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The Classroom (Cont)

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The visit to the Fathers church will change everything

I had to know Kenny was under my control so for te next few weeks tried all sorts of methods I would sit in a chair legs wide and shout “Kenny come licke my cunt!”
Then “whats wrong with my ass”
When in bed I would harden him bur allowing to fuck only to suckle a breast.
I would take photos of him masturbating and in dirty posesThen I told him I want a boy a young boy if you don’t get me one I will never let you fuck me again

I went to the afternoon showing at the cinema one day and in the gloom spotted a man in the back row with a raincoat over his knees, I sat a few seats away from him, then after about 10 minutes moved next to him still looking interested in the film. I whispered can i borrow your raincoat he looked around and furtivley passed it over I could see where he had quickly half zipped I pulled up my dress to expose my thighs and partial view of my cunt and passed it back his hand was shaking as he took it and I guided it to my cunt with a little hesitent fingering I was soaking wet and he was wanking with the other hand I whispered was there anywhere we could go? he hesitated and spurted over the inside of his raincoat.
I cajoled him but he virtually ran out leaving me with a stained dress

Most pick ups were succesful though like on hearing my story one man wanted to spank me I agreed if he didn’t cut me but it was quite enjoyable as he had me against a wall and used a paddle on my buttocks then turning me to paddle my breasts but not so hard He didn’t want to fuck which was a shame as i had climaxed and spurted against his lounge wall!

Eventually Kenny came up with the goods after being celibiate for a month and only being allowed to wank in the garden He was only 8 and Kenny growing in confidence said he was already wanking behind the bicycle sheds at school
So I pretended to be disgusted and told him he was lucky Kenny had seen him bringing him to me as an ex teacher
He wasn’t a very bright kid and we soon convinced him to undress for me to examine him for any disease he may have picked up Soon he was standing naked in front of me his tiny pecker so small i had no idea they were that small at that age. I was able to take his pecker and balls in my mouth and when i sucked it did harden.p
As planned Kenny was lubing his bud and his own cock while I held the boy standing and half bent Kenny searched for his ass hole he pushed a little but it was a 13 year old fucking an 8 year old and as I took the photos eventually he stretched and Kenny was able to rape him it was wonderful to see them well Kenny at least having such enjoyment
He was still reeling when we managed to get him dressed bundled into the car and dumped not far from the school Kenny assuring me he had led him in circls before bringing him home
Kenny was allowed all his favour that night especially his favourite an anal fuck and suck
He was pestering for a girl and I explained they didn’t fall into my plans bt eventually I wanted what he wanted as he had me but he said his age
So all I could promise was to give him the run of the house when his time came

It was a year since I came out of therapy and i didn’t have the same urges well not for the same reasons I had however taken to porn.
In the meanwhile Kenny was on a promise or so he hoped she was a litttle Miss in his class he said he wanted to show her around the house nd see how things worked. I made it quite clear no forcing she was in his class
He understood and I went out for the day him not knowing my CCTV in bedroom and lounge was linked to my laptop
They eventually arrived and I must admit she was both developed and gorgeous I didn’t have sound but I could see he was being politeness itself after a cup of tes would you believe it was upstairs to all rooms his the last.
They sat on the bed and talked then kissed then began to undress she was beautiful, developed buds extra dark areolae and a trimmed black haired pussy they were soon at it like rats in a sack
I smiled to myself I could look at it later.
So where do I go from here apart from a visit to Uncle Bob and a few pick ups in the cinema and the park which I suppose made me a whore (unpaid
In the park one day and an elderly gentleman was sitting on a roomy bench close to us
so we joined him very soon Kenny had his hand on his thigh the man stiffened but didnt move I touched his shoulder please forgive him sir he’s just discovering his sexuality he turned and OH fuck he’s a priest!
Don’t worry sister I havea wealth of experence deaing with young boys with all sorts of problems
My Saturday Evensong is poorlly attended why not come along
Well father we are not……
Kenny said come on it will be fun
So off we went listened to a boring service and hung backuntil everybody had gone and the father had closed the doors. He then took off the alter cloth and replaced it with a white linen one
He was only in the vestry 2 minutes when he reappeard in a much fancier looking cassock

He turned to me it is usual for participants to be naked and slipped of the cassock it revealed a surprisingly well toned body but a cock the size I had never seen before I was drawn to it there was something about the size and shape of it he began to oil his body especially his cock then passing the jar to me i was almost in dream as I oiled myself as he did paying especial attential to my sexual areas such as my breasts and vagina
The candles and the oil seems to drive me to my knees to recieve his cock i sucked and it seem to find its way down my throat like a snake my throat was like a cunt as he entered it .In what seemed no time at all his love juice spurted into me and thats what it felt like recieving his love in the form of his semen
As I stood lening against the alter he passed the jar for Kenny to oil himself he seemed to do it automatically dropping to his knees and finding the fathers cock till hard I watched as he took it but this time I could see he was taking the full length without gagging
Soon he had recieved the love juice

As we stood in front of him now we can exchane our love .He led me to the alter and motioned me to lie with my arms and legs wide as if in a dream I saw Kenny and the Father applying leather cuffs to my wrists and ankles in turn clipping to metal rings at each corner of the alter
Kennys eyes were glazed as he climbs on the alter his cock stiff as he entered me not as usual but as a lover I took him his size his juice for what seems an age
He was replaced by the Father his cock widened me gradually and the fuck was like heaven
We gathered at the alter head it was like coming out of a hypnotic trance
I thank you for coming my children there are other excanges to be made should you wish but for now I think we shaould part
and seemingly by command we dressed and left

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