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Sudden Urge

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Before anything else, I am Mark and I am 33 years old. My wife and I got married 13 years now. We’re blessed with a beautiful daughter and she happens to be our only child. Her name is Trixie and she’s now 11 years old. We love her so much since she’s our only child. We give her all the best we can as parents. My wife works as a customer service representative from 11 in the evening to 8 in the morning five days a week in an international base BPO company situated at the business park in our city. While I work as a bartender in a hotel also situated in our city. I work from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon six days a week.

It was a Sunday night when both me and my wife spent rest day together and we just finished having sex. Outside was raining heavily and there were lightening and thunder striking all over. Everytime my wife and I have sex we always do it for two to three rounds before going to sleep or rest. When we’re done with our first we took a rest for a short while before going to our second round. We both naked laying on bed of course. Then the door of our room slowly moving to open. My wife and I immediately cover our naked bodies with blanket. It’s our only daughter Trixie who is coming in hurriedly running to us feeling scared because of the thunder roaring outside. She jumped on our bed and crawl over on top of me. She just wearing her nighties. Then she lays on top of me in a prone position and her body presses against mine. My wife didn’t react and lets Trixie stays on top of me with no malicious thinking.

Instead of going to our second round of sex, we decided to have a nap since our daughter is on top of me laying in prone position. Few minutes have passed, my wife fell asleep so heavily. Trixie is half asleep as she’s still feeling scared of the thunder roaring outside. So to put her to sleep I wrap my arms around her back and started rubbing her back tenderly. Then as I continue rubbing her back, half part of her nighties slipped swiped away and I noticed she’s not wearing a panty. The only thing that separate both of our naked bodies is a thin clothe of the blanket. Suddenly, while my arms are wrapping around her back, Trixie moves a little downward and it makes her nighties almost swiped away and her naked body exposed on top of me. Then a strong strike of thunder roaring loudly like a wild lion and scares my daughter more. My wife remains asleep and sound. I slowly move my hands down to my daughter’s body. My hands are on her soft and tender butt. I can feel my penis is starting to feel hard and erect. I have never seen my own daughter laying on top of me naked. Her tiny delicate virgin pussy is pressed against my now almost full erect penis. The thin clothe of the blanket serves as separator between her tiny delicate virgin pussy to my six inches wild penis. Then as I keep rubbing her back, Trixie finally fell asleep. I looked at my wife and she is asleep still. My cock is now going wild as it’s now fully erected. Thinking of fucking my own daughter is the dumbest thing I could do in my entire life. But I feel sorry cause with the intensity of the sexual urge I feel seems to be unstoppable. All my life I have never fucked a virgin pussy ever. My fully erected cock is like telling me that it’s about time to fuck a virgin pussy and I too think of the opportunity has come to my doorstep and tempting me. As my cock is now hard as a rock long and thick pressing against my daughter’s pussy behind the thin clothe of blanket the sexual urge I’m feeling is tremendously pushing me to go further and fulfill my all time dream fucking a virgin pussy. I can’t help myself anymore. I can’t let the opportunity passes through. This is my only chance to fuck a virgin pussy and what makes me feel luckiest as the virgin pussy I’m going to fuck anytime soon is the virgin pussy of my own 11 years old daughter.

