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The man and the rottwiller

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I was raped by a man and his rottwiller while going home form a party and I enjoyed it.

Im a girl. And this happened to me a few years ago. I still get off on it and I take walks alone at night to maybe, just maybe have it happen again. I crave what happened to me.

At the time I was 16 years old. I was a slow developer and had not yet gotten any boobs or lots of body hair, and the little I had; I promptly got rid off. I am, at this quite short so people always thought I was younger than I actually was, and still do. I love the surprise they get when I tell them my actual age.

Anyhow. I was a bit tipsy on my way home from a party when I passed an older man who seemed to stare at me. WE where walking on a loan road with forest to the sides of us. He was walking on the other side of the road but as he got closer he walked over the road so he would meet me directly. He had a huge dog with him. A rottweiler I think. I looked down to my feet to avoid eye contact. He walked passed me and I feelt a huge surge of relief, but before I was able to get away from the man I feelt a hand on my shoulder spinning me around. The man had grabbed me and started to pull me into the forest next to the road. I tried to scream but the man pressed something into my mouth and told me to be quiet. It was some type of cloth but I can’t really remember.
I started to whimper as the man carelessly ripped my clothes off and started to suck my nipples that seemed to instantly get hard as he used them. I looked around me looking for a way to get away and saw his dog laying next to me licking his cock. The man reached down to my pussy and toyed with me. I could feel how wet I got, and I got wet almost instantly.
“You’re a young one, ever had a cock before?” the man asked. Truth was, that I never had had sex before, but with my mouth filled with cloth I couldnt respond with more than a wimper. “Don’t worry darling, daddy and his friend over here will take good care of you” the man said as he with one hand had started to finger my wet pussy and with the other pettet his big muscular dog that seemed to have made himself hard as well. I tried to get up and run but as soon as I sat up he tackled me to the ground again, still with his fingers in my pussy and started to grind on top of me. “You’re not going anywhere darling” He said as he grinded his hard cock between my legs and started to kiss my neck. at this point I started to lose my senses. I almost forgot I was being raped. The man unbuttoned his pants and brought out his dick. It was big. to big! The man pressed his cock up to my opening and then railed it inside of me. It hurts so much. I feelt like my insides where ripping me apart and I tried to scream. after a little bit it started to feel so good though. Instead of crying I started to moan. It didn’t last long though. The man cummed inside of me and then laid heavily on top of me breathing heavily in my neck. I hadnt cummed yet and his breath feelt so damn good on my skin. The man got up and put his huge dock away. “Get on your all four” the man said standing between my legs. I did as I was told and suddenly feelt a huge toung licking the cum out of my pussy.
“now for the fun part” the man said. I heard him walking around me and sat down in front of my face. HE frabbed my cheeks. !Now this darling, is something you haven’t done before” he said with an evil grin. The tongue didn’t belong to his. IT belonged to his huge dog.
The dog put his paws up on my back and I started to move, trying to get away. I had already been humiliated enough is what I thought. the dog bit down by my neck and growled. IT was clear, if I move I get hurt. I started to whimper again as the dog tried to find my hole. when he missed it hurt so fucking bad but as soon as he got it in…it was the best feeling Ive ever had. I started to moan so loudlly and the man started stroking his pants again, and soon his cock was out again. He removed the cloth from my mouth and pressed his cock into my mouth. “You dowhore, you love it dont you?” the man said as he pressed down his cock so far I was choking. This went on for so lonng. But the best part I remember was when I was told to bput my pussy on his dick and bend my but back. He raped my pussy as the dog raped my ass. It was all just so fucking hot.

Since this day I have been letting the familly dog fuck me every chance I get, but I crave more. I need more. please find me out walking at night, and make me your own personal cumdumpster.

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  • Reply jan ID:7ylrenp8rb

    me too. so horny!

  • Reply Human bitch ID:2liqqdphk

    Lol. Definately written by someone who knows nothing of rape or dog sex.

    • Insta: gkr_o.5 ID:2wdoc2u18ri

      Yeah definitely

  • Reply cris ID:15qc7apezrj

    very sexy story!