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Surfed, Taken, and Used

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Two beautiful women relaxing themselves on the beach, unaware of the lurking evil men with evil plans for their bodies

Clarissa Morgen stretched her curvaceous body under the large, white umbrella.

Sipping her cold watermelon shake, she relaxed her bikini-clad body on the beach chaise chair. Her blonde hair accentuated her white bikini.

She rolled her eyes again under the dark lenses of her sunglasses when she saw the persistent, shirtless man who introduced himself as Mark when she relaxed on the shore an hour ago, got out of the water.

He carried with him his brown surfboard and sauntered to where Clarissa was relaxing.

Clarissa’s eyes fixated on his majestic six-pack as he walked in her direction.

Finally, Mark stood in front of Clarissa, towering over her luscious body while relaxing on the beach chaise.

“So, what do you say?” Mark said and grinned at Clarissa, his gaze locked onto her beautiful, large breasts under her bikini top.

“Dude, you’re blocking the view.” Clarissa put up an annoyed tone, but she liked the view of his abdomen in front of her.

“You’ve got all the view right here, Miss I-don’t-need-to-give-you-my-name.” Mark replied.

Clarissa chuckled. Moments ago, Mark introduced himself, asked for her name, and offered to teach them surfing lessons.

She said no to both the surfing lessons and gave her name, thus the context of Mark’s reply to her.

“Okay,” Clarissa took another sip of her shake. “The name’s Clarissa. Clarissa Morgen.”

“Clarissa! A pretty name for a sexy woman such as yourself.”

“If flattery’s your way to get me to surf with you, that’s not working,”
Clarissa said she uncrossed her legs and stretched them.

Mark instinctively stared at Clarissa’s body as she stretched on the chaise.
That is a sexy body, he thought to himself. He admired the sight of her long legs, her shapely and flawless thighs, her wide hips and small waist, her flat stomach, and her perfectly large breasts under her bikini top.

Her breasts, Mark noted, were perfectly proportional to her body. He figured they were at least C-cup and they didn’t look exaggeratedly large. They were just perfect.

“But I have to say,” Clarissa added. “you can surf.”

“Of course, I can. I was last year’s surfing champion.” Mark said proudly.

“Come on, you still haven’t convinced her?” A voice said.

Mark and Clarissa turned in the direction of the voice. On their right was Lyana Taylor.

She lay down on the chaise beside Clarissa with her watermelon shake in hand.

Mark smiled to himself when Lyana unbuttoned her white lace bikini cover-up, parting the see-through, thin fabric in the middle and revealing her curvaceous body under her black bikini.

He noted how sexy her breasts looked under the bikini top. Her skin, like Clarissa’s, was silky smooth. Mark admired her beautiful legs Lyana she crossed them.

“Hey, Lyana.” Mark winked at her. “Your blonde friend is too stubborn. She doesn’t find me charming at all.”

Clarissa laughed out loud and almost choked on her shake.

“Hmmm, I think I get it.” Mark rubbed his chin.

“Get what?” Clarissa asked as she slurped her shake noisily.

“Two beautiful ladies by themselves on a nice beach,” Mark began.
“And not charmed by me. You two are…..you know.” Mark made funny gestures with his fingers.

“We are not!” Clarissa and Lyana said in unison.

“We’re totally straight.” Lyana blurted.

“And so is spaghetti until it’s wet.” Clarissa smiled at Lyana and then winked at her.

Lyana stared at Clarissa, then the latter laughed out loud again.

“Okay, you two need some serious conversation.” Mark butted in. “But come on, ladies. Sun is almost setting and the tide is coming. It’s the best time to surf.”

“Come on, Clarissa. It would be fun!”

“Ugh, fine!” Clarissa said and emptied her shake.
“Surfing can’t be that hard, right?”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Mark replied. “My friend Bruce will be joining us. I can’t teach both of you at the same time.”

“Here’s the deal, Mark,” Clarissa said as she stood up and adjusted her bikini top as she did so.

Mark caught a glimpse of her underboob.
They are so perfectly round! He thought and felt an erection growing.

“I’ll give you fifteen minutes. If I could stand on the surfboard by then, you owe me drinks.” Clarissa said.

“Oh, I can do that,” Mark replied and smiled smugly.

“And not just any drink, Mark,” Clarissa added and waved her index finger at him.
“I want the most expensive bottle from the bar.”

Mark pondered for a while.

“Oh, Katrine’s gonna regret that she didn’t come.” Lyana giggled at Clarissa.

“Oh, we’ll send her pictures and make her regret it,” Clarissa said.

“Too bad so much stuff had to be dealt with at the station though, with the new captain and all,” Lyana said and instinctively remembered the misfortune they had encountered under Hessington’s hands.

Lyana brushed the horrible memory of their violation at the hands of the traffickers out of her mind and focused more on the vacation.

“When do we start?” Lyana asked.

“Right now,” Mark replied and smiled at the two beautiful bikini-clad women.

“This guy here is Bruce,” Mark told both women as he patted the shoulder of his tan friend.

“Wazzup, ladies.” Bruce greeted the women as he ran his eyes all over them.
Wow, they are hot! Bruce thought and admired their bikini-clad bodies.

“Bruce will handle Lyana. I’ll do Clarissa.” Mark told the women.

Each man handed Clarissa and Lyana their boards.

“Do you have someone to take pictures and videos while we surf? Clarissa asked

“Certainly!” Bruce replied. “I’ll skedaddle for a bit and get some of my buddies.”

“Okay, while Bruce gets someone to take pictures let’s start with the basics.” Mark began.

“Let’s start with standing on the board.” Mark laid his board on the sand.
“I’ll show you how to stand on the board when the wave comes.”

“First, you lie down on the board on your front like this.” Mark demonstrated to the ladies.

“Then place your hands under your body above your chest. Make sure your hands are placed just below the center of the board, then close your legs.”

“Before standing up, push your bodies up like this.” Mark moved his hands to his sides and pushed his body up.

“Just like doing a push-ups?” Clarissa asked.

