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Puberty Hit, and my Mom and Little Sister Weren’t Safe – Part 4 (Finale)

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Where we last left off, I just finished ass-fucking my sister in the bathtub. I picked her up over my shoulder and brought her to the room.

Cassie looked at me in utter terror and disbelief. She didn’t know what was going to happen. All I could think about at the time was ass-fucking her again before I got in big trouble with my mom. She did not seem to enjoy the last 12 hours at all, but coming from a horny 13-year-old, I just wanted to bust a nut into whatever I could find.

After looking at Cassie on the bed, naked and trembling, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I eventually told her to get dressed and we’ll wait for mom to get home (But she BETTER not tell mom anything).

Cassie and I played some video games, and I made her food throughout the day. I didn’t sexually abuse her at all. By this point, she was laughing and smiling again. So, I figured that she would forget about the whole thing and not bring it up.

After mom came home, Cassie ran straight to her and actually snitched on me!!! She said, “Brother put his peeny in my but and made me cry!”

My mom looked at me in disbelief and I just laughed. I told my mom, “I don’t know where she got that from, but I definitely did NOT do that”…

Cassie kept insisting, “Yes he did! He kept putting his peeny in my butt! And it hurt so bad mama!!”

At this point, my mom looked at me with a look horror and shame. I knew what the look meant. I just couldn’t believe that my sister snitched on me.

My mother eventually called me into her bedroom and told me to sit on the edge of the bed. I asked her what was going on and she told me to be honest with her. She asked, “Did I put my thing in my sister’s butt?” I paused for a moment and figured I should at least tell “some sort” of the truth. I told her, “Yes, she came into my bedroom and was jumping on the bed, so I wrestled her down and my “peeny” slipped out of my boxers and onto her butt cheeks”.

My mom knew it was bullshit but didn’t want to come to terms that her son was molesting his younger sister. After a stern talking to, my mom basically told me never to inappropriately touch her again. I’m pretty sure she was more stressed with having to work so many hours and not having a stable relationship, so she didn’t want to add more to her plate.

Nonetheless, I was extremely pissed off that my sister snitched on me. When I would walk past her, I would scowl at her and pretty much treat her like shit. I wouldn’t let her play with any of my toys and I would blame her for making our mom so upset. I remember she was sitting on the living room floor, playing the video game, and I walked over to her, pushed her over, gave her a death stare, and told her under my breath, “wait until mom leaves…” She stuck her tongue out at me and went back to playing her video game.

I sat on the couch behind her, just staring at her. Her back was facing towards me, and I just kept thinking about what I was going to do to her for snitching. Sierra eventually changed her position and was now laying on the floor in prone position, on her belly, while playing the video game. She was playfully rocking her hips back and forth and I could just see her fat, juicy ass swaying from left to right. I started to get a boner, so I just got up and walked to my room before my mom came out and saw me staring at my sister’s ass.

About a couple hours later, I heard my mom with her keys, and she called me to tell me that she was heading over to Tommy’s house, and she will be back later tonight. She also said, “and I don’t want to hear about any funny business from you two! Especially you mister!” We replied, “okay mom!” She said to lock the door behind her, so as soon as the door shut, I locked it and turned to Cassie. She was still on the floor playing the game, in prone position. I don’t know what came over me, but all I kept saying to myself is that I’m going to tear her ass apart.

I walked over to her and just pulled her shorts and panties off. She jumped up and started kicking and screaming, but I just kept pulling all her clothes off. I turned her back over and started spanking her while saying, “I told you not to tell mom on me! Now you got me in trouble!” I then sat on top of her, with my butt resting on the back of her thighs, and I just spit on her ass. Over and over, I would just keep spitting. I would slap it, then spit on it. She kept kicking and screaming, saying, “No! Stop! I’m sorry!” But I just didn’t care. I felt my boner bulging through my pants, so I plopped it out where my waistband was tucked under my ball sack. I then started hotdogging my dick between her ass cheeks. Pumping her while watching her body bounce on the floor. I started humping her harder and harder with my body just pinning down her’s.

I eventually got up to take all my clothes off and she slipped away from me and ran to her bedroom. I chased behind her. She tried to hurry and shut the door in my face, but I was able to block it. I got inside the room and shut the door behind us. I stripped completely naked, and I noticed her stare at my huge, throbbing cock. She looked so scared. I told her to get on the bed, turn around on her hands and knees, and put her ass in the air. Reluctantly, she did what I told her. I then commanded her to arch her back as much as she could, which she did. At this point, I had my little 10-year-old sister with her face down and ass up with one hell of an arch. Her ass just looked plump and wide. I was basically salivating just looking at her in this position.

I grabbed some lotion from her dresser and just smeared it all over her ass again. I could hear her sniffling and whimpering but I just told her to shut up. I got up behind her, while standing on the bed. I positioned my dick, pointing towards her asshole, and I bent my knees to lower my dick to the entrance.

