17 year old confusion

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Fetishes, rape/incest/teen female, 17, 5’0 38D breasts

Where I live there’s a lot of break ins and all I can think about is getting raped so I leave my door unlocked at night for any visitors hoping to get my pussy and ass pounded and make me have multiple orgasms. Make me into a lil whore to be used whenever and however. If u want you could come and fuck me anytime you want make me your little fuck toy.

I even want to get fucked by a friends dad or a step dad anytime I come over getting told what a slut I am for letting him do whatever he wants to me wherever he wants.
Getting pinned down and used would be so amazing.

I’ve always wanted to get fucked since I was 12 didn’t. My best friends dad would touch me all the time I loved it and it’s all I ever thought about. Him groping and sucking my nipples while fingering my pussy. I wanted him to have sex with me but he was to scared to hurt me. I thought about just putting his cock in myself but I didn’t want him to get angry with me.

When I was 14 maybe 15 I went to a friend’s house but she wasn’t there her brother Nathan was, he was home alone I figured I’d wait until she got home since she was on her way. I went and sat on the couch and started watching TV Nathan came in and sat next to me. I noticed he kept staring at me after 20 minutes he lunged at me and pinned me down I couldn’t move he was to strong. He started pulling my pants off and noticed I didn’t have any underwear on he smiled looking at me. He started fingering my pussy till it got nice and wet then rubbed his cock against my pussy then in one thrust he was inside me. It hurt but it felt so good I didn’t want him to stop fucking me. After 30 minutes of putting me in different positions he came inside my ass. Once we got dressed my friend came home.

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