“Exactly!” Mark replied.
“Then as you stand up, make sure your right foot will step where your groin was when you were lying on the board.”

“Also, pivot your right foot as you stand up. Your foot should be pointing at two o’clock.”

“Next, you pivot your body sideways and step your left foot to where your hands are above your chest when you were lying on the board.”

“When you’re standing up, bend your knees then you should be able to balance yourselves.” Make said. “And don’t look down on the board. Always look ahead of you. It will help you balance.”

“Now, ladies. Show me what I just demonstrated.” Mark told them.

“Alright, let’s do this,” Lyana said and took off her lace cover-up.

Mark admired Lyana’s body when she took off her cover-up. She let his eyes run along her curves.

“Hey, ladies!”, Bruce said as he arrived.

“These are the twins Tim and Tom.” Bruce, I introduced the young men he brought with him.
“They will each take photos of you when you start surfing. You can hand them your cameras so they cant take pictures.”

“Awesome,” Clarissa replied. Both women handed their cameras to the twins.

The four men watched as the ladies lay on the board on their front.

“Hands under your chests, ladies,” Mark said then Clarissa and Lyana did as she was instructed.

“Okay, push up!” Mark announced.

Clarissa and Lyana pushed their bodies up.

“Wow!” Bruce mouthed the words to Mark as they admired the women’s round butts perched up.

Mark winked at Bruce. Both Tim and Tom felt their cocks hardening as they gazed at Clarissa and Lyana’s ass.

“Aaaand, up!” Mark said.

Lyana pivoted their right foot, then stepped their left foot forward and turned their bodies sideways. They bent their knees once they were up.

“Excellent!” Mark clapped his hands.
“Again! Do it at least five times.”

“Really? Can’t we just skip this part and head to the water?” Clarissa complained.

“No. You need to get the hang of it while you’re here. You won’t be able to practice it again once we’re in the water.” Mark replied.

“Ugh, fine,” Clarissa said as she laid down on the board. Lyana did the same.

“Okay, and up!” Mark said.

Clarissa and Lyana repeated the process five times. The four men admired both women.

They gazed at their ass when they pushed their bodies up, then their eyes moved to their chest and watched their beautiful breasts jiggle slightly as they stood up on the board.

When both women finished repeating the process and the men finished leering at their sexy bodies, Mark clapped his hands.

“Okay! Let’s head to the water!”

“Are you really positive that I’ll be able to stand up on the board?” Lyana asked Bruce as they walked in the sea.

“I’d say in fifteen minutes, give or take,” Bruce replied as he gave Lyana’s body another look-over.
Oh god I’d give anything to slap that ass.

“This seems about right,” Bruce said. “You can now sit on the board, I’ll drag you further to where the waves are.”

Lyana straddled the board and sat on it. Her knees rested on the sides of the board.

She’s so beautiful and hot! Bruce thought as he took in the sight of Lyana’s bikini-clad body.

He pictured and imagined the feel of her body under his. He imagined how nice it will be to explore her body, to take strip her bikini off, to be inside her…….
”Oh my god, I should have her.” Bruce said to himself.

Lyana felt the coldness of the water on her legs as Bruce dragged the board.

I wonder how those tits will feel on my palms, Bruce thought as he constantly stole a glance at Lyana’s breasts and admired her cleavage.

“Let me secure the board to your ankles,” Bruce said as he wrapped the rubber strap that was connected to the board around Lyana’s ankle. He stole a glance at her crotch between her spread thighs that straddled the board.

“Remember, the most expensive bottle,” Clarissa told Mark.

“Nah, you’d have to be really bad if you can’t learn how to stand in 15 minutes,” Mark replied as he dragged the board into the sea with Clarissa sitting on it.

No matter how much he tried not to, he couldn’t fight the urge to stare at Clarissa’s crotch. The sight of her sitting on the board – straddling the board between her shapely thighs.

The surfboard being wide was straddled between her legs, making her thighs spread at a 45-degree angle.

Mark kept staring between her legs, hoping to see an outline of her sex through the thin fabric of her bikini, but to no avail.

I wonder how smooth her thighs are, Mark thought. He can tell just by watching that her thighs ran for miles, he gazed at her inner thighs and wondered how soft they felt if he nibbled his thumbs over them.

He can feel his cock harden the more he stared at her crotch. He took in the sight of the gentle bulge of her pussy mound underneath her bikini between her thighs.

If I can just place my hand, my fingers inside her bikini….., Mark pictured his fingers snaking inside Clarissa’s bikini, touching her most private and sensitive flesh.

“But we haven’t set terms if I win,” Mark said. “But I have something in mind now.”

“Oh? What is it then?” Clarissa raised her eyebrows at him.

“If I win, I’ll take you to dinner.” Mark smiled at her.

Clarissa sighed. “Look, Mark. No offense, but I’m not interested in seeing anyone.”

“Oh, no that’s not what I meant,” Mark replied defensively.
“I just wanna have a nice dinner, and eat lobsters!”

“Alright, deal,” Clarissa replied then laughed.

Mark felt his cock harden in his shorts as he gazed at Clarissa – her blonde hair flowing freely with the ocean breeze as she sat on the surfboard. Her back seductively arched, pushing her breasts forward; her thighs spread apart beautifully and seductively as she straddled the board between her legs.

He watched her beautiful breasts move as she laughed. The two, perfectly round mounds of flesh just begging to be freed from the clutches of her bikini top.

“Paddle, ladies, paddle!” Mark cheered the ladies as they paddled to the deeper part of the sea where the huge waves are.

Both Mark and Bruce stared at Lyana and Clarissa’s bodies lying in front of the surfboard. Clad only in their bikini the men roamed their eyes all over the women’s curves – the gentle concave curve formed on their back then transitioned smoothly to a convex curve at their seductively round ass, then on to their long, shapely legs.

Their eyes fixated on the sight of their perfectly round breasts sandwiched between their chest and the board.

“Get yourselves ready, ladies!” Mark shouted. “The wave is coming!”

“Stand up when we tell you to,” Bruce told the women.

