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The Black Widow group

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Fictional story of a WW2 sluty French Fem Fatale

Anna served in the French Army prior to the German invasion in 1939. When the Germans invaded her town was occupied by German soldiers and officers. Using her skills from the Army she joined the resistance movement in France. She gained a reputation as a folk hero. A savior of the French people. Her group nicknamed The Black Widow. A woman who would seduce German officers and kill them. German authorities were quick to silence any rumor of her existence. They did not want any more French resistance than necessary. If they found out some crazy was killing officers it might start an uprising German authorites thought. One such officer was sitting in an outdoor French coffee shop. She came on to him. He could not resist that tight dress exposing every curve and those perky nipples showing through her dress. She took him to an apartment nearby used by the resistence. They came through the door and she started kissing him. He reached up her dress and moved her panty crotch over to caress her vulva. She started moaning as he was massaging her. He stuck a finger into her moistness and then moved to her clitoris. He massaged it between his fingers and she let out a loud moan as she came. Now it was her turn. She unzipped his pants to reveal some German sausage. He was well hung and she started caressing the head with her tongue. She played with tip for sometime before she deep throated him. He eventually could not hold it any longer. He came into her mouth. He did not realize the danger he was in. Because as he was in the seizure of his orgasm her helper, Jacques, stuck a needle in his neck. He held the man as he resisted at first and then collapsed dead on the floor. She spit his sperm into his face. “Asshole!”, she said. “That was hot!” Jacques said. “Cuckold” she said jokingly. Then he said, “Damn wish you would do that to me.” She said flirtingly, “you want to be seduced and murdered? That can be arranged!” He laughed, “only by you!” She became more direct “instead of thinking about this body how about getting our minds on the dead one here? Lets get him into the truck.” Jacques got the officer into a fireman’s carry and took him to the vehicle waiting in the back alley. Two other French resistence soldiers closed the door and drove away. Anna looked at Jacques, “you inside! Lets go.” A little confused and thinking he was going to get chewed out about something. He went back into the house. “Strip!”, she said. He looked at her funny, “what?” He said. “Strip! Do you want to fuck me or not?” She noticed an instant bulge in his pants. He thought she had no interest in him. Not true. She thought he was very hot. A gym rat with a muscular tone. He fumbled getting his pants open. She came up to him. “Son of a bitch. Do I have to do everything myself?” Smiling at him seductively as she said it. She pulled his pants down and revealed a nice size cock. She grabbed his member and started rubbing it while she licked the head. She let go and just started deep throating him. She started to undress and Jacques started playing with her breasts. Circling his fingers around. He chuckled, “you are not going to kill me after are you? You are the black widow.” She got up and pinched his nipples. “What are you going to do to stop me” she said flirtaciously. He pulled down her pants and lifted her over his huge shoulders and started spanking her ass. “How do you like that? huh? Will this stop you?” She was so turned on. She grabbed his ear and started twisting them in retaliation. He lost his balance and they went stumbling into the sofa. The chuckled and started kissing. He got up and told her to get on all fours. He swished his dick along her asshole. He moved over to her clit. She moaned. He shoved his dick inside her and started pounding her hard. He loved how she felt. His cock sliding against her wet walls. She started moaning with each thrust. He felt the orgasm coming and grabbed her hair and exploded into her wet pussy. He went and sat down. Exhausted. “Uh no.” She said. “Not done yet.” She grabbed his sagging cock and started jacking him off. She sat down on his dick and started moving up and down on his cock. She started massaging her clit and they both came. She kissed him. The news for the Germans was not good the next day. The black widow group had killed a top ranking officer. The group recieved notoriety from the allied forces. Within a week the Allied forces got in touch with Anna with a proposition…….

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