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The lonely girl at night 3

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I was moving onto my plan and I had started to turn her into a slut but only doing what I tell her too

The next day I had her on facetime using a toothbrush up her was amazing this 13 year old doing anything I ask and only for a small amount of Coke which I got to her so easy from a friend who delivered and he said that she was a cracker beautiful and ready to take advantage of which ibwas now doing .
I had told her that the next night she had to come meet me at the high Street of her town and I wanted her to dress like a young girl tshirt ad denim.skirt short. She had stopped using the toothbrush now she was onto her hairbrush with was opening her pussy well and only I could see my cock was red with all the wanking i was doing and my cum was drying up for the night. I finished off my wank and watched as she fucked her pussy with her hairbrush.
The next night I drove to place i told her to meet me she was sitting on a bench she was wearing a white shirt with a pony on and a denim skirt with white rips and she had white trainers on and white socks she also had her hair in pigtails she looked about 11 I instantly got a hard on as I pulled up. I motioned for her to come to the van she came over and got in the front her skirt was right up her thighs nearly showing me her panties straight away she asked for some coke so I obliged and also passed her a bottle of energy drink which I had put in a bit of date rape for what I jad planned for her later .
The time was 6.30 and being winter was getting dark already she asked what we were doing and I told her I’m going take you meet some friends who you are going meet ..We were going visit some homeless men I’ve often taken drinks and cigs to and I was going let them look at my little girl she smiled I knew she was in her happy coke place and also the date rape should start to work soon as we drove to where they have their little city off tents, I pull up and get a box of lager out and she jumps out and stands next to me I put my hand out she hold it and I whisper in her ear you want some more coke she nods and I reach in my pocket get her a small bag o e hit she puts it on her knuckle and snorts it then grabs my hand as we walk over, their is 5 of th around a fire they see me and shout Hi Paul how’s it going and is this your daughter Yes she is and I’m OK I’ve brought you a few cans and they welcomed us to sit around their fire .
We sat on the old chairs I was on a old lounge chair with Sophia on my knee , we all chatted about things and I noticed them looking at Sophia and Charlie asked how old she was 11 I said but she’s a nice girl ain’t you Sophia she smiled back, she was gone now so I started my plan I motioned to Charlie come sit on the arm of the chair and I pointed to her thigh feel how smooth they are he looked at me saying really I smiled yes have a feel hus eyes lit up as he placed his hand just above her knee his hand was large if I remember he was a boxer and her legs looked so small, he was making circular movements with his hands and they were moving higher slowly until it was touching her skirt hem and trying to lift it ,it was them Sophia gave out a moan she was starting to enjoy I reached forward And lifted her skirt to reveal her little white and stars panties they all looked at them in amazement as Charlie moved his finger to between her legs stroking her panties I whispered into her ear to feel Charlie’s cock she looked at me I nodded she moved her hand to his trousers and fumbled with his zip and her hand went inside Charlie just sat there smiling I said happy birthday and laughed he was in heaven as his dick popped out it was big even bigger in her small hands as he slid a finger under her panties he fumbled around as her hole is so small she wasn’t struggling as she wanked his cock in front of the others she didn’t seem to care by now my cock was hard and I asked Charlie to remove his hand and enjoy the wank as I wanted to get my cock outand his hand was in the way he did and I popped my cock between her legs as she opened them up I slid her panties to the side and forced my cock into her tight wet pussy shewas doing the work as she moved up and down at the same time wanking Charlie and all off a sudden Charlie shot his load he looked so happy, and she kept hold of his cock as it went soft she bent over and kissed it as she bounced on my knees with my cock in her .
They all asked if she could do them I replied you ask her they all stood up and asked her with their cocks out she just reached forward grabbing one and said 1 at a time wait . She didn’t even care that she was infront of all of them wanking one at a time while I fucked her tight pussy which in a few minutes I was going cum in.
Her face was a picture as she moved from one to the next them standing with hard ons .
She finished them off and I said bye to them and we headed back to the van. She held my hand as we walked back and I asked her where her mothe7r worked as I wanted to see what she was like .
She told me as I drove her home She was lying accross my lap with my cock in her mouth .

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    Fuck ,,,,, I love this

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7italhi

    I simply love a good girl that wears her hair in pig tails that is so eager to be trained. Sex is amazing and should be enjoyed as much as possible. Being called a slut can be erotic in sex talk but in reality it is just a natural hard wired instinct in every human. I love hearing of a natural sexual awakening and she in this story was treated as a goddess given what she naturally wanted and graved. A good hard cock to play with and semen to swallow.
    All you young females out there getting urges at such a young age should know you are truly blessed with the gift of orgasm so do NOT feel like there is anything wrong with it. It is natural and you should embrace this gift given to you to the fullest extent.
    PS. Loved the story except the drugs1

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Fucking amazing

    • Kitty ID:fzq73bceq

      I agree great story