“Okay….here we go,” Clarissa said.
“Hey, Lyana!”

“What?” Lyana replied.

“Last one to stand gets to buy dinner!” Clarissa said as the wave was getting closer.

“Deal!” Lyana shouted.

The wave was now just behind Clarissa and Lyana.

“Now, stand up!” Mark shouted over.

When they heard Mark, both Clarissa and Lyana stood up on the board.

“I did it!” Clarissa shouted as she laughed. “I did I–”
She didn’t finish celebrating when she lost her balance and fell into the water.

Bruce and Mark laughed when Clarissa fell. On their left, Lyana also fell from the board.

“I was so close!” Clarissa said as her head popped out of the water.

“You fell because you looked down instead of looking forward.” Mark smiled at her.
“Wanna try again?”

“Of course!” Clarissa grinned at him.
“I have no intention of losing to you and Lyana.”

Mark instructed Clarissa to lie on the board again as another wave was coming.

After five attempts, Clarissa finally stood on the board and surfed to the shore. Shouting in glee and excitement.

“You’re done and dusted, Mark!” Clarissa preened at him.
“I won. You owe me an expensive bottle.”

Mark scratched his head and smiled at her.
“It seems that I lost. Alright, I’ll bring it to your suite.”

“Bring it at seven.” Clarissa sat on the board, her back arched forward, pushing her chest.

“And you will buy me dinner tonight, Lyana.” Clarissa turned to Lyana who was also sitting on the board.

“Ugh, you lucky blonde bitch.” Lyana scowled playfully at her loss.

“Thanks, boys!” Clarissa waved at Mark and Bruce.
“We’ll return the boards later. We’ll stay in the water for a bit longer.”

“Sure thing!” Mark replied. “I’ll bring you the bottle when you return the boards.

“Alright!” Clarissa replied.

“That was fun!” Lyana beamed at Clarissa as their boards floated beside each other.

“Oh, Katrine missed a lot,” Clarissa said

“Yeah, I’ll send her some pictures to make her jealous.”

Mark and Bruce waved at the ladies. They watched their curvaceous forms sitting on the board, with their ass emphasized by the arching of their back.

“Are we really gonna do it?” Bruce asked his pal.

“Oh, we’ll definitely do it. It’s not every day that we get to enjoy women as beautiful and hot as them.”
Mark replied lecherously.

Both men walked to the shore, imagining that what lay ahead will be their best night.

The moon was shining brightly in the night sky as Clarissa Morgen dragged her surfboard to the one-bedroom suite Lyana rented for them.

She volunteered to drag both hers and Lyana’s boards so that the latter can go ahead and buy dinner.

“Phew,” Clarissa wiped her brow. She spent half an hour relaxing on the beach chaise until she was dry.

“One more board to go.” She said as she picked up Lyana’s board over her head.

“You need help with that?”

Clarissa turned to her left and saw Mark who was standing shirtless, with a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label in his right hand.

“Yep, I need help.” Clarissa smiled sheepishly.

“Give me that and hold this.” Mark handed her the bottle and took the board from her.

“Ooh, Blue Label. Nice.” Clarissa said as she walked side by side with Mark to her suite.

“Where’s Lyana?” Mark asked.

“Oh, she’s out buying me a steak,” Clarissa replied.
“She lost the bet like you.”

Oh, this isn’t a loss. It’s a victory for me and you have no idea, Mark thought in his mind.
“What tricks did you pull to win all bets, anyway.”

Clarissa laughed. “Nah I didn’t have to pull any tricks. You guys just suck at bets.” She said playfully.

Oh, you have no idea who’s getting sucked tonight.
Mark shrugged the thought off his mind.

“Shall I put this here?” Mark asked as they reached the suite.

“Yeah, put it beside the other one.”

“Okay.” Mark placed the board beside the other surfboard.
He watched and admired Clarissa as she stood on the porch of the suit, her bikini-clad body basked under the moonlight.

“You know what? Let’s drink this now.” Clarissa said as she sat down on the porch steps.

“Shouldn’t we wait for Lyana?”

“Nah, I won this. I’ll drink it first.” Clarissa laughed.
“Besides, Lyana doesn’t drink. She’s really strict about that.”

“Oh really?” Mark said.

Clarissa sensed a hint of disappointment in his voice but shrugged it off.

“Let’s drink here.” Clarissa patted on the porch step beside her, then a strong breeze blew over the shore.

“Is a storm coming?” Clarissa asked Mark as he approached her.

“Nah, the forecast didn’t say anything. But I’m guessing it’s about to rain in a few minutes.”

“A pity,” Clarissa said. “I wanted to stroll on the beach later. Anyway, let’s just drink inside. Lyana will be here in a while.”

Clarissa opened the door and let Mark in.
She motioned him to follow her to the living area and placed the bottle of Johhny Walker on the long coffee table.

“Here.” Clarissa places two glasses on the table.
“Why don’t you open the bottle while I turn on the heater.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Mark replied as he watched Clarissa turn around. He watched her round ass swaying seductively under her bikini as she walked to the heater.

He opened the bottle and poured whiskey into both glasses.

“Ah, finally. Free drinks!” Clarissa said as she sat on the chair opposite Mark and crossed her legs.

She took a glass that was placed closest to her.

“Cheers,” Mark replied as they clanked their glasses together.

He watched Clarissa gulp her drink in a second. He watched her throat move as she swallowed the drink. He gazed at her chest, watching her large round breasts under her bikini top.

“So, how long have you been surfing and teaching tourists?” Clarissa asked as she poured another drink into her glass.

“Hmmm, five years, I think?”, Mark replied.
“I started to live here when my dad broke his hip. I took over his surfing shop. Then I taught tourists how to surf for hobby and extra cash, you know.”

“Well, you seem to be doing a good job,” Clarissa replied.

“Nah, not good enough to win a bet against you.”

Clarissa chuckled. “Well, I have always been lucky when it comes to bets. Also, do you always pester tourists until they let you teach them how to surf?”

“Not always,” Mark replied and watched Clarissa intently. He saw that her eyes had been blinking more frequently now.
“Just when I find them extremely fuckable, you know.”

