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The Education of Annabelle, Chapter 2 (My 11th birthday, part 1)

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It was my 11th birthday and I woke up more excited than a Christmas morning.

It was my 10th birthday and I woke up with way more energy and excitement than ever before. I leaped out of bed, ran into the bathroom, and turned on the hot shower water to let it warm up. Today is such a big day!

For what seems like forever, I have been in love with my father. Our bond has grown so deep over these years since the divorce. I couldn’t be happier. I don’t have to deal with my moms crazy any longer and I get to have my daddy all to myself, each and every day!

My days have grown into a very “normal” routine. I wake up each day wrapped in my fathers arms. My little naked body pressed full length against his. His left hand under my pillow. His right hand draped around me and clenching one of my little puffy breasts. I sleep so soundly with Daddy. No fears. No loneliness. Just a feeling of love and safety in his big strong arms.

And who wouldn’t sleep deeply, when they have one or two strong orgasms each night before closing their eyes? Bedtime for me isn’t like with other children who fight with their parents about having to go to bed. For me, it is the best part of my day! I eagerly run into the bathroom, strip naked, brush my teeth and brush out my long dirty blonde straight hair. I spin a quick circle in front of the mirror and take a look at my body and how my hair flows down my shoulders and back. I want to make sure that Daddy will approve!

I crawl into Daddy’s big king bed… well, to be honest, it might as well be “our” bed. Though I have my own bedroom where I keep my clothes, stuffies and toys, I rarely actually sleep there. The only time that I do is when I have girlfriends who come over for sleepovers or when family is visiting from out of town. And gawd how I miss Daddy on those nights. It’s so hard to fall sleep without him!

I wait in ‘daddy’s’ bed every night while he locks all the doors and turns off all the house lights. The side lamp on Daddy’s side of the bed casts a faint dim glow and only slightly reveals the features of the room. I peek out from under the big comforter as Daddy walks past the bed and into the attached master bathroom. Daddy glances over and notices me peeking and gives me that grin that says, “I see you my adorable little Princess”. ♥️

Daddy takes his time in the bathroom and I am so impatient as I lay there waiting for what seems like foverrrrr. I touch myself between my legs as I wait in anticipation. The longer he takes, the wetter I get. I clinch my legs around my hand, clamping down hard, aching to have daddy’s expert body on mine. Daddy finally turns off the bathroom light and makes his way through the bedroom and over to the bed. The lamp glow reveals all of his naked hard features. His muscular chest, arms and legs, his flat six pack stomach, his handsome face with his well trimmed beard, and of course, his large semi-hard cock swaying as he walks towards me.

Daddy pulls back the covers, slides into the bed next to me and I instantly latch onto him like I do every night. He is MY daddy and I crave his warmth and touch like nothing else in the world matters. I roll slightly on top of Daddy and press my chest into his. My hand instinctively grabs hold of his big cock as I give him a big wet tongue kiss. Daddy’s cock swells quickly and I can feel my tween pussy getting tingly, moist and needy. I grind my bare pussy into the side of Daddy’s hip as we kiss long slow and deep. What started out as cuddles when my parents divorced, has grown into a nightly routine of me wanting Daddy’s mouth on me and my mouth on Daddy.

After a few minutes of tender kisses, I slide down Daddy’s chest and slip in between his legs. My face slides into the crease between his balls and thighs, and I take a deep breath of my Daddy’s scent. I think to myself, how lucky I am to have him as MY daddy. I push up onto my hands to raise my face above Daddy’s hard cock and lower my wide open mouth and tongue over his big fat circumcised cock. I take him as far into my little throat as I can. It’s only a little over half of his length, but its all my little throat can handle. Daddy tells me often how proud he is of me for taking him so deep and it isn’t my fault that I haven’t grown big enough yet to take him further. He says that I will be able to throat all of him someday when I am a teenager. I cannot wait to be able to swallow him whole!

