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Oblivious Cuckold

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Well where do we start? My name is Matt and my wife is Claire, 52 and 43 respectively, and happily married, so I thought. Like most men oblivious to what’s going on, in there relationship and not seeing the signs. Working hard, long hours, coming home showering and going to bed. When I did have any time, I spent it on the golf course or out with the lads. Never giving my wife much attention, just assuming everything was fine. So here I was married, good job and two teenage daughters, loving life.

Just after our 12th wedding anniversary, I noticed some differences in Claire. She had taken on a new nursing position at work and seemed alot happier. It was nice to see her enjoying work again, after raising two girls and juggling her career. With that her job meant more hours and different shift patterns, as I was walking in she would be heading out. Due to her shifts she would come home late morning, but as time went on she would be later than usual. Being a nurse in a hospital, it was nothing I thought unusual. A few months into her new role, I noticed she was taking more care of herself and was like I remember when we first met, and again was happy she was feeling good about herself.

Then one morning I was up earlier than normal, and was just putting my shirt on when I noticed a car pull up down the road. Didn’t think anything of it until my wife got out the passenger side, made some small talk and laughed as the car drove off. I couldn’t see clearly, but was a man driving the car. I quickly walked to the bathroom and started doing my teeth as she walked up. I didnt want to question her, but asked how work was, and hows Jackie. Jackie is her work colleague who normally drops her off, and she replied yeah she’s great you just missed her she had to get home.

As you can guess my heart sank, my wife of 12 years telling me a lie. However I didnt want to react as it could have been an innocent gesture of a lift home and being a bloke we don’t think just react. I let it go and said oh ok, well I’m heading in early today see you tonight. All day I couldn’t stop wondering if my wife was having an affair, I knew I had been neglecting her, but never imagined my wife the mother of my girls doing that. So I put the thought of my head.

By the time I got home, the wife had left for her shift and left a note about dinner, for me and the girls. I put dinner on and headed upstairs to have a shower and change. As I went to put my shirt in the wash bin, I noticed her clothes were not on top. I had never had the reason to think before, but the underwear she had put on previously wasn’t there. So I started pulling the washing out and sure as he’ll the knickers she was wearing was close to the bottom. My heart stopped as I picked them out, and noticed they were very soiled. There it was the obvious stain of cum, not being funny I have had many a wank as a kid in my older sisters and mums, as a curious teenager.

So there I was holding a pair of my wifes knickers, cum stained and raging. My only thought was im going to kill them. Pacing up and down wondering what Ill do or say, but the words wasn’t coming. All I could do was imagine my wife with him whoever he was. After I calmed down, I returned the knickers to the washbin but placed them at the top of the pile.

I sat and had dinner with the girls, not really taking any notice of anything that was being said. Eventually my eldest clapped her hands to get my attention, and asked if everything was OK. I didnt really say much and took myself off to bed. I couldn’t sleep, my head spinning with many thoughts. Was she with him now, is she seeing him after work, who was he so many questions. Eventually I fell to sleep and woke to the alarm. I set it a little earlier so that I was up before she gets home. I waited at the window for ages, but I had to leave for work.

As I was driving, my phone bleeped with a text message that said, hi baby was asked to stay on shift a while longer as someone hasn’t shown up to work. I carried on to work and didn’t want to reply as I didn’t know what to say. I left it a while before I responded and said no worries ill see you at home later as she didn’t have a shift that night. All day not knowing what to say or do, I drove home on autopilot when I arrived outside I didnt remember any of the journey home. I entered the house and walked to the kitchen, Claire was stood there cooking dinner but she was a little distant, and was looking a bit uneasy. I asked how her day was and she said yes all good, I said great im just gonna have a shower first and walked upstairs. When I went in to the bedroom the basket was empty and the washing had been put on, I then realised that’s why she was a bit uneasy.

I threw my shirt in the washing basket and had a long shower, thinking of what to say. We sat down as a family for dinner and she kept looking as if expecting something from me, but I didn’t say a thing. I knew if I left it it would be killing her inside and me knowing Claire she would say something. After the girls finished their dinner, they excused themselves and headed off to their rooms. Just as I was about to get up she said by the way how come all the wash bin was all mixed up when I went to do the darks today everything that was at the bottom was on top. I looked back at her and said I was looking for the shirt I had on the day before as I thought I left my fuel card in the pocket. So I pulled everything out and chucked back.

I could see the stress and worry in her face fade away, and all of a sudden was not so distant. In fact she made a comment to try and make fun of the situation by saying oh ok, as long as you don’t have a panty fetish and been sniffing them and started laughing, she thought I hadn’t noticed and now felt she was safe. I made my excuses early and she headed up to bed about half hour later, she climbed into bed and something she hadn’t done in ages she rolled over and placed her hand on my cock and began to rub me. I looked at her and she smiled at me and said make love to me, but because of everything that was going on I couldn’t get hard. She eventually stopped and said what’s wrong with you , dont you find me attractive anymore. She caught me off guard and I said yes of course I do, but I’m having trouble getting hard im tired and been a hard day.

She rolled over facing away from me, and said its ok love. She fell asleep and I laid there for ages before I dozed off. When I woke up for work, she was not in bed so I got up and she was down stairs having a coffee. This was the day that changed my life……

To be continued….

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  • Reply Terry ID:h9azenvqm

    Find the idea a turn on reading on

    • CuckedHubby1970 ID:2nhivgxrzj

      Hi Terry, thank you for taking the time to read. I am not going to lie was hard at first. Watching your wife get ready for another man after years of marriage. I know alot of people sat that they would love it, but there’s a big difference when it’s reality. Matt

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Both of my ex-wise did the same thing they come home with a pussy full of cum roll next to me in bed we could smell sex and then I would finger their pussies.

    • CuckedHubby1970 ID:2nhivgxrzj

      Hi Danny, since living this lifestyle I am amazed at how many men are cucked without realising. I have joined a few chat sites where, u have become good friends with like minded couples or just other Cucks. Thank you for reading my life stories Matt

    • Terry ID:h9azenvqm

      I find it a turn on I would love to try