Clarissa blinked her eyes. “What did you……….. what did……. You just say?”

“I said I only pester them if I wanna fuck them,” Mark replied louder and smiled.

“What the……….” Clarissa placed her hand on her forehead. She had a headache all of a sudden.
“What’s……….. wha……. What’s happening?……..”

“Oh, you really made it so easy, Clarissa,” Mark said as he pulled out an empty plastic capsule from his pocket and placed it on the table.
“You made it so fucking easy for me to drug your drink.”

Clarissa blinked twice at him and stared at the capsule he placed on the table.
“No……………. wh……. why…….. oohhhhhhhh my head……..”

“It’s just as I said, Clarissa. I wanna fuck you.” Mark said as he stood up.
“And not just you. I wanna fuck Lyana too. That’s why I kept pestering you.”

Clarissa felt fear take her body.
“……..you……. you……….. you drugged me……….. you drug-oooooohhhhh..”
Clarissa moaned as she felt dizzy. The room started to spin.
She saw Mark stand from the chair and walk towards her.

Clarissa tried to stand up, but her legs felt like jelly. Her strength left her body, then she dropped to the floor on her front.

“Help……….. help me………. uuuuuuugggghhhhhh…….”
Clarissa moaned as her bode got heavier every second. She started to crawl on the floor using her hands. She crawled away from Mark.

Mark laughed at Clarissa’s pitiful attempt to crawl away from him.
“You dumb bitch. You really gulped down your drink, not knowing it was drugged!”
He took in the sight of her delicious bikini-clad body crawling as she moaned.
He admired the sight of her ass as they jiggled when her long, shapely legs moved desperately.

“Where do you think you’re going, Clarissa?” Mark said as he grabbed her ankles and pulled her back to the living room.

Clarissa felt her body being dragged back. She can feel her skin dragging against the cold, tiled floor of the suite.
“No……….. you bastard………… stop…… uuuuuuughhhhhhh……”

After Mark dragged her back to the living room. He cleared the coffee table – he took the glasses and the bottle of whiskey and placed them on the floor.

“Oh, your body is mine, Clarissa.” Mark slapped Clarissa’s ass five times, watching her butt-cheeks jiggle every time his palms slapped her ass.

He turned her body around and laid her on her back. Mark then scooped up Clarissa’s body in his arms then laid her on the coffee table.

Clarissa felt like being carried, but she had no more strength to resist.

Mark stood and admired Clarissa’s bikini-clad body lying on the table. Her nape was on the edge of the table, making her head droop down and hung limply towards the floor.

He felt an erection growing at the sight of her defenselessness, her vulnerability, her helplessness as she laid on the table, wearing nothing but her bikini and moaning from the drugged drink.

Mark sat on the table beside Clarissa’s sedated body.
He brushed his hand on her blonde hair.
“You are so beautiful, you know that, Clarissa?”

He brought his face in front of hers and watched her eyes constantly rolling back to her eyelids.

Her moans turned him on.
“I’ve been wanting to fuck you ever since I saw you relaxing on the chaise.”

“Nnnnnnggggghhhhhhhhh…………… uuuuuuuuggghhhhhhhh………. Nnnnnnnnnnhhhhhh……..” Clarissa groaned as the headache became excruciating. She whimpered when even though she was close to passing out, she can feel Mark’s hands on her thighs.

“I’ve been staring at these,” Mark said as he placed his palms on her thighs.
“I’ve been wondering how smooth they are, and now I got my answer.”
Mark started running his hands up and down the drugged woman’s thighs.

“Oh yeah, these are so smooth. So beautiful.” Mark said in a trance as he kept running his hands up and down Clarissa’s thighs.

“So fucking soft….. oh wow. I’ve been wanting to touch these.” Mark roamed his hands all over her thighs, his thumbs rubbed the soft skin of her inner thigh.

“Nnnnnngggggghhhhhhhhhh…….. help me………….” Clarissa moaned as she can do nothing while Mark caressed her thighs.

“I wonder what you taste like,” Mark said as he bent down on her and kissed her lips.

“MMmhhh!” Clarissa gasped when she felt Mark’s lips on hers. She can feel his tongue roaming in her mouth.

Mark kissed Clarissa’s tender lips, then his hand touched her flat stomach and slid up to her chest. As he kissed her, his hand snaked inside her bikini top and cupped her breast.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhh…………” Clarissa felt a hand squeezing her right breast, then her eyes rolled back to her eyelids and she lost consciousness.

Mark felt Clarissa’s body fall limp under him, but he didn’t stop kissing her. While he enjoyed her lips, his hand groped and fondled her breast.

Mark pulled his face from her and gazed at her chest.
“Your tits are so perfect, Clarissa,” Mark said then pulled his hand from her right breast.
“Your wonderful tits are just begging to be freed, and I’m here to oblige.”

Mark reached under Clarissa’s body and unsnapped her bikini top. He raised her arms above her head.
Breathing heavily with excitement, he pulled the cups of her bra up from her breasts then pulled her bikini top over her body, and up her arms.

Mark discarded the thin, bikini top on the floor then he gasped as he stared at Clarissa’s topless body.
With her head hanging limply to the floor, her white neck was exposed. He watched her soft, round breasts rise and fall with her breathing.

“Oh my god……” Mark exclaimed. “These are so perfect!”
He started cupping her breasts. Her majestic breasts filled Mark’s palm, his fingertips barely touching her ribs as her large round breasts filled his palm.

“These are the best titties I’ve ever seen!” Mark moved above exclaimed then started squeezing tenderly Clarissa’s soft, perfectly round breasts.

Mark moved above Clarissa’s head. He sat on the table and placed Clarissa’s head against his chest.

“Oh yeah……. oh fucking yeah! Nice tits you got here, Clarissa!” Mark exclaimed as he kept squeezing her breasts while Clarissa remained unresponsive and unconscious.

“You had no idea how much I’ve been staring at your tits.” Mark whispered in her ear as he continued fondling and squeezing the unconscious Clarissa’s breasts.

