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Welcome to the world of the rich perverts Annie McDonald

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Judge Mathews Court was the main supplier of women to a private club for the rich perverts of New York, welcome to the club Annie McDonald .

Annie McDonald wept as she was led away from the court room, her legs felt like jelly and she had trouble stepping out of the dock , she had been sentenced to a year’s prison sentence for pick pocketing, normally the fine would have been a few dollars, with no jail time, but Annie was an attractive 18 year old, and Judge Mathews who sentenced her had plans for Annie the second he saw her standing in front of him .

Annie arrived at the infamous Mount Pleasant Women’s Prison on the Hudson River north of New York City in ankle chains and handcuffs along with 6 other women, all who had been sentenced to spend time in this hell hole, all now regretted deeply the crimes they had committed. At the prison Annie McDonald was separated from the other arriving prisoners, she was led shuffling along a corridor by two large strong women guards in silence. Led into a room she looked at what Annie though resembled a large bath. Four other guards stood talking in a corner ,they went quiet when the 18 year old beauty entered the room . Her chains and cuffs were removed and Annie was told to strip naked. She stood looking at the guards quizzically not really understanding what they had said, a few seconds later, she received a hard slap in her stomach that although not really painful scared Annie and as she bent over putting her hands on her stomach on of the guards grabbed her hair and pushed her slowly to her knees.

She tried to stop the guards from ripping her clothes off her but with six of them around her she couldn’t do very much to protect her self from receiving the odd kick in her legs and side. With most of her clothes ripped off she felt one of the guards grab her beautiful long curly black hair and she could hear someone shouting at her to get up. As soon as she was standing she was thrown unceremoniously into the pool , the water was only waist deep ,Annie stood up spiting the fowl disinfectant tasting water out of her mouth and crying.

” Get out of the pool ” shouted one of the guards ,Annie moved slowly to the end of the pool where the three or four steps took her out of the pool. “Come here ” said one of the guards , Annie walked to the guard who immediately took hold of her arm and threw her back into the water. ” Put your stinking head under the water bitch “” shouted one of the guards,” get rid of the fucking lice and other shit in you hair.” Crying Annie held her nose and ducked under the water, ” again,again ” shouted the guard as Annie put her head under the water several more times.” Out ” shouted the guard, and when Annie stood at the side of the pool she was led to an area in the corner above a drain and a hose of cold water was turned on,washing the disinfectant water from the pool from her head and body.

A crying Annie walked to the guard who was holding a towel out in her direction, she stood drying herself wishing the floor would just open up and swallow her ,she could hear and see the guards laughing at her, talking about her big cupid kettle drums, her hairy quim and her tight back avenue.
When she was dry she was given a pair of French style high heels slippers to put on and she was led further along the corridor from the pool room to a door. One of the guards knocked and a woman’s voice said “enter” . Inside the Prison Warden, a woman that Annie guessed was about fifty sat relaxing in an arm chair and Annie was led to stand before her. So this is Miss Annie McDonald is it the Prison Warden said softly, very nice, Judge Mathews always did have good taste she said to no one in particular.

Kneel down Annie, it’s hurting my neck me having to look up to you said the Warden . The guards either side of Annie put their hands on her shoulders and gently pushed Annie down onto her knees. The Head Ward legs were wide opened so Annie knelt between her feet. Slowly the Warden began to pull the hem of her skirt up, first exposing her knees and then her thighs. She lifted her butt off the chair pulling her grey skirt up so lower half of her naked body was in plain view, without a stitch of cloth to hide her private parts and the neatly trimmed hair that grew on her pubic mound from Annies and the others in the room eyes.

Annie could feel one of the guards pushing the back of her head ,forcing her face towards the wardens cunny . ” Lick it bitch ” the guard standing next to her said as Annie closed her eyes and began to shout ,” NO,NO,NO,” as her mouth touched the wardens flesh pussy lips.. Suddenly Annie felt herself being dragged backwards by her hair,she screamed in pain as the Wardens foot came to rest on her chest and she violently kicked Annie backwards. She fell sprawled out on her back,the guard standing over her with a hand full of Annie’s hair laughed and called her a stupid cunt..

Annie watched as one of the guards dropped to her knees between the Wardens legs,her mouth went to the wardens Venus Honeypot and she began to work to bring the Warden to a climax. Annie rolled over onto her side and laid in the fetal position with her eyes closed listening to the heavy breathing and the crude words that got louder and louder as the Warden raced at full speed towards her hysterical paroxysm.

Annie laid on the cold floor listening to the wardens heavy breathing, she heard her cough and say horsely, ladies take her next door . Annie was half dragged half walked from the room, the last thing she saw and heard was the guard kneeling before the Warden, she was kissing her shoes and thanking her for letting her lick her quim. Even under her present painful circumstances there was that almost made Annie smile,to her the wrong person was saying thank you,but she didn’t have time to think about it before she was dragged by two of the women down the corridor and into a room,where she was unceremoniously dump again on the floor.

