmerizing. The whole room smells like sex, the moaning noises coming from all around. I love my family. I love my life. We soon switch positions as John and Nathan fuck Nelly in her mouth and pussy, while Henry fucks my mouth. Then Henry and John fuck Nelly, while Nathan fucks his mom. It takes us a while to finish this orgy. It usually ends with John in my ass, Henry in my pussy, and Nathan in my mouth. And Nelly making a video of it. These kids are so social these days.
Nelly does the cleaning of my holes this time. Nathan is the only one who cums more than once during these sessions. I’m sure he will learn to hold for a longer period of time. Nelly and I also cum at least twice during this time.

Henry leaves for his house, while we all clean up and prepare for bed. I put my night lotion on and get in the sheets with John. I suck him off to sleep. Then I go to Nelly and let her suck on my tits while I read her a story and rub her pussy. I shove a butt plug up her ass too.

By this time it’s Nathan’s time to sleep as he plays video games post our orgy. He too needs a blowjob for sleeping like his dad. So I make him cum, swallow his load, and shut the lights out.

I walk out to the back porch naked at 10 pm and bend over near the hole in the fence. My neighbor is very punctual and he fucks me in my holes for a few mins. Usually, he uses his dick to fuck me but sometimes he fucks me with a dildo. But he makes sure I cum. Again, what a gentleman.

I come back and sit on the porch. Light a cigarette while Parker licks my pussy clean. I enjoy the calm night breeze. Then I clean myself up and go to bed. All excited for another “full” day.

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