“It took the entirety of my self restraint not to grope your titties on the beach.” Mark said as he played with her nipples.
“And now I finally have your tits in my hands.”

Mark reluctantly pulled his hands from Clarissa’s breasts as he stood up.

“First things first.” He took his fanny pack and pulled out a tripod.
He set it up beside the coffee table where Clarissa’s half-naked, limp body was lying.

He then attached his camera to the tripod. Next, he took his phone and called Bruce.

“Hey, come over here now! I got the blonde bitch. The other is on her way. Bring another camera. And bring the chloroform!” Mark said.

“I couldn’t drug her because she wasn’t here, but Clarissa told me Lyana will be here in a few moments.” Mark paused and listened to Bruce.

“I only drugged Clarissa. We’ll chloroform Lyana when she’s here. Hurry. Yes, her tits are amazing, now hurry!” Mark said then hung up. He stood behind the camera and then pressed ‘record’.
Mark then started to take off his shorts and underwear.

“Now, let us begin, Clarissa,” Mark said and smiled as he sat down at the table.
He laid on top of her and then started squeezing her breasts.

“Oh yeah, these are nice!” He took one breast in his hand and sucked it while squeezing her other breast.

After burying his face between her breasts and sucking them, Mark then straddled Clarissa’s body.

He held a breast in each hand, massaging and grabbing. He became more forceful, plucking and twisting her breasts

Mark then pressed her breasts together. He slid his erection between her breasts, pressing them together tightly, her breasts big enough to do this. He titled his head back and began fucking her tits faster, almost angrily.
“Fucking bitch! Oh yeah, you are so hot! Majestic tits!” He kept mumbling as he titfucked her.

“Oh yeah, oh fuck….. ohhh fuckkk!!!!!!!” Mark groaned as he reached climax. Grabbing his dick, he unloaded himself on her chest. He sprayed his cum all over Clarissa’s breasts.

Then he moved on top of the table where her head was resting. Mark grabbed his erect dick and then shoved his cock into her mouth. He leaned forward, placing a hand on the table and a hand in her hair, and pressed himself into her mouth, not going too deep, but enough to rub his head between her lips.

Mark groaned, a soft low guttural noise, as he slid in and out of her mouth, his effort can be seen in his tight trembling body from trying to not go too fast or too deep, perhaps knowing he was already taking too many chances, pushing it too far, but wanting more.
The drug he gave Clarissa was enough to make her memory of her rape blank, but he should fuck her just enough that she won’t suspect anything when she wakes up.

He increased the rhythm of his thrusts, her tight throat wrapping around his manhood.
“Oh yeah…..so fucking hot!!”

Reluctantly, he pulled his dick out of her mouth, but he knew that where he was going next will be the best part.

Mark crawled back down her body until he was between her legs. He looked up at her as he sat there, watching her intently, and then slid a hand up her thigh, feeling their softness.

Then to her crotch. He rubbed his fingers between her legs, over her bikini.
“I’ve been waiting to get my hands inside your bikini, Clarissa.

Smiling mischievously, Mark snaked his hands inside Clarissa’s bikini. He moaned in pleasure when his fingers touched her pussy mound.

“Smooth and cleanly shaved! That’s the kind of pussy I want!” Mark then grabbed the waistband of Clarissa’s bikini then slowly pulled them down her legs, caressing her thigh as he went.

When he finally took off her bikini, he placed it over his nose and smelled her fragrance.
“Oh yeah, that was hot.”

Mark, now standing on the table, took in the sight of Clarissa’s limp and unconscious body. Now, she was completely naked. Her curvaceous, beautiful body was completely exposed to him.

He got down from the table and then positioned himself between her legs. He pushed her legs, spreading them apart.
He placed his fingers on her mound and then started rubbing and stroking it.
“Oh yeah, so soft!”

After massaging Clarissa’s pussy, Mark placed his head above her mound and then started pleasing her between the legs with his tongue.

His tongue expertly roamed all over her pussy, pleasing her mound and tasting her clit.

After finally having his fun, he straddled her body.

“And now, for the main event.” Mark laughed.
“This is what I drugged you for, Clarissa. I’m dying to fuck you right now.”

Mark wrapped his hands around her sides, moving them up and down, feeling the curve of her waist and hips. He moved up her body slowly, his body shaking as he held himself over her, his hands sliding up her side and to her chest.

He grabbed her arms and pushed them over her head, leaving her upper body defenseless. His tongue slid over one nipple, his breath ragged, watching her, watching her for any sign of waking, but her head was tilted to the side, facing me, her eyes closed, her breath deep and soft.

Then, he pulled her breast into his mouth and began sucking it, while he massaged her other breast and moved his other hand up and down her side. His body shuddered as he tried to hold himself over her and he moved to her other breast and kissed the nipple.

He moaned softly as he kissed around her breast, licking her nipple, plucking it between his fingers, and her nipples became hard.

He sat up, straddling her hips, and looked down at her, ran his hands over her stomach and breasts, enjoying the smoothness of her skin, the warmth, the feel of her body compliant beneath him.

Finally, Mark aimed his dick at her pussy.
“Here I go, Clarissa.”

Mark gently lowered himself down to her, placing one hand beside her. He dropped his hips to her hips and between her thighs, his hand grasping his cock and aiming it at her pussy.

He looked down at her face and said her name once more.
“Clarissa. Oh, Clarissa, you beautiful and hot blonde bitch.”
He made sure once more, and she didn’t respond, her eyelids didn’t even flutter, her breathing didn’t even change, that the drugs were still in effect.

Then, his fingers were spreading her apart as he pushed his hips forward and I could see his head start to penetrate and then slide up, slip over her wetness, making his body shudder, and he pulled back slightly and pushed down on his erection as he pushed forward again and pushed the head inside of her.

“Oh, so fucking tight!” Mark groaned as he thrust his dick back and forth inside her.

She was so tight Marl had to use several increasingly longer strokes to finally penetrate her completely.
His half his length moving into her with little resistance he easily and methodically slid in and out of her and was engorged inside of her in only a few strokes, her body so open and giving to his thrusts.

