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Raping my friend in his sleep – part 1

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My straight friend drank too much and passed out in my bed. I took advantage of that and used his tight, virgin asshole and sucked his cock dry

My friend Raoul and I have been friends since we’ve been in kindergarten. We’ve had many vacations, parties and activities together as friends with a bunch of other friends.
Something he doesn’t know of me though, is that I’m bisexual and I’m very much attracted to him in a purely sexual way.
Raoul is skinny, tall and has a cute ass from what I can see from the outside. I remember seeing him naked a few times when we were younger at football practice and I can’t forget seeing that juicy cock.

This night him and I were at a party not far from my house and we both got pretty drunk. So we decided it’s time to go home and because I live nearby we would sleep there and he’d go home the morning after.
Little did he know that he’d go home a little different as I had planned this whole night of getting drunk thoroughly and was going to try to fill him up with my warm cum.

When we arrived at my house, I got us a last drink. This last drink was lf course spiked with some exra sleeping pills, just in case he wasn’t drunk enough. Moments later he called dips on the guest bed and fell into bed still with his clothes on. He didn’t bother to undress and slept almost immendiately.
I don’t mind cause I get the chance to undress him, which sounded crazy hot in my head.

I started by pushing and poking him, just to be sure that he was actually out. As that was the case, I started by removing his t-shirt and his shoes and socks.
Nothing too special about that, except seeing his erect nipples because of the sudden cold. I firmly squeezed them for just a bit, Raoul didn’t react at all. A good start.
I moved to his jeans and before removing those, I grabbed his junk and squeezed it hard.
When the jeans were off I saw his big bulge. You could see he had a big package. I squeezed his boxer a few more times and then pulled his boxers down to reveal his tasty, big, uncut cock. He had a few pubic hairs, but not too many, just the perfect amount.
I grabbed his dick and slowly moved its foreskin back and gave it a kiss. More for his dick later.

Raoul laid on his back, so I crawled up on his chest. I was already fully naked and my large, 14cm dick waa rock hard of excitement.
By sitting on his chest, my dick was dangling in front of his face. Raoul was about to have his first taste of cock.
I positioned my cock in front of his mouth and I used my hand to open his mouth just a bit so I could slide my dick in.

My dick was too big for it to enter fully into his mouth, but I did my best to satisfy Raoul’s mouth as good as I could.
When I got the first tip in his mouth, I took out my phone and made a few pictures that I could use for blackmail-opportunity in the future.
After doing that, I rammed my dick harder and further into his mouth, making his body make a gag-reflex. Perfect, Raoul has no idea what I’m doing but his body does.
I keep facefucking him harder and harder and as deep as I can, until I feel like giving Raoul his first load of my warm cum.
I take my dick out of his mouth and start jerking off my juicy, wet dick.
I feel.my orgasm closing in and suddenly I release a massive shot of warm oozing cum all over Raoul’s face. Some of my cumshots end up in his mouth that was still standing open after my facefuck, the rest of my semen landed onto his face and onto his throat and upper chest.

I looked at my result and seeing Raoul as the cumslut that he is made me even hornier. Raoul was dripping in my cum and he had no idea that this was just the beginning.
I take some more photo’s with my phone of my personal cumbucket for later use and leave Raoul’s wet face for what it is.

I get off his chest and move down. Time for some more action…

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