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(TRUE STORY) How I Molested and Fucked My Little Sister (Part 1)

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True story of how I molested and fucked my gullible shy little sister when we were younger and our parents were at work. Email and wikr me

Hey. I’d like to tell my story of how I was able to manipulate my shy little sister when we were younger to be able to molest and fuck her.

This began when I was 15 and she was 10. Me and my family had just come from India to the United States, and we lived in a small, cramped 2-bedroom apartment that my mom and dad work really hard to pay rent for each month. I shared my small cramped bedroom with my little sister, and we had to share the same bed as well. My parents took the other bedroom all the way at the end of the hallway. Both my parents had to wake up early for work and work late hours and sometimes even overtime to support the family and pay rent and other bills. My parents were immigrants, so it made things harder for them, and they sometimes took nightly classes to improve their English or practice job interviews. My mom and dad would usually leave for work at about 5am and I would hear them come home late around 1-1:30 am. My parents couldn’t afford to pay for a baby-sitter, so they made me take care of my little sister and the apartment when they were at work. Even though I was only 15 at that time, they let me be in charge since they deemed me very responsible (based on how I helped out around the house) and trusted me. What they didn’t know was how much of a sick, perverted, horny son I was of theirs…
Being a horny 15yr old skinny unattractive Indian boy is not easy. Ever since coming to America and seeing all the different races and kinds of girls in school, my sex hormones were through the roof and I was horny basically 24/7. Joining an American high school was super hard, as I didn’t know much English and I had trouble talking and making friends. But I was horny all the time in school and I was noticing these sexy white and latina girls (girls I had never seen before in India) in my class and drooling over their gorgeous faces, growing tits, and tight curvy asses. I began to masturbate about 5-6 times a day, and as I discovered porn, I got even hornier and even began to take quick bathroom breaks in between classes so I could bust a quick nut.
My little sister was always very quiet and shy, and she also didn’t have many friends in middle school. She had just started 6th grade, and knew very little English at all. She had 0 friends. She ended up getting bullied by some boys and girls in her class for being new and also having a strong Indian accent. I remember picking her up some days from school during 6th grade and there would be tears going down her cheek or her eyes would be puffed up red from crying. When we got home, I was her sole comforter and I helped her the most since my parents were never around. I would sit down and listen to her tell about how she got bullied and all the mean things those kids said and did to her. It was up to me to stop her from crying too much and comfort her and cheer her up. I was the one who made her lunch and dinner, helped her with her homework, watched tv with her, etc. She loved me the most, and she trusted me with anything. I never had any sexual urges or nasty thoughts about my little sister before that year, but once I started to become really horny, my perverted mind could not help but fantasize and lust for her.
Sharing a room with my little sister was what began making me sexually attracted to her and start perving over her. Since we had a very close relationship, my little sister would usually change in front of me when we would get ready for school and after school. At first, I would look away, but after I started getting horny, I couldn’t help but to check out her naked body when she would change. Even though she was only 10, I started to sexualize her when she was changing. She had an innocent but adorable face, and long black hair that smelled amazing when she would come out of the shower. She was really skinny, but her long legs turned me on. And since she was doing gymnastics, she had an amazing round plump ass for her age, which got me horniest the most. And, when we would sleep at night together on our bed, feeling her skinny body pressed up against me got my mind racing and horny and I would have a boner and have to control myself from not doing anything. I was hornier than ever, and my mind would race and get perverted thoughts on how I could use and manipulate my little sister to do sexual things with.
So, I began coming up with a plan on how to seduce and be able to manipulate my sister so I could molest and fuck her. Well, a couple of weeks right before winter break, she would come home really sad, as the kids in her class were bullying her more than ever. She would come home sobbing and crying, and break down as she explained to me in Hindi (our native language) about how the boys in her class would tease her and call her names and call her ugly and make fun of her accent. I would calm her down, hug her and comfort her. Then, I would talk to her and assure her that all the kids in her class were mean and wrong, and told her not to listen to them and ignore them. I also began complimenting her and telling her how pretty she was. This would cheer her up, and I used this as an opportunity to kiss her. First, I began softly kissing her on the cheeks to see how she would react, and she wouldn’t mind and would just giggle and hug me afterwards. So, I took it a bit further a couple of days later when she came home crying, and after I calmed her down and complimented her, I held her close to me and kissed her on the lips. She was surprised, but I told her that I kissed her on the lips because I loved her very much and wanted to show her that all the other boys who were bullying her in class were wrong. I asked her “You love me too, right?” and my confused little sister smiled up at me and nodded. I told her “Then kiss me back if you love me.”, and she didn’t know what to do or how to kiss me, so I softly grabbed her and pulled her to me and began kissing her on the lips. And, she began kissing me back too. Feeling her soft little lips on mine was amazing, and kissing her on the lips started to become a habit every afternoon once I would pick her up from school.
Kissing her was just the start of doing sexual activities with her. I was able to manipulate my gullible shy little sister, and after I would pick her up after school, I began to go further and further. My little sister enjoyed kissing me the most, so we would do that the most at first. I would take her to our room, and we would spend almost 10-20 minutes just kissing, and I taught her how to properly kiss. Even for a 10 year old, she learned how to kiss on the lips very quickly. I showed her how to use her tongue while she was kissing, and it was amazing. I would get hard when we were kissing, so I would guide her little hands to my crotch and make her feel my boner through my pants. One day, about 2-3 weeks after I first started making out with my little sister after school, she was curious so I had to explain to her that what we were doing was special. I told her that because I loved her so much and wanted to show her how beautiful she was, I was going to treat her like an adult. My gullible “romantic” little sister blushed and smiled at me. I asked her if she trusted me, and she nodded at me. My heart was racing now, and I was nervous, but I asked her if she was knew what sex was. She looked at me confused, and said no, but she heard some of the other boys in the class say that word a lot. So, I began to explain to her that sex was something magical and romantic that you do with another person when you really love them. It’s a way to show them how much you truly love them. I told her that sex was something that everyone does, even brothers and sisters. Most people start doing sex at 18, but I told her the younger you start it, the better it is, and I wanted to do it with her to show her how much I loved her. My innocent gullible little sister ate up all my words and looked down at the floor, shy and blushing red. So, I hugged her and kissed her to get her comfortable, before I began to pull down my pants. For the first time ever, my little sister saw my cock, and it was fully erect for her. Back when I was that age, my cock was about 5 and a half inches when fully erect, so it was a decent size. My sister gasped a little when she saw my cock, and she seemed slightly repulsed and scared as she backed away. But, I calmed her down and began to explain to her that men and women have different parts to use during sex. Men have cocks, while women have vaginas. My little sister didn’t understand what I was telling her, so I told her to take off her pants so I could show her. She obediently obliged, and I saw her naked and that got me even hornier and harder. I pointed to her pussy and ass and told her that girls use that during sex, and I pointed at my cock and told her boys use that during sex. I began to explain further that the man would put his cock inside a girl’s pussy or ass during sex, and they would do that until a white liquid would come out of the man’s cock. My sister was still really confused, and didn’t fully understand what I was saying, so I told her that we could do that another time. There were still lots of other things we could do before we have sex, I told her. I began stroking my cock in front of my sister, and my little sister watched curiously. I said that my cock was hard because of her. My sister thought it was a bad thing, and began to make a sad face. I quickly told her that it was actually a good thing and that it was hard because she was really pretty and beautiful. I sat down next to her on the bed, and put her little hands on my cock. I told her to keep on stroking my cock up and down, and the magical white liquid would come. She was nervous and shy and didn’t want to do it, but I told her that if she really loved me and wanted to prove it to me, she would do it. So, she nervously began stroking my cock with her two little hands, and it felt truly unbelievable. I told her to go faster, and I leaned in and kissed her on the lips while she was stroking my cock, and my little sister seemed to get more comfortable, and before I knew it, I was blowing my load. My little sister jumped back in surprise, as I came all over my stomach and legs. It was the best orgasm I ever had till that point, and it was all thanks to my cute innocent little sister. I told her that it was ok, and I went over to her. I scooped a little bit of my cum into my fingers, and told her that this was the magical white liquid. I said that if she put this in her mouth and swallowed it, she would become an adult faster and it would make her more beautiful and prettier. My stupid little sister believed me and for the first time ever, she tasted a little bit of my cum and swallowed it. She gagged, and said it tasted salty, but that was just the beginning of my adventures with my little sister.

If you’d like to hear more about my little sister and more of the things I did to her, feel free to email me at [email protected] You can also send me a message on Wickr. My wickr is nsfwredorange. I’d love to chat with other like minded pervs and pedos and share pics of my little sister if you’d like. Let me know below in the comments if you’d like me to make a part 2 so I can share my stories of how I began to show her porn, taught her how to properly give handjobs and blowjobs, and how I began to fuck her in the ass when she was 11.

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  • Reply Cockslut ID:61kevjnd1

    My brother started grooming me at 5 years old. He fucked me for the first time when I was 9. Once I was 13 and he had fucked all of my holes he shared me with his friends. He told me it was my job to please cocks. And I loved my job

  • Reply zandy ID:16oihueov9c

    Never had a sister but often played around with my cousin the same age as me.

  • Reply robbinhoodd ID:e5xm71hra

    Lovely story, I remember playing sex games with my 9yo sister when I was 15. She was very keen to learn.

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      Would you like to tell me more about this? I have some stories to share too if you want
      My mail: [email protected]

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    I wish I was your son, I hope I’d be used for sex

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    I wouldn’t mind if my husband or son raped my daughter no matter what age she was hell she could be a new born and I’d still be ok with them fucking her… I find it really hot

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      My husband fucks my daughter

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    I anal raped my little daughter

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      Wow. How old

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      Give us a story

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      @mike please share!!

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    Part 2 pleaseee this story was honestly amazing you’re so detailed

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    Hi Jerry.
    When i was 14 (i was in middle school by then).

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      I was a freshmen in high school at 14 and the only varsity wrestler ever as a freshmen. Days gone by for sure all hard dicked and no where to put it except two twin girls hehe!

  • Reply Asael ID:fx7itgzrd

    Still remember when i was in elementary (i was around 8yrs old). And the school counselor used to came to our class and told us the importance of not going with complete strangers etc, we even watched a mini movie about the topic. In my mind, i didn’t care neither did i pay attention, i wanted a big cock so bad. Srry, i just couldn’t help it, and i also happen to have a foot fetish. And in the damn classroom, our teacher used to have the whole ABCs alphabet in the wall, so in the letter (F) it had a foot.

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      how old were you when you got a cock finaly?

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    Of course we want a part2 of how you rape her

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    I have sex with my 4 daughter’s and 3 son’s. I groomed them, some would say molested them. My daughter’s know what it mean to be a lesbian, and my son’s know what it means to be submissive to women
    [email protected]

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    Big brother. My dad my uncle and grandpa. All first class pedo perverts and i was a good slut because little girls make old men happy i was 9 when they pulled a chain on me
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      Fake email address Folks another big fat lying bitch!

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    I had similar experience with my elder bro 18 yrs and I was six yrs younger to him. But started to enjoy our getting closer – still we do at my mid-40 yrs. Once into it one cannot get over in later years!!

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