Once his hips met her hips and he was entirely inside of her, he placed both of his hands on either side of her body and held himself over her, his hips pressed to hers.

Mark began moving his cock slowly at first, sliding in and out of her, and her pussy clung to him, wrapped around him, was pushed and pulled with him,

As he pulled his penis back, it fell out and he easily slid it back in, she was so open to him, and he began repeating that motion, pulling himself all the way out so that I could see the head of his cock and slid it back in until his hips met hers, wanting to feel the entire length of himself moving in and out of her.

His body began trembling from the exertion of holding himself over her. He lowered himself slowly down to his elbows.

He spread his legs, pushing her legs wider with his knees, and dug his knees into the table to push further into her, pressing his hips against her, and settled himself on top of her, still holding his upper body over her.

Mark started moving his hips, his cock moving in and out of her from between his widely spread legs, working his cock into her deep, stirring her within, his balls pressing against her butt each time he thrust into her.

He twisted his hips up each time, raising her hips with him, almost like she was moving with him, urging him inside of her.

Mark was moaning as he raped Clarissa. “Oh yeah, oy yeah. So hot.”
He started moving faster to a medium pace, now sliding out of her enough to rub the underside of the head of his cock against her opening before sliding into her and twisting up inside of her.

He started punctuating each deep thrust into her with a soft grunt, his lips trembling, as he looked down between their barely separated bodies, lifting his hips up to see the root of his cock as he slid out of her, watching it slide back into her, disappearing inside the soft skin of her mound.

“Oh yeah……..oh fuck……..not now!!!!!!!” Mark moaned as he felt his climax building up. He wanted to slow down and take his time raping Clarissa’s unconscious body, but his body betrayed him.

Thrusting himself harder inside her, Mark cried out, a loud whimper like he was in pain, and then he fell on top of her, holding the backs of her thighs and pulling her legs under his arms, leaving her feet dangling and bumping against his butt and legs as he thrust down and into her, plunging the depths of her.

Clarissa’s pussy was turned up to meet him as he pulled her legs up, and saw his cock engorged inside of her, the milky wetness that clung to his penis and balls and was dripping out of her pussy.

Mark knew that in her sleep she was enjoying it unconsciously, her body was reacting to her rape.
He started moving in shorter and harder thrusts until he had her butt pressed down hard, her limp body pressed to the coffee table.

His body started jerking, his butt and hips twitching, as he grunted with his lips pressed to her shoulder, his arms holding her thighs high up under his arms so that it looked like her legs were wrapped around his torso, and then he pushed down and into her really deep, holding himself there.

Mark smiled when he heard her whimper once and saw her arms jerk and her feet kick up, striking against his butt and then lay still as his body shuddered, and he let out a deep breath and relaxed down on top of her.

Mark lay on top of Clarissa – panting, moving his hips very slowly while unloading his cum inside her vulnerable and defenseless pussy – allowing the last of his semen to spill into her.

He carefully lowered her legs back to the table, so that her thighs were spread far apart.

Mark then kissed her neck, moved down to kiss her nipples, and then sat up to his knees. He looked down at her with his cock still inside of her and spraying his load, his hands on his hips, his chest rising with his heavy breathing, and then once satisfied with that final image of her body before him and his spent cock inside of her, he slid out of her, letting a stream of his thick, milky fluid flow from pussy, and down her butt and to the table.

“Oh my god, that was hot!” A voice behind Mark exclaimed.

Mark laid on top of Clarissa’s limp body, he could feel her breasts pressed against his chest.
He slowly sat up and looked behind him then saw Bruce.

“Oh my god man, you fucked her without me!” Bruce said.

“Sorry, bud. I couldn’t stop myself.” Mark said as he put on his shorts.

“Damn, bro,” Bruce said as he walked to the coffee table.
“She’s so hot!”

Bruce sat at the table and admired Clarissa’s fucked up, sexy body.
“You creampied her, huh.” He said when he saw cum oozing out of Clarissa’s vagina.

“And her mouth, and on her tits,” Mark replied proudly.

“Damn…….. she’s so fucking hot!” Bruce said as he cupped Clarissa’s breasts and started squeezing them.

Mark laughed as he watched Bruce squeezing Clarissa’s breasts when he heard soft footsteps made on the porch. He tiptoed to the window and peeked behind the curtains.

“Bruce!” Mark said in a whisper. “The Lyana’s coming!”

“Oh shit!” Bruce said.

“Stay there!” Mark hissed at Bruce.

“But she’ll see me!”

“Just trust me! I’m filming the entire thing and I want some dramatic effect!” Mark snapped at Bruce in a whisper.

“Give me that,” Mark told Bruce and the latter tossed the bottle of chloroform to him.

Mark pulled out Clarissa’s white, bikini and poured chloroform on the thin, white fabric.
He then closed the curtains between the foyer and the living room.

Mark heard the sound of keys and the door knob being opened. He smiled, clutching Clarissa’s bikini with chloroform on it, and listened to the sound of the door creaking open.

Lyana Taylor took off her sandals on the porch. She fixed her lace cover-up over her bikini-clad body as the cold breeze blew outside.
Is a storm coming? Lyana thought.

She unlocked the door with the keys and opened the door. She placed the beef ribs on the small table beside the door.

Ahead of her, she saw that the curtains leading to the living room were closed. Lyana rolled her eyes. Earlier, Clarissa did the same thing and tossed a toy crab at her to scare her.

Seeing the closed curtains, she figured Clarissa was about to prank her again.

“Come on, Clarissa. Stop pranking me. I have your food right here.” Lyana said, but there was no response.

“Oh, fuck it.” She scowled and decided to face whatever prank Clarissa had for her. Lyana opened the curtains and then froze in her tracks.

Ahead of her, was Clarissa. Lyana froze in terror and confusion when she saw that Clarissa was completely naked – she was lying on the coffee table and her white bikini was nowhere to be found. She was also unconscious.

