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Ran away from home

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I was 15 an ran away from home my parents where drunks and mean. I didn’t have only the clothes I had on which was shorts and thank top an holey sneakers I was thin and completely hairless an smooth on my whole body permanently except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and long hair on my head more than half way down my back.
It was pouring rain an almost dark when a older woman stopped and ask if I needed a ride somewhere. I said yes as far as you are going. So I got in her car. We talked about stuff an I told her that I left home and why..l was surprised that she didn’t say anything or mention anymore about it. We talked about everything under the sun and I realized that we had been driving for a couple of hours. She asked me if I wanted to stay at her house for the night and tomorrow I could go on my way if I wanted to.i said ok
We got to her house and she ran me a hot bubble bath and I was soaking in it for a while she had taken my clothes and stuff then .I was surprised when she came back and asked to come in she started to talk to me and then washed my hair saying how long and beautiful it was . We talked few more minutes then she had me get out and even dried me off and combed my hair. She said said how lucky I was that I was completely hairless and smooth after she dried me off. She then said that I hoped I didn’t mind handlng me a pink silk nightgown to put on only thing she had.i told no it was ok and put it on. We talked more downstairs and then she showed me a bedroom and she said that we can talk more in the morning and went to bed.
The next morning I got up still in the nightgown she had coffee and breakfast waiting. We talked while we ate. Then she said to me that she really thought I was feminine and asked me if I liked girls or boys and I said well I learned more to boys because girls mock me for being hairless and smooth. Then she said that when she was washing my hair that she noticed that my ears were pierced. I said yes been for a while. Well then she asked me if I wanted to change my look completely. I said yes that would be great. Then she said that it was going to be a complete transformation. After breakfast she took me into a room and proceeded to cut and style my hair feminine and wax my eyebrows thin and arched feminine. Then she said done a full set of square tip finger nails and painted them red metallic an painting my toes to match . I asked her how she knew how to do all of this she told me that she was a beautician. She asked me how I felt so far about what she had done. I said honestly I loved it so far.
Well after my nails dried she said well do you want to go all the way with it and I said that I did. Well she had me take the nightgown off and get up on the waxing table putting my feet and legs in stirrups. Then she proceeded to open them up telling me to tell her to stop when it hurt. Well she opened them all the way and I told her that I could do the splits completely and even put my legs behind my head. She said that she wasn’t being mean but that my cock an balls where extremely small. She rubbed some stuff all over them and waited a few minutes.she asked me if I could fell anything I said no . She told me close my eyes. It was about 20 minutes later she had me open them she had glued and sewn me all down and up to look like a woman’s pussy. She used industrial super glue that she said would last for two or more years and sewn me also with clear dissolving thread. I told her that I really liked it. Then she told me that she wasn’t done she left came back and said that I needed a clean gurly-boi-pussi. She put some of the same stuff on my tight hole waited a few minutes then put in a spectrum opening my hole. I felt it being stretched open and moaning softly. She asked me if I liked it and I said yes. Then she put a tub up inside of me which felt amazing and wonderful. She ran solution cleaning me out completely . After that she removed everything and I got feeling back. She removed my legs and I got up and she asked me if I was ready for makeup and lipstick and stuff. I said yes. She put long lasting smug proof non-transferable makeup and lipstick on me and beautiful long earrings in my pierced ears. She said that I was very beautiful as a woman and we went upstairs.
We went into a room and she glue on silicone d–cup breast and tied me into a purple corset with garter straps after she was done tying me up in it she said that I had nice sexy little ass. She gave me suntan thigh high stockings to put on an hooked them to the garter straps. She gave me the matching g-string to the corset to put on. Then she handed me a purple zip up body con mini dress to on it was very tight and short. I didn’t hesitate a second an slipped it on. She put a necklace on me and bracelets and gave me rings to put on. Then I was surprised when she gave me 5″ strappy stiletto high heels in my size to put on. She said it might be hard for me to walk in them since the heels are spiked . Well I put them on an had no problem walking in them she said that I was a natural in them. I felt very comfortable and natural completely dressed as Paula a girl .
We went to town even she seen people that she knew an told them that I was her niece. After we got back she said that I should stay with her. I said ok but only if I stay as Paula. Then she said that she had a surprise for me later.
Part 2 later…..

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    I can’t wait to read more Paula,
    You sound so sexy in your purple corset