My eyes water as I press my throat down on the head of daddy’s cock. My tongue works his shaft just like he taught me years ago. I’m never allowed to use my hands. Daddy says hands are for girls who don’t want to learn to suck cock properly. I come up for a quick breath of air, the slobber runs down Daddy’s shaft, and I immediately drop my head back down his cock as deep as I can go. My tongue darts and thrashes at Daddy’s cock as I hear Daddy let out a low guttural moan. Hearing daddy moan makes me moan too and I realize my little pussy is humping the air and my tiny feet are wiggling all around from my total happiness.

I continue throating Daddy’s cock for several minutes, only coming up for quick breaths. I can taste Daddys creamy precum and my mouth salivates profusely. His yummy taste drives me wild and my pussy is now aching. Daddy moves his hands to my head and he takes control. Daddy scoops all of my hair into one ponytail fist and the other hand is on my throat. My hair is out of my face and daddy orders me to stare into his eyes as he moves my head up and down his shaft for his pleasure. He holds me in place and thrusts his big cock in and out of my mouth, rapidly face fucking his little baby girl, using me for his own masturbation. Daddy’s self control is amazing. He can fuck my face for what seems like hours, edging his cock until he is finally ready to explode, and giving me my reward for all of my hard work!

Daddy stops, pulls my head up by my hair, and orders me to flip around. “Bring me your needy little pussy princess”. I jump to his command, flip around and straddle his chest, dropping my bald pussy right onto his hot waiting mouth. This is my favorite position to do with Daddy, sixty-nine! I crane my neck to reach out and get Daddy’s cock back deep in my throat. Daddy situates a vertical pillow under his neck to guide his head deeper in between my legs. This is one of the disadvantages of Daddy being over six feet tall and myself only four and a half feet tall.

Daddy’s mouth feels amazing! The pleasure of his tongue sliding in between my pussy lips and down onto my clit makes my eyes roll back into my head. The aching has now subsided and has been replaced with pure pleasure. Daddy slurps at my juices and sucks firmly on my tiny little clit. My hips instinctively push down onto daddy’s face and I start humping him. It feels so fucking good that I forget what my mouth is supposed to be doing. Daddy smacks my ass, and raises his firm deep voice ordering me to “Throat my cock!! If you want Daddy to devour your pussy, you earn it !!!”

I instantly drop my face back down deep onto daddy, bottoming out the head of his cock into my throat. My eyes form a steady stream of watery tears as I force myself down hard. Daddy adds more pressure by taking one of his big hands and pushing the back of my tiny head. I don’t care one little bit though, because Daddy’s mouth is masterfully working my tiny little pussy into preorgasmic bliss.

Daddy starts to thrust his hips upward, slowly fucking my face. The louder my moans grow from Daddy eating my pussy, the faster Daddy fucks my mouth. Both of us are rapidly approaching orgasm. My pussy is aching again as I am about ready to explode. Daddy’s cock has grown bigger and rock hard. I can feel his swollen veins and I can taste the stream of steady precum that is leaking from the head of his dick.

Daddy pushes my head down harder and with his other hand pulls down on my lower back, forcing my pussy down firm onto his mouth. This puts me over the edge. I thrash my pussy all over daddy’s mouth as I scream. The sounds of my ecstasy can’t escape past my cock stuffed throat. Instead the vibrations of my muffled screams send vibrations down daddy’s cock. Daddy unleashes a long deep loud moan and thrusts up hard into my mouth. Daddy’s moans make my pussy feel even better, and intensifies my orgasm even more.

Daddy’s cock explodes and spurts steady streams of hot creamy cummies into my throat, one after another. I try to swallow it all, but a lot of it oozes out the sides of my mouth and runs down daddy’s big hard shaft. I keep my mouth wrapped around him, slurping and swallowing like I have been taught, trying to eat as much as possible. My pussy quivers and my tiny shaky legs tremble as my orgasm begins to subside. Every flick of Daddy’s tongue sends electrical shocks of pleasure waves through my entire body.

Daddy continues to slowly hump my mouth, though his cock is no longer spewing. I keep slurping and making love to his cock with my tongue, as Daddy gently slurps and sucks on my pussy. My whole body is happy and relaxed and my heart is filled with joy. I truly don’t ever want these moments to end.