One of the guards bent over Annie, ” get up bitch” she said ,Annie could feel the spit from her mouth go on her face. She slowly got up looking around the brightly lit room . The only thing she really saw as several of the guards grabbed her, was a long wooden table, which a few seconds later she found herself laying on, looking up at the ceiling . She tried to stop the guards from grabbing her arms, but she wasn’t strong enough and she was soon in leather cuffs, her wrists were quickly pulled up over her head and she was chained to the end of the table. Crying she could see through the tears the laughing guards and she felt them grabbing her ankles and pulling her legs open wide until she stopped kicking as she tried to turn on her side and cried out loud with the pain.

Two metal poles which were attached by a big screws along the side of the bed were pulled up and the screws tightened, Annie felt the guards let go of her legs and she tried to close them,but to no avail , the upright metal poles were in the way, they were right where the inside of her knees were which stopped her from being able to close her legs. She tried lifting her feet in the air but the poles were longer than her legs. Tears streamed from her eyes and she could feel them pooling in her ears, she started to beg the guards to let her go, she even offered them the small amount of money she had saved in the bank,but they just laughed at her. She heard the door open and close, the guards all stood up straight to attention, Annie turned her head towards the door, the Warden stood there with the guard that had pleasured her standing next to her.

The Warden walked over to where Annie laid, her hand went out and she rubbed Annie’s breasts making her nipples go hard.” Oh you little whore ” she said laughing, ” look at you getting all excited. Her hand slid slowly down Annie’s stomach, she used her pointy finger and thumb to grab some of Annie’s pubic hair and she pulled hard causing Annie to scream out in pain and making the guards laugh. The Wardens fingers let go of Annie’s pubic hair and she slowly slide her hand to the entrance of Annie’s honeypot , Annie shivered and then screamed out as the Warden brutally inserted a finger into Annie’s dry cunt.

” Oh my, my ,my ” , the Warden laughed, ” you have never had a mans cock in here have you ” she said pulling her finger out of Annie’s cunny She almost ran to where Annie’s head was and said “open your fucking mouth.” Annie kept her mouth closed, she felt the Wardens finger running along her lips and she felt the hot breath of the Warden close by her face. ” Open your fucking mouth ” the warden said again slowly,emphasizing the word open. With her other hand she grabbed one of Annie’s nipples and twisted it brutally. ” NNNNOOOOO” , screamed Annie, ” that’s it bitch” said the Warden, ” leave your mouth open just like that” . The pain of the Warden pulling and twisting her nipple was too much for Annie to bare,she left her mouth open and the Warden slowly put her finger in Annie’s open mouth,
” suck it ” she said giving Annie’s nipple another twist, screaming Annie did as she was told and sucked her own cunny juice from the wardens finger in her mouth.

A loud knock came on the door ,inside the room everyone went silent, one of the guards went to the door and in the silence Annie could hear some whispering going on. “Ma’am” said the guard at the door, ” it’s for you ” . ” Fuck” said the Warden as she pulled her finger from Annie’s mouth, she went to the door, and Annie watched as she closed it. She came back and stood next to Annie. ” I have to go” she said sounding very reluctant, ” I am going to leave you ladies here to teach our guest how to be a good girl, tomorrow she will be leaving us to go to another location “. “Now in the morning when I say goodbye to her I am going to inspect her ,she is a virgin,and in the morning she will still be a virgin,because if she is not you six ladies will be taking her place up the road , DO YOU UNDERSTAND “,she shouted scaring everyone in the room. “Yes Ma’am” said the guards in unison.

After the Warden had left the room it only took a few minutes for the guards to remove their clothing ,two of the guards stood each side of Annie took hold of her honeypot lips and pulled them open wide,one of the others started rubbing Annie’s little man in the boat with her finger . Her finger slid down to the entrance of Annie cunnie ,she was laughing and saying ” I wonder who will be the lucky man to break this little bitch in, “and they were all laughing, She said ” maybe it will be that old cow Mary Wilson that millionaires wife, her husband bought her that smart ass bitch that went there a couple of weeks ago , the Warden said Mr.W was wearing an strap on cock the size of a wine bottle,and I don’t mean the cork end ” ,she said ,” they could hear her cries in Brooklyn she made such a fuss. ” , and they all burst out laughing as the tears flowed down Annies face.

It was almost four hours later a completely exhausted Annie was take to an empty cell on the main floor of the prison Everyone of the guards had made Annie reach a climax doing oral on her. Her first two climax’s had come easily, but by the time she had the last one she was so sore it hurt her to walk to the place where she could lay her head. . She had been forced to bring three of the guards to a climax doing oral sex on them, something she had never done before, but appeared to be very good at judging on the speed the guards had climaxed.

Before she left the morning after her arrival , the Prison Warden visited Annie’s cell. Annie standing in nothing more than a thin smock begging the Warden to tell her where she was being sent. The warden ordered her to turn around and open her legs and grab her ankles. The Wardens hands roamed over Annie’s exposed bottom,before her fingers began to explore the entrance to Annie’s cunt. ” Well ” she said softly ” I guess my staff did as they were told ” and she laughed . “You my dear are going a few miles up the road to spend a little while in the country, you will enjoy it she said laughing. ” If your a good girl you will be a free woman in only a few weeks, you will like that won’t you ” she said slapping Annie’s butt hard making her jump forward and fall onto the bed.

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