14 year old Abagail

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Abagail was a sweet looking 14 year -old girl with blonde hair small breasts, 5 foot even and a devilish look and attitude.

Her mother and I became good friends and she gradually accepted me as her official babysitter, which left me with Abagail alone much of the day while her mother worked. Abagail liked sitting with me in my recliner and one day, shortly after her mom left for work, Abagail did something that changed our days together to what I call fun days.

As we were setting together, Abagail leaned over closer to me and rested her hand on my lap, very close to my cock. This girl seemed very mature to me for being only 14 and was very pretty, she actually turned me on a lot and I would catch a glimpse of her tight white cotton panties now and then, and she seemed to know I was looking.

Anyways, with her hand resting on my lap near my rising cock, I noticed her dress had come up a little, just enough for me to see the beginning of her panties. Casually, I kind of rubbed her exposed upper thigh and as I did this, her hand became slightly active and squeezed my cock ever so lightly.

I was now rock hard and my hand became more exploratory and came over to her panty line very near her pussy mound. By this time, Abagail’s hand was becoming more brave and she was squeezing my cock steadily now. I decided to go for broke and stuck my pinky finger just inside her panties and started rubbing what had to be one of the best feeling pussies I had felt in a long time.

Just then, Abagail unzipped my pants like a pro and had her hand inside and was squeezing my very now diamond hard cock. Without any hesitation, I slipped my other 2 fingers inside her panties and was feeling the sweetest pussy this side of my blue heaven. Then Abagail asked me to take out my cock so she could see it.

I said ok but only if I could see hers. She was ok with that, so I lifted up and slid my pants and underwear down and my cock sprang out, hard as hell, waiting for Heather’s warm, little hand to grasp it, which she did. What a feeling to have a warm little teen girls hand on your cock! I took my hand from the side of her panties and put them down the front and fully felt her wonderful, bald pussy.

Abagail then took hold of my hand and shoved it further down in to her panties giving me a great, full feel of that bald, hairless pussy of hers. Then she told me to keep my hand there while she pulled down her panties and took them off, exposing her beautiful, pink, bald pussy. She resumed playing with my cock and I was so enthralled to see and play with her little pussy, I didn’t notice that she had leaned over in to my lap and was just inches away from my cock with her mouth.

When I felt a warm, different feeling on my dick, I looked down to see Abagail sucking on my cock and doing it like a pro. If you have never had a sweet, cute little teen give you a blowjob, you don’t know what you are missing. Oh, the feeling was magnificent! I had to keep an extra check on myself to keep from cummimg in her mouth, when she suddenly stopped and swung herself on top of me, and scooted herself and her beautiful pussy right up to my mouth!

Next thing I knew, I was licking up and down her cunt slit, giving her some feelings she had experienced somewhere else. She exploded with my tongue inside her pussy and came multiple times. I didn’t know such a young girl could experience orgasms such as Abagail did, but I found out something that day that has stayed with me to this day.

As Abagail came down from her intense Orgasm , she slid down on my lap and her pussy came to rest right on my still diamond hard cock. My leering lesson want over yet, cause as Abagail laid on my hard cock, she slowly sat up, looked me straight in the eyes and reached down, grabbed hold of my cock and put it to that little love- cannel entrance of hers and slowly sat up straight with my cockhead nestled in between her pussylips and then pressed down.

I felt my cock going up into her with now about an inch in to her sweet pussy. She kept pushing down as I pressed up, meeting her thrusts, my cock slowly entering into her fully. My cock isn’t that big, maybe 7 inches at most, but it felt like a log going in to that sweet, tight pussy. I looked down and seen it was all the way in as Abagail did also.

Then she smiled at me and started working her pussy up and down on me, giving me a feeling out of this world. I met her thrusts and was soon going a steady rhythm until I couldn’t hold no longer, flooding her small pussy hole with what felt like a gallon of pent up cum juice. What a rush! What a feeling!

I didn’t ask her where she learned how to do all this, I was just happy that she knew how, because after that, we kept doing it whenever we could! I taught her some new positions and this young teen was a quick learner. Her fresh, young pussy always felt so good, so tight as she always left my cock empty inside of her pussy, or her mouth or her tight sweet ass, my favorite thing was for her to suck me off in her mouth after we fucked and watch her swallow my cum which she did willingly.

Heather is 17 now and she still thrills me as she did that day when she was only 14 years old If you enjoyed this story feel free to send me a message on my Kik AaronMcgee155 maybe we can turn your fantasy into a reality

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    Yes, they deserve to be loved and pleasured, and bred at a young age

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    Could use some editing. Though the story in general is good. I enjoyed the scenario and wished it were me.

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