Daddy slowly lifts my head up his shaft until his cock pops out of my little mouth. Daddy instructs me, “Clean up the cummies you missed, Princess”. I lap at the sides and base of Daddy’s cock, slurping up every little glob of cream that escaped my mouth. I moan as I swallow each drop, savoring Daddy’s salty cream.

Daddy pulls me up and guides me to flip around and I climb back on top of him. I straddle Daddy’s hips and sit my soaking hot wet pussy squarely onto Daddy’s semi hard cock. I slowly slide forward to daddy’s cock head and then slowly back to the base near his balls. Back and forth I go, coating his cock with his little girls gushy pussy juices. I can feel the sensation of Daddy’s cock swelling under my tiny slit.

I bend down and kiss Daddy deeply and romantically whisper to him, “I love you Daddy”.

“ I love you too my little Princess”, as Daddy smiles.

This time when I slide up to his cock head, I purposely slip past end drop my crotch to his belly, arch my back and then push back downwards. My slippery gash finds Daddy’s big cock head and I try to push down on him.

Daddy grabs my hips and holds me still. “Are you trying to be naughty again Princess?”

I act sheepish and give him my best innocent look. “Oops Daddy. I just slipped.”

Daddy scolds me as he slowly shakes his head no. “Mmmhmmm. I’ve told you before. You know the rules. Not until your 11th birthday”.

“Ugh! But Daddy, that’s tomorrow! It’s close enough. I’ve been waiting forever!”, as I roll my eyes.

“But, we pinky swore Princess. And a deal is a deal. It’s just a few more hours”. Daddy reasoned. “And it’s getting late. Time for you to snuggle up and get some sleep. You’ve got a very big day ahead of you tomorrow.”

“Okay daddyyy”, I groaned, as I slowly slid off of Daddy and onto my side of the bed.

Daddy rolled over and turned off the light, then rolled back to me. I purposely backed my naked butt cheeks into Daddy’s semi-stiff cock and wiggled my entire body into his. I could hear daddy chuckle knowing that I was being a little bratty. He wrapped me tight into his arms and kissed the back of my neck and whispered, “Goodnight Princess, I love you”.

“I love you too Daddy. Lots and lots”, I replied, as my mind drifted into wondering what tomorrow was going to bring.


Well, forever is finally here. Today is my 11th birthday! Yay! Yay!! Oh my god, Yayyyyy!!!

And It’s going to be the best birthday ever!!!!!

~ Annabelle 🍎

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    No KIK. Just my wickr @ AnnabelleSub

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    I’m glad that I could help! I hope that you came long and hard thinking about the things that I have have done with my Daddy.

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    Your story made me so horny. I had to use a vibrator even when I’m on my period😩 please continue

    • Gonzo ID:1rou10v2

      There is nothing wrong with having sex on your period. Most men are grossed out but my ex and I would fuck like rabbits on her period because she was 10 times more horny. Once on mushrooms we fucked and it looked like we had gotten into a care wreck and I couldn’t stop laughing.
      I would fuck you good on your period and enjoy you busting herd on my cock. It is only sterile blood and I have my master red wings. LOL!
      Keep them orgasms flowing, em, even on your period hahaha! LICK, LICK CUM!

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    Annabelle sub your wickr is fake or bad how about u contact me.

    Wickr gonzomm

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    Fantastic and written well. Hell i was so excited wally had to pop up and say hello. I fucking love tween stories and especially sexual awakenings. All young girls should be taught the art of sensual sex and foreplay at a very young age. This leads to a better body awareness and better sex. I loved teaching the art to a young female letting her experience her sexual pleasure to it’s fullest. Don’t just cum in them and walk away, take the time to teach them all the wonderful nuances of sex, stimulation and foreplay. All young females should never be denied a good cock orgasm when ever they so chose.
    Thank you AnnabelleSub for the great story but your Wickr is NON EXISTENT!
    XOXO Gonzo