She gasped when she saw that Clarissa was covered in cum – the white sticky liquid was oozing out of her vagina. She also saw that her legs were at a degrading spread. Beside Clarissa was a man she recognized.

It was Bruce, her surfing instructor. Not only was he sitting beside Clarissa’s naked body, but he was also fondling Clarissa’s breasts.

When Lyana gasped, Bruce turned his head to her.

“Ah, Lyana. So nice of you to join us!” She heard him say and watched his hands continue squeezing Clarissa’s breasts.

Before Lyana can react, she felt arms wrapping her from behind. And before she could scream, a dam, white cloth was clamped over her mouth and nose.

“HHHHHHHMMMMPPPPP!!!!!” Lyana gave a muffled scream. As she did so, she involuntarily took a deep breath and inhaled a sweet-smelling scent from the cloth.

“Hello, Lyana. Nice of you to join us!” She heard a voice behind her. She moved her eyes to the side and gasped in surprise when she recognized the man grabbing her was Mark.

“HHHHHHLLLLPPP!!! NNNNHHHHH!!!! HHHMMMMMMMMM!!!!” Lyana frantically kicked her legs and struggled against Mark.

“No need to fight it, sweetie,” Mark whispered in her ear as he clamped the chloroformed panties on Lyana’s mouth and nose.
“You’ll end up just like your blonde friend. Totally fucked up and covered in cum!”

As Lyana struggled, she felt her legs being kicked from behind and she fell to the floor on her butt.

“HHHHHHMMMMM!!!! HHHHHHMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!” She screamed when her cover-up was forcefully taken off from her body.

“Grab her legs!” Mark shouted at Bruce and Lyana saw the latter dash toward her.

She tried to kick her legs, but Bruce grabbed them with his strong arms.

“HHHHHHLLLLPPP!!!!!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhh……..” Lyana moaned through the chloroformed fabric. She was getting weaker, and her body felt heavy.

“That’s it, baby, just breathe it in.” Mark whispered in Lyana’s ear. When he noticed that her struggles were getting weaker, he let go of her waist and then moved his hand to her chest.

He inserted his hand under her bikini top and cupped her breast.

“Hmmmmmmmhhhh………… nnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….” Lyana moaned weakly as she was slowly passing out. She felt Mark’s hand squeezing her left breast.

“Don’t bother, Lyana,” Mark said when her hands pulled his hand weakly from her breast.
“Just breathe it in. You’ll be off to dreamland.”

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh……….. hhhhhhnnnnnn……..” Lyana took in another breath full of chloroform and her head was floating.

“You have very nice tits, Lyana, just like your friend Clarissa.” Mark said as he squeezed her breast and nibbled her nipples with his thumb and forefinger.

“Let me take this off, you won’t need this anyway.” Bruce said as he pulled Lyana’s bikini off her legs.

“Nnnnnhhhhhhhhhhh……. mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh…… “ Lyana moaned when she felt her bikini being taken off. She tried to kick her legs, but they felt very heavy.

“Oho, would you look at that!” Bruce exclaimed. “Smooth and shaved!”
He placed his fingers on her mound and started rubbing and stroking.

“Hhhhhhhhnnngggggghhh………. nnnnnhhhhhhhh…………..” Lyana moaned one last time as she felt her pussy being stroked, then her eyes rolled to her eyelids and she lost consciousness.

Mark felt Lyana’s body fall limp against his as he laid his back against the wall.
“Alright, she’s out.” He said and pulled the chloroformed bikini away from her face.

He inserted both of his hands inside Lyana’s bikini top and started fondling her breasts.
“Oh yeah, these are nice, but not as big as Clarissa’s. But still nice tits.”

Bruce was busy running his hands up and down Lyana’s thighs, while his other hand fingered her pussy.

“Let’s bring them to the bed now and let’s rape them there,” Bruce said.

“Don’t mind if I do.”

The men carried Lyana’s body to the bedroom and laid her on her back on the bed. Then they took Clarissa’s unconscious, cum-covered body from the coffee table and laid her on the bed beside Lyana.

“Let’s fuck this brunette bitch now!” Bruce exclaimed as he took off his shorts.

“Let me take this off first.” Mark chuckled as he pulled Lyana’s bikini top off her body, exposing her soft, round breasts.

“Oh wow, those are beautiful tits!” Bruce exclaimed.
“Hey! Let me take her pussy now.” He said when he saw that Mark was about to penetrate Lyana’s pussy.

“Come on, I planned this,” Mark replied.

“But you already fucked the blonde bitch!” Bruce retorted.

“Alright, fine,” Mark said as he positioned on top of Lyana’s head. He placed his dick inside her mouth, her lips brushing gently on the head of his cock.

Meanwhile, Bruce penetrated Lyana’s defenseless womanhood after he savored her smooth thighs.
“Let’s get this party started!”

The men started raping Lyana Taylor’s unconscious body. While Bruce fucked her vagina, Mark fucked her throat.

The men constantly switched places, and they made sure each of them sandwiched their dicks between Lyana’s breasts.

After an hour of raping the unconscious, brunette woman, both Bruce and Mark slumped down on the bed exhausted. Between them was Lyana Taylor, she was still unconscious – her body was covered in cum. Her rapists’s semen oozed out of her pussy, of her mouth, and sprayed all over her breasts.

“Let me have another round with her again. Alone.” Mark told Bruce as he straddled Lyana again and aimed his dick on her pussy.

“Go knock yourself out,” Bruce replied as he moved to the other side of the bed.
“I’ll be raping this arrogant, blond bitch by myself.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Mark replied as both men started raping Clarissa and Lyana again.

Lyana Taylor awoke slowly. Her brain was fogged over and there was a dull hammering in her head. Her whole body ached and her mouth was dry and tasted bitter.

As consciousness gradually crested over her drugged brain, she became aware of her surroundings. She was lying on her side.

She was naked, or at least she felt naked as she felt air brushing on her skin. Her body was jolting softly, moving back and forth as something pushed hard against her.

No, not just against her. Inside her. A penis was plunging deep inside Lyana’s pussy, filling her completely before sliding out and pushing into her again. And again.

