Oblivious Cuckold 3 Cont..

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The alarm sounded I turned to hit the off button, looked back to see Claire wasn’t in bed. I climbed out of bed and headed on downstairs. Claire was again sat sipping on a Coffee. I walked towards her and she put her hand out and stopped me. She looked up over her Coffee and said, please don’t get your hopes up Matt. I know we had been drinking but we agreed and I am serious about this. I know this will be hard for you but I’m sure we can get through it together. I sat down and listened to everyword she was saying.

I had to get ready for work so I excused myself, and went to the bedroom. When I was ready I walked back, kissed Claire on the cheek and said I will see her later. She then said she had arranged to meet someone that evening, and would be going out to dinner. I again asked who it was , do I know him. She answered no it wasn’t anyone that I knew or friends would know. That hadn’t even crossed my mind, what will my friends think or my family if they ever found out. Before I could say a word she finished her Coffee, and left the room. I went to work as normal, wondering all day who it was my wife was seeing.

I walked in doors and the girls were sat in the dining room having their dinner. Hi dad they shouted, how was your day. I said it was a good day and asked where their mum was. Samantha my eldest said she was upstairs getting ready, she was going to a works party and got a new dress. My heart sank knowing my wife of nearly 13 years, was getting dressed up for another man. I walked into the bedroom, and I knew then how much I had neglected my wife, I hadn’t passed her any compliments or noticed her hair or how pretty she always was. Like most men I took her for granted, and never told her how much I loved her. And here I was looking at an amazing women, that another man will have the pleasure.

I had one more attempