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The white man’s toy

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A black hotel boy was dominated by a white man

I was sitting in the lobby when Mr Mccoy told me to go clean up room 121. I had gone earlier to check the room but it was locked and feeling lazy i decided to stay a little bit in lobby.
“you sure the man is back”?
” yes troy, he’s back and if he’s not use your key. now get your black ass moving and doing what i paid you for” Mr Mccoy roared at me.
My name is Troy Gilbert, and this is my life. I am 26 years old guy but in 2 hours, i’m going to be 27. There’s nothing special about me but the colour of my skin, which is black and my 6 pacs. I was in wrestling team back in university and still wrestle once in a while when i’m short on money. Mr Mccoy was my coach friend and it was my coach who talked him into giving me a job in his hotel. Sucks right? yea, i know.
I took my cart and started wheeling it to room 121.
knock knock
“Room service” i waited a bit and talk again “Room service”
I wanted to leave but i know Mr Mccoy is going to be pissed, so i brought out my key and opened the door.
The room was neat and the bed looked like it hasn’t been slept in but there was split wine on the floor and a broken cup. I saw a trouser and a shirt on the floor towards the bathroom and when i moved towards the bathroom, i saw a single shoe and an under-pant. The bathroom door was slightly opened and i saw a naked fat white man in the tub, snoring. He was naked except for his singlet and a single shoe. I moved back to the room and cleaned up the mess. I was about leaving but i decided to fold his cloth for him, after all, he is a customer.
I moved to the bathroom to pick up his under- pant and the moment i picked it i was assailed with a manly smell. I didn’t know what made me put the dirty under- pant under my nose and take a whiff. I search for where the balls is always is and smell that part deeply. I don’t knw what come over me but i put my tongue out to taste that part. I am not gay or a bi- sexual or bi- curious but it was like my body was acting under his own accord.
I enter the bathroom and i was able to see the naked man clearly. He looks like he’ll be in his early fifty’s and he’s very fat. I was able to see that he is wearing a blue socks. I couldn’t stop staring at him and damn, he has a fat dick. it was semi- hard and around 6 inches. I always belive that fat men don’t have big dicks, a white fat man at that. I was intrigue and started lowering myself until i am kneeling down beside the bath tub. I took his dick in my hand and i start to rub it, play with it. I was so carried away i didn’t know when i started sucking his dick. His dick became so hard in my mouth and i was so into it i never realise he has woken up. He grasp my hair and pull me off his dick. He was holding my hair tight when he screamed at me
“what the fuck you doing boy?”
I was so scared and in pain cause of how he was holding my hair so i couldn’t reply. He slap my face hard with his free left hand and shouted at me.
“I’m talking to you faggot, why the hell are u raping my fucking dick?”
“I’m so sorry sir, i can’t explain sir, am so sorry sir”
He let go of my hair and step out of the tub. he is taller than my 5’8 and he looked really mean and fat. He didn’t say a word but dragged me to the room with my ear.
“strip” was his only command and i quickly adhere to it. I know i am in trouble if Mr Mccoy ever hear this so i know i have no choice but to please this white fat man.
He looked me and smile.
“I like what i see. i never know i’ll ever meet a black submissive.” he said
” I am not gay sir” i replied and his smile widen.
” really? come close boy and tell me your name”.
I move closer to him and tell him am troy. he laugh and slap my head
” Troy? you’re a pathetic fool, you dn’t fit that name.” he said. He continue,
“what you did is very wrong toy”. I quickly try to correct him but the moment i open my mouth he smack my face twice and he twist my ear so hard i saw star
” you are a toy, my toy, to do with you as i please and want. You must never speak unless spoken to and you will be punished for molesting me dick”. He said furiously and dragged me to his knee. He begin to spank my ass so fast and hard
“smack, smack, smack,smack,smack, smack, smack,smack,smack, smack, smack,smack….”
“you are a pathetic black boy;smack, smack, smack,smack”
” And i will do to you whatever i feel is right;smack, smack, smack,smack.
I begin to sob and trash and few minutes later, he stop. my ass is on fire but my dick is rock hard.
“well,well, well…what do we have here?, a hard dick after all the punishment?, you’re really a stupid toy”
i keep mute and he push me off his laps. I fall down but quickly put myself in a kneeling position.”Good boy, you are learning your place at the feet of your white master. lie straight, need to rest my feet”
I feel humillation coursing through my blood and a sadistic part of me is enjoying it. I quickly lay flat on the floor, facing up. He rest his fat legs on my face, his smelly covered feet on my nose. As i breathe, i breathe in his smelly socks. He started pushing his toes into my mouth few minutes later and i start to suck his dirty socks.
“Good boy, do you like my leg?”
i nod yes and he smile.
“Good. i want your mouth on my balls and you must clean my ass with your tongues”
i was disgusted and i felt dirty. he stood up and lower his heavy smelly balls and hairy ass unto my face, cutting my air supply and everything i know is his asshole and balls.
I start to lick and suck his balls then he move his white ass to my lips.
“eat that white ass black dog,…yeah, lick my asshole you stupid toy….yes, dip your tongue inside that asshole boy, eat it like its your last meal you pathetic black dog… ”
I feel embarrassed and humillated with those words but my dick is as hard as fuck. “smack…” he slapped my dick hard. i felt the pain down to my balls.
“you’re fucking enjoying this arnt you stupid boy…?”
he put my hand on his dick and i start to jerk him off…His weight is killing me and he has stop sliding off my nose to allow my to breathe. he is suffocating me with his white ass and i guess he knows because when i was about to blank out, he shifted and allow me to breathe.
He stand stand up after few minutes of torturing me with his ass.
“on your knee faggot, am going fuck your stupid mouth”
My head is light and i feel dizzy but i obey.
” open your fucking mouth slut”
my mouth is aching and tired but i obey as well.
He put his 8 inches fat dick into my mouth and begin to fuck me. Then he grasp my hair and push his dick all his way in. Tear run to my eyes as i gag and cough but he didn’t remove his dick but allow me to calm down with his dick in my throat…then he resume his fucking. He pishon his dick in and out so fast i think am gonna die until he started grunting
“I’m going to come in your throat pig….get ready fool,…yes…yes…am cummingggg…”
He let loose of his sperm in my mouth, it is so fucking much some got on the floor
” you are suppose to fucking swallow that you idiot…”he slapped my face hard and most of the sperm pour on his leg. he was so furious he gave me litany of slaps
“smack;don’t, smack: fucking, smack; waste, smack;my, smack;cum.
my eyes are seeing star and i hurriedly swallow the remaining cum in my mouth.
” clean my leg and the floor with your tongue goat”
i quickly obey.
he sat on the bed stare at me and said
“crawl here toy” i obeyed
“touch yourself, you’ve earn it”
I quickly started masturbating and i got hard within seconds. He got up to get a beer while i quickly masturbated and cum. I was so horny i came withing 3minutes of touching myself. my 7 inches dick is already getting soft when the man came to where i was kneeling.
“open your mouth slut”
i did and he put his dick in my mouth but he was holding it in a way my lips arn’t touching his dick…then he began to pee in my mouth. WTF, i wasn’t expecting that but his booming voice telling me to swallow woke me up and i started swallowing without thinking. he made me suck his dick for few more seconds after he finish peeing. He order me to go and get cleaned up and i did.
when i come back, he is sitting on a chair and he called me to sit beside him, i was shocked but i obey.
He drag me closer to him until he’s partially hugging me.
“youre mine from now on troy” i was surprised he called me my name and i went still.
” relax troy, relax. Am Luke, Luke Craig and its fucking nice knowing you”.
He turned to face me and kiss me fully on my lips…he french kiss me and i responded in kind.
We stop kissing and stare at each other…he is really a handsome man. he smiled at me and i think i am half in love.
” You’ve seen my dark side troy, now, let me seduce you”.
” I’m already seduced luke” he looked surprised and i smile and rest my head on his shoulder.
my life just take a drastic turn and am loving it.
“And happy birthday to me ” i murmured

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I would love a young black male.to use as a sex slave . Happy birthday Troy , hope you got lots more white mans spunk

  • Reply Blkboi ID:3zxjhf7ihrb

    Love it..would love to be a white man’s fuck toy

    • Jack ID:3zxisyc3m9d

      I am a white men and I want you should be my fuck toy. How do you look like? What’s your number?

    • Seeeeee ID:mzgdgc41


  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    I would absolutely love for that to happen to me I would love a little sex toy

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1fto8yxwhl

    Love it