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The Education of Annabelle, Chapter 1

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Annabelle learns what the word Orgasm really means, from her Daddy and lover.

I don’t exactly remember how old I was when I first had sex. but I can remember the first time daddy made me cum.

My parents divorced when I was 5yo and my father had primary custody of me. I don’t really have a good relationship with my mother, even to this day. She is a narcissistic bi-polar bitch that I avoid as much as possible. LOL.

I was sad and needy after the divorce. I didn’t like being alone at night. So, from day one, I crawled into Daddy’s bed each night and snuggled up with him. I loved the way he smelled and felt. His gentle forehead kisses, and caresses on my little body, made me feel so adored and loved.

As time moved forward, things became more and more intimate. Daddy bought me cute little pajamas that were more accessible for our cuddling. Soft little half-Shirt tops that exposed my flat belly, loose little pajama shorts that could easily be slid from side to side, and warm little fuzzy socks that matched for my tiny thin feet.

I loved all the attention that Daddy would give me and the way that his hands, mouth and tongue would make me feel. I started to imagine myself as the mommy of the house. Besides, my Daddy is sexy and hot. Who wouldn’t want to be the mommy? All my girlfriends sure did and still do!

On this particular night, Daddy had me laying in our bed, on my back, with my petite body completely naked. He was kissing my forehead, my mouth and my tiny nipples. He slowly moved down my little body, licking my cute belly button and finally reached my tight pussy. I loved it so much when daddy’s tongue would devour me. It always felt so good every time Daddy did this to me.

Daddy sat up smiling, reached into the side table next to the bed, and pulled out a long slim pink vibrator. I remember wondering what that thing was and what Daddy was going to do with it. Daddy knelt beside my face with his long hard cock hovering just above my mouth. He turned on the toy, reached down to my pussy, and started massaging my clit, sliding it’s length along the outside of my little hole, slowly separating my wet little pussy lips. My question was quickly answered. That’s what that thing is for! I was waaaay more stimulated than when Daddy just touched or licked me. This felt soooo good!!

Daddy put his cock in my little hands. I stroked it and licked it and sucked on the very tip, putting as much as I could fit into my mouth. I could taste the runny precum and it tasted salty and creamy, but so very good. The taste of daddy’s cock and the sensation between my legs became permanently linked that night.

My breathing got deeper and deeper, it felt so good. My whole body was getting hot and it was hard to concentrate on Daddy’s cock. In time my eyes just closed and I stopped moving or thinking. All I could do was just lay there and feel. All of a sudden, I started to moan loudly, my whole body was shaking and quivering and I didn’t know what was happening. I just knew that THIS is what I wanted to feel like, always and foreverrrr.

Daddy turned down the vibrator to the low setting and kept it on my sensitive pussy. He instructed me to start licking his cock again. My whole body was tingly and twitchy. Daddy looked down and told me that I just had my first orgasm. Now I understood what that word meant.

After I licked and sucked on Daddy for several minutes, Daddy grabbed his own cock and told me it was his turn and he was going to cum on me. He told me to open my mouth, stick out my tongue and to hold the vibrator on my pussy. As Daddy stroked his cock… he reached down and turned the vibrator up to a medium speed. I was soooo sensitive and it felt sooo amazing. I could feel my body getting warm from the inside out and my mind was going into a pre-orgasmic haze again.

Daddy was watching my body and timing his orgasm to match mine. Right when I started moaning and cumming again, daddy exploded all over my face, mouth, chin and flat little titties. My eyes were closed, but I could feel that there was so much warm cum splattering everywhere. I swallowed every drop that landed in my mouth as my pussy was convulsing and my legs were spasming.

Daddy turned the vibrator back down to low and put the end of his cock back into my mouth, instructing me to ‘be a good girl’ and suck it clean. I licked and sucked out every drop that I could find. I wanted to be a veryyyy good girl for my Daddy.

Daddy took his finger and started wiping the cum off of my face. He would get a scoop of it onto his finger and put it on my tongue and tell me to suck it clean. He told me that this is Daddy’s special milk and that I should crave his taste just as much as I loved salted caramel ice cream, which is my favorite to this day.

First he cleaned my nose, then my cheeks, then my chin, and finally my little titties. With each glob, I opened my mouth wider and stuck my tongue out further, whimpering for Daddy to feed me more and more. When Daddy was finished scooping all the big globs of cum and feeding them to me, Daddy laid in bed beside me, covered us up with our blankets, turned off the bedside table light, and cuddled me tight, his arms and legs wrapped tightly around my naked little body. His half hard cock was nestled in between my ass cheeks, as I ground my hips backwards into Daddy’s hard muscular body.

As I was drifting off to sleep, I could feel the dried cum glaze on my face and chest. I lay there thinking about the way those amazing orgasms made me feel. I could still smell the scent of cum in my nose and the taste of his salty cum in my mouth. It was a most magical evening that I will never forget.

~ Annabelle 🍎

Wickr: AnnabelleSub
BDSMLR: LitteGirl4Daddy. (No second L In Litte)

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:1rou10v2

    While i did thoroughly enjoy this and would love to chat it seems you are another fake on talking really big then posting fake contact info. Your Wickr is fake and none existent as probably your other contacts as well.
    Story is good but U suck!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1rou10v2

    AnnabelleSub; Oh you naughty little girl you i simple loved your naughty story so much. I actually had gotten all excited at your sheer sluttiness.
    I love it when a young girl recognizes her true inner self letting her primal sexual instinct take over her body. Sex is so natural as is nudity and i love to hear of young females sex switch getting turned on. All females no matter what age deserves a good cock orgasm. All females at a very young age should be taught the art of sensual sex and foreplay. Their sex lives will be through the roof as will their orgasms. Teaching the younger ones has always been a pleasure in mt life and I will continue until the day i die.
    Happy orgasms females may you all cum and cum again.

  • Reply Luvemyung ID:vuf1my40

    More please

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      U got Snapchat