Without a care in the world, I just pushed my 8” cock all the way into her ass. She let out a loud shriek, but I just left my dick embedded in her ass. I just began pounding away, taking long, deep strokes, making sure the full length of my dick was deep inside her ass. I would pull my dick out and watch her gaping asshole pulsate. I pushed my cock deeper, and further with each stroke, just pounding my little sister’s sweet ass.

This went on for a few minutes and eventually I found myself with my arms wrapped around her left ass cheek, almost like a big bouncy ball, and I was just slamming her ass on my dick like a fuck toy.

The bed was shaking so hard. It was almost like we were on a trampoline. Cassie was just screaming and crying but I just kept ass fucking her. She eventually passed out again like before, and I was just using her body as my own personal fuck bag. She eventually went limp, with her head still down and her ass in the air. Her arms were just resting by her sides, like a lifeless doll. I grabbed her wrists, like I was riding a motorcycle, and was just fucking her silly. This went on for about 30 seconds, just seeing her body lifelessly bouncing to the thrusts of my cock and hips.

I finally felt the urge to cum. With 3 last strokes, I pushed so hard that her neck bent back, touching her upper back and shoulder, where she looked like a curled-up ball. I came all inside her ass and cum just started pouring out past my dick. I started pounding some more for several more seconds and you can hear the squishy noises and the skin slapping all throughout the room. After I pulled out, I just tossed her body to the side, and passed out next to her.

I woke up about an hour later and saw she was sleeping and still looking limp. I continued to fuck her all day and into the night. It was too the point where she just gave up and new that it was over for her now. She is my own personal sex slave. Now and forever. She will give me her ass whenever I please.


It has been 17-years now and I have abused her ass for these entire 17-years. If not every day, it was at least every other day, multiple times a day. I am now 30 years old, and Cass is now 27. She is “happily” married but we fuck once, maybe twice a week. She always tells me that when she looks back at our younger years, she gets so turned on by the way I would use her body. She said the only thing that would make her cum is imagining her older brother fucking her ass. There are no boundaries between us, but I have never fucked her pussy in these 17 years. I don’t know why but just having my sister’s vagina doesn’t intrigue me. I look at her ass as an object, rather than it belonging to my sister. I always joke with myself that if I could just take her ass and run away with it, I would. It’s not my fault that that behemoth and sexy of an ass had to be attached to my sister. All I told her I want is her ass, and that she will give it to me whenever I want because it’s mine.

Her ass got ridiculously sexier over the years and I’m so happy it’s mine. She always goes to the gym and wears those “Scrunch Butt Seamless Sports Shorts” (Look them up, please). I am 98% sure she wears them whenever I’m around because she knows I have to have her ass when I see her wearing them. No matter what we’re doing, I’m taking that ass.

I remember her husband invited me over to watch the football game with some of his friends. The living room was crowded, and everyone was drinking. Cassie was in the kitchen with some of the other women there and she was wearing those scrunchy butt shorts. I would pretend I had a phone call and that it was urgent, so I would tell Cass, “Hey, can I talk to you in the laundry room really quick? It’s about mom”. She would come with me to the laundry room, and I would just pull those shorts down, and ass fuck her while her husband and 15 other people were only feet away in another room. She would have to put her hand over her mouth to keep from moaning too loud.

No other ass has compared to Cassie’s ass. I’ve tried dozens of other women, but only Cassie’s ass gives me the satisfaction I need. I even want to punch her stupid ass husband in the face because he gets to enjoy my ass. I hate the fact I have to share that ass with him. I am hoping she divorces him, and she just lets me ass fuck her for the rest of our lives, but she wants kids and a family, and of course, we can’t do that. So we have just been keeping up false pretenses.

I love her to death, because she is my sister and all, but I am more in love with her ass. I even told her that I am in love with her ass, and she tells me that it’s mine whenever and however I want it.


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    This is fucked up dude, dont get near kids

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    ur sick. idk how the RAPE of a little kid can arouse any of u guys. kys

    • Zero ID:4hv515xzj

      The only reason it arouses me is because im 13 and always horny like fr horny

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    your sister should of stabbed a sharp pencil through your throat you stupid cunt

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    u r

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    U r sick dude wtf

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      Lol what are you doing in the rape section of fictional stories if this is what turns you off? Grow up

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    Downvote me all you want. I am the best writer on this platform. You fucking pleebs….

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      Everything i see here ,all the animal abuse and now this shit it just disgust me man

    • SleepyJoe ID:fzqs3i6i9

      @Sam, yea the animal abuse is kind of fucked. This writer, Elysium, already said all his stories aren’t true

    • Gg ID:2cqittuhrd

      Can you do more mom/son stories?