Then slowly start moving the blanket lower and lower. And as the blanket is now off between our naked bodies, my sexual desire is absolutely overdosed and raging. To secure my situation not getting caught by my wife when she wakes up soon, I move the blanket over me and my daughter to cover both of our naked bodies. As our naked bodies covered with blanket, I then start moving my hand going to her pussy. And as my hand reached her pussy, I then start rubbing her pussy using my fingers. Slowly but surely. My daughter reacts and moans. I look at my wife again and she’s still asleep. So I continue rubbing her pussy. A minute passed, her tiny delicate virgin pussy is getting wet. I took it by a chance and inserted into her pussy two of my fingers and proceed playing her pussy. My daughter moans again. I kiss her lips to avoid making noise that might awake my wife. I notice Trixie is loving what I’m doing. Then I touch my hard erected cock and it’s now overloaded with precums that are coming out of the hole. It signals that my cock is now ready to strike. As I continue playing her pussy, I notice Trixie is awake and aware of the things I’m doing to her. The sexual urge I feel is now raising higher than ever. My decision is final and there’s no turning back. I’m going to fulfill my all time dream of fucking a virgin pussy. Then slowly move my hips while I elevate my daughter’s hips a little upward bound to give way for my hard erected penis a good entrance to her tiny delicate virgin pussy. I keep the blanket on top of us to pretend nothing happens beneath the blanket. Finally, I use my other hand with its fingers opening my daughter’s pussy while my other hand holds my hard erected penis. And as my fingers are opening her tiny delicate virgin pussy, I slowly move the head of my penis in. Slowly but surely I move my hips bouncing forward and forth to give my penis a little push. I keep repeating it time to time slowly but surely. As the head of my hard erected penis almost in her pussy, my daughter look at me in the eye. Then I warn her to stay calm and don’t make a noise. She nodded her head. Then I continue pushing the rest of my penis deeper and deeper. Her pussy is extremely tight. As I continue pushing my hard erected penis deep within her, Trixie moans loudly and I kiss her lips immediately to avoid making a sound. The intense sexual sensation I feel is unmeasurable and unthinkable and boundless. I feel like I’m in heaven. I feel so glorious feeling the whole and entire body of my six inches wild hard and erected penis drilling inside my daughter’s tiny delicate virgin pussy. I as my hard erected penis is now fully inside her, I then start moving my hips slowly and cautiously thrusting and bouncing forward and backward, push deeper and pull a little shallow. My daughter looks at me in a shocking reaction. I can feel that she’s in pain. I then told her the pain she feels only just a while and it will be replaced with a delicious sexual sensation. I look at my wife again and she is seemed to be in Dreamland. Then continue bouncing and thrusting. My daughter and I looking at each other’s face as I continue pushing, thrusting, bouncing and penetrating inside her. I can feel her pussy is bleeding now. But I disregard everything and have to go on and continue. My hard erected penis can’t seem to move as her pussy is tight. Then I let my penis move on its own within her vagina by putting force and pressure. Then I feel my balls is about to unload any minute now. I’m now in an unsinkable sexual realm. I can’t seem to hold it any longer. So I wrap my hands and arms around her butt and press them against me as I keep going thrusting, bouncing, pounding and penetrating inside her pussy. As I continue pushing and thrusting I notice my daughter hold my shoulder and presses them hard with her hands. She’s coming and culminating as I feel her pussy is getting wet again. Her now wet pussy lubricates my cock and helps my cock slide fast. I look and check my sleeping wife again and she’s snoring. I then took the chance. As I’m fucking my daughter now I can’t seem to settle for anything less. So I move my hips and pelvic area against her and thrusts fast. My hands are pressing against my daughter’s butt. I wanted to moan but I can’t afford to make a noise. My daughter’s vagina keeps getting wet and warm. My whole body is being electrocuted sexually. Finally, to my most dream and awaiting moment is coming through. I hold her butt pressing against me harder as I make a single hard push and thrust inside. I’m cumming inside her finally. The intense sexual pleasure and sensation I feel is like heaven. I am blessed. So blessed. My hard erected penis is exploding and blasting the loads of my sperm multiple times inside my daughter’s tiny delicate virgin pussy. I breathe deeper and faster. My hands are shaking. And I conclude that I am the luckiest man on earth. I made my lifetime dream came to reality. I finally fucked a virgin pussy. And what makes me the luckiest man on earth ever is that the virgin pussy I just fucked happens to be the virgin pussy of my own eleven years old daughter.

After I ejaculated inside her vagina, we stayed in the same position and we both fell asleep together due to the intense exhaustion. Take note my hard erected cock is still buried inside her. And after an hour, I’m having a wet dream and since my penis is already inside her I just repeat everything and start thrusting, pounding and bouncing my hips and continue fucking her again in the same position. Luckily, I cummed, ejaculated and exploded three times inside her without getting caught by a my wife. And before the breaking dawn, my daughter returns to her bedroom. What a luckiest man I am. Till then, my daughter and I fuck every night after my wife left home for work. We fuck in different sex positions.

Stay tune in as I will share more of our stories here. This is Mark again the luckiest man on earth.

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  • Reply HornyA ID:161qje30m9d

    This is a good story I have A very similar experience except my daughter’s mother and I are no longer together she was eleven years old and was staying with me I had just got home from a long business trip that had me gone for a few years I had not up until that moment had never look at my daughter Ashley’s perfect little body the way her breast where her little nipples (no bra)against her thin white t-shirt the way her tight jeans fit her nice filling ass every time she would bend over her pants would get tight and show her swelling vergina my mind was going crazy was I really looking at my little Ashley wanting to see her naked.I asked her if she minded finishing up while I got a shower she didn’t mind and as I showed I could not help my self I got so hard thinking about my daughter and the way her pussy would feel around my seven inch dick and almost immediately I ejaculated thinking about fucking her after her shower I was surprised when she asked me if she could sleep in my room with me she said she was nervous about being in her room alone I sleep in the nude normally so I kept My boxer’s on they where open in the front so I had to keep turning away from her she was in a very thin old t-shirt that stopped just below her butt she got into bed and to My surprise rolled over to me and asked me to hold her I couldn’t believe it when as I was putting My arm around her she grabbed my arm and placed my hand right on her hard little nipple and pushed her bare ass against My almost hard dick as she pressed back against me I got harder than I had ever been to my surprise she felt wet I held still and she pushed back further I could not stop at just feeling her wetness and as she pushed back I pushed forward into her all the way she squeezed my hand and said yes I had just masturbated so I fucked for an hour before I cum inside her that was one of many times that night she is thirteen now and I look forward to her every visit we have sex every time every where

  • Reply Little Girl Lover... ID:bvj3erd0

    Lucky daddy. I hope you and your daughter have many years of making love and amazing fucking. I hope she sucks your cock good and lets you fuck her ass. She to be filled in all three holes. Teach her well and maybe one day you can include mommy in this and get them to make love too. I bet your little girl would love a threesome and if your wife doesn’t want to or has a problem getting pregnant maybe your little girl can get pregnant for the family. Watch her tummy grow and her just developing breasts get filled with milk. You and your wife can drink a little from her daughter’s gorgeous sources.

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    You lucky I had my stepdaughter suck me while her mother slept alongside of us

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    email me Would love to have more

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    Word choices/style of writing leave something to be desired, but the idea is good (if not original).

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    Very nice. Do continue please

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    You are a very lucky man to be able.to fuck an 11 year old pussy . I hope you write more stories

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    Any social media?

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      I have stories if want

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