Lyana blinked slowly and stupidly, trying to focus her vision. All she saw was a nondescript ceiling above her. Someone was moaning softly, and it took her a moment to realize that it was her.

“You finally waking up, sleepyhead?” There was a chuckle. “Did you have a good nap?”

“W–who……….. what…….?” Lyana moved her head sluggishly, trying to see who was on top of her., or rather behind her when she felt someone on her back. The voice sounded familiar.
It was so hard to think. Every time a thought tried to form in Lyana’s brain it fluttered away like a butterfly. She knew she was being fucked. Had she fallen asleep during lovemaking? That wasn’t like her…

“Shhhh, stay quiet now baby. That’s a good girl.” A hand stroked her face.

Lyana closed her eyes and sighed drowsily. The feel of the thick penis sliding inside her slick vagina felt unbelievably good. She found her body responding to the penetrations, gyrating slowly as the thick member was pushed into her again and again. The pleasure made it hard to concentrate and difficult to focus on what was happening.

Where was she? This didn’t look like her room. It was so hard to remember anything. She had gone out to buy beef ribs for Clarissa………. Clarissa….

Lyana’s eyes widened with sudden realization. Clarissa!

Lyana remembered seeing Clarissa naked and groped by Bruce! Then she remembered being chloroformed….. she remembered the hand on her breast and her pussy before passing out.

Lyana lifted her head, blinking away the double vision. The face of Mark swam into focus. He was behind her, sliding his swollen cock into her again and again.

“Y-you………..” Lyana managed to croak. She tried to lift an arm. “Get…get off……… help…………………”
She felt heavy, exhausted, and dizzy.

As her eyes focused, she saw Clarissa in front of her. Lyana’s eyes widened when she saw that Clarissa was being raped by Bruce! She saw that Clarissa was unconscious.

“Uh-oh,” Mark chuckled. “Looks like someone is waking up a little too much. Back to sleep, gorgeous.”

Lyana felt a damp cloth pressed down over her face. Her senses were immediately overwhelmed with a sweet, cloying odor that burned her throat and lungs. She tried to fight, tried to struggle, but her body was too tired and heavy.

“Shhh, that’s right honey. Sleepy-bye, go night-night time. Shut that tired brain of yours off now. Shhhhh…”

Lyana felt a warmth course through her whole body. Her brain was hazy, but she felt so warm and happy and delightfully sleepy. What had she been doing again?

She couldn’t remember and it didn’t matter anyway. Her eyes were so heavy and it was hard to keep them open. Something was sliding in and out of her vagina and it felt so amazingly good that it made Lyana moan into the wet cloth over her face.

“There, that’s better.” The chloroformed bikini was lifted from Lyana’s face. A hand fondled her naked breasts. “Nice and docile again.”

Lyana couldn’t concentrate on the words. It was too hard to think, so she stopped trying. She was floating, floating on a warm and happy cloud that made her feel so wonderfully sleepy.

Each time the huge penis pushed into her she groaned happily. Her body twitched and she could feel the pleasure begin to overwhelm her brain. Her pussy squeezed tightly around the penis as her body shuddered.

“It’s alright, Lyana,” the voice said again. Hands caressed her hips and her bosom. “Just let yourself go now.”

With a low moan, Lyana did. She arched her head back and her body began to shake as she whimpered softly. What little thought she had left in her brain vanished as the orgasm short-circuited her mind. She convulsed happily, drool sliding down her chin and her beautiful blue eyes crossing in her head.

Lyana heard Mark grunt at the same time, then give a long moan as he thrust himself deep inside her and climaxed. felt his penis pulse away inside her tight vagina, spilling warm semen inside her. She tightened her legs around him and let the pleasure take her.

Mark soon collapsed beside Lyana, breathing heavily and shaking from his orgasm.

Lyana sighed dreamily. Her mind was still drifting, drifting far away and she felt so good and she was so sleepy. Maybe she just needed a nap. Just a quick little nap. Then she would be better.

“Alright babe, you did well. Now it’s time for you to go back to sleep. Say goodnight.”

Lyana never got a chance to actually say goodnight. The cloth was over her face and the fumes made her feel dizzy and warm and heavy and then she was falling into a warm dark abyss and her eyes were closing and…she…

The last thing she saw was Clarissa being raped by Bruce, but this time in another position – Bruce was under Clarissa’s body, raping her under her body.

Lyana never felt the cloth lifted from her face, never felt the hands that lovingly squeezed her breasts and stroked her cheeks, never felt the cock slide out of her swollen pussy.

Both Clarissa and Lyana slept on, limp and oblivious, utterly drugged up while they were raped the entire night by Bruce and Mark.

[The Next Morning]

Clarissa Morgen moaned as she regained consciousness.
As she fluttered her eyes open, she saw that it was morning.

“Ohhh….. my head…” She grunted and brought her hand to her forehead.

She sat up on the bed and glanced at the clock. It was already 8 in the morning.

She looked down at her body and saw her naked breasts. She noticed that a blanket was over her legs.

When she looked beside her, her eyes widened when she saw that Lyana was asleep, but she was sharing a bed with her.

“Why is she on my bed?” Clarissa said softly.

As she got out of the blanket, she saw that she was completely naked.
She glanced at the bed and gasped.

The blanket must have been moved when she got up. She stopped in her tracks when she saw that Lyana was also completely naked.

“What happened last night?” She turned around and saw an empty Johnny Walker bottle.

“Oww.” Her head throbbed when she tried to remember what happened last night.

“Oh my god.” Clarissa exclaimed.
Did Lyana and I………. have sex?

Clarissa had been hiding her bisexuality, and she couldn’t deny that Lyana is a hit woman and she would definitely do her if Lyana went that way too.

“We got too drunk and got carried away,” Clarissa muttered. She found her white bikini discarded on the floor. She put them on and made some coffee to deal with the hangover.

“How am I supposed to tell Lyana that we did it while we were drunk?” Clarissa pondered and thought hard about how to explain what happened to her friend.

*****The End*****

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