22 year old Daughters illness

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Daughter comes to father for comfort when having anxiety attacks.

My daughter, 22 years old suffers from anxiety attacks. These attacks involve hours of vomiting and hot baths. She always comes to my house saying “ dad I need your help” or “ dad make me feel better”. This has been going on at least once a month for a year. It’s irritating. She takes constant scalding hot baths and then lays in my bed. As she lays there only in a towel she slams 1 gallon milk jugs of water then vomits straight water. This goes on for up to 5 hours. Being dad I ask how I can help, what can I do? “ Rub my temples “ she ask. So there I’ll sit for hours rubbing her temples or shoulders until she hops up for another bath. Same old pattern , bath, back to my room, slam water, get sick.
So last night she shows up sick. “Dad I need a bath”. I tell her this is getting old, you’re going to blow up my hot water heater, you’re trashing my bed and bathroom this has to stop. I’m watching tv and hear the water finally shut off. She appears totally nude in the hallway as she walk to the bedroom. “Dad” I hear her say. What I ask, she says “ come here rub me”. Frustrated I go in to see her laying on my bed in a towel. The towel barely offers any cover at all. I ask what can I do? “ My temples dad, rub”. So I sit on the corner of the bed and her legs spread, 1 over my lap, the other to my right. I reach up and begin the temple massage. I ask why are you so stressed, you’re 22 life has began stressing you yet. Stretching across her 5 ft 2 body was hurting my back at the angle in which I sat. So I said here I’ll rub your feet then I’m done. At this point I began rubbing her foot that’s stretched across my lap while watching videos on my phone. She’s started to relax a little from her anxiety. She takes notice im on the phone and says “ both hands”. So I’m on the corner of the bed one leg behind me, one across my lap. I can’t reach both feet so I continue rubbing her foot and start lightly massaging her inner and outer thigh. I ask does this help? “ mmmhmmm shes says”. “ Rub my legs” she says quietly. So I turn a little which causes her legs to open a little. I began slowly massaging her inner thighs real slow trying to stay respectful. It’s just a leg rub right. This goes on for a good 15 minutes. As I continue slowly working my way up and down her inner thighs I notice the towel has loosened up. I can now see her nicely shaved pussy exposed. My heart started beating like crazy. I though oh my god , I’m looking at my daughters pussy. No big deal I guess so I continue the massage. I couldn’t stop looking and found myself rubbing the insides of her thighs closer to her pussy. I asked if this was helping? “ Yes” she says at a murmur. I kept massaging closer until my knuckles would lightly touch the outside of her pussy then retreat back toward her inside knees. This was too much to take in so I got up because my back hurt anyways. She heads for another dam hot bath. That gives me time to get myself together. I’m in disbelief. I’d seen and lightly grazed my daughters pussy.
20 minutes later I hear my name called again. This time I go in to find her laying completely naked on her back after just getting sick again. I say “ hey you gotta stop this shit”. She moans and says “ run my temples”. I set down and cover her with a bath towel as I check out her naked body. Her breast are id guess some large B cups , I don’t know, both nipples pierced very nice and firm looking. I start rubbing her temples again. After a few minutes I tell her my fingers are cramping and switch to her shoulders. As I work both shoulders and neck im tempted to see her breast so I slowly start massaging around her shoulders and top of her chest causing the towel to move down. As I’m rubbing my forearm lightly makes contact with her nipple, it gets hard so I ready my arm on her tit as I continue rubbing her upper chest. I ask “ does this help”? “Mmmhmmmm “ she says. I can’t take no more so I tell her I need a smoke. She heads for another bath. Eventually it’s 11 pm I tell her this has been going on since 530 I’m getting tired. So I let her know I’m going to bed and that she’s welcome to stay as long as she quits trashing my bathroom and settles down.
Flash forward im laying in bed hoping she’s gotten over the anxiety attack and will leave soon. No! She comes crawling in bed with me “ dad I’m sick, I’m cold”. I say get in here and cover up and start the whole rubbing the temples crap again. This time I roll over in a spoon position using my right hand to rub and caress her head and shoulders. She’s shivering so I pull her close. I can feel her nude body on mine. I rub her back and say “ awe you’re covered in goose bumps, let me warm you up sweetly. I start massing her back and side all the way down to her hips real slowly as she pushes her ass back in to me. I reach down and rub her legs up and down trying to create some body heat. She says “ I’m so cold, my stomach hurts”. So I continue rubbing her hip and reach around to her stomach. I start lightly rubbing her flat little belly in small circles. I felt her little belly button ring in a few of the circles that my hand made. Eventually my hand felt the top of her pussy. Not wanting to get creepy I went back to her legs. She was still spooning with me as I rubbed her legs and held her her close. My hands eventually came up her legs and rubbed her ass. Her ass was so tiny and firm. I know the side of my hand had to have brushed her pussy a few times. I asked” you ok”, you good”?. She turns around on her back and says “ rub”. So back to her shoulders I go. This time I’m sideways, my arm is on her chest between her breast. I continue to rub and start rubbing her upper chest. Slowly I circle around her breast until I caressed her little pierced nipple. I realized oh shit and went back to her neck. What had started out as a simple massage had me wondering what was she after, was she enjoying this? I started slowly rubbing her stomach again and found both her hands crossed on her pussy. As I rubbed her stomach I worked my hand on top of hers and began lightly rubbing her hand causing her to apply pressure to her pussy. Then I’d jump back to her stomach and shoulders. I did not want to cross any boundaries a father should not cross yet I couldn’t stop playing with her nipples and rubbing her naked body. Eventually I fell asleep. The next day she tells me thanks dad for making me feel good. I’m still in shock thinking dam did she want more? True story.

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  • Reply AJ ID:2mutfpxyqi

    Dad you ok to chat

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    I now how I would help her anxiety. I would I would dose a cocktail then fuck her passed out pussy

  • Reply Sugarbud16 ID:1ftoi9ak0b

    Great story but need part 2 having daddy massage his daughter’s orally and the daughter giving daddy back blowjob as thank you daddy

    • Dad ID:vuf1mu42

      This story is all true. I had to write it to try and come to terms with what happened. I’m sure she’ll show up sick again, it’s usually once or twice a month. I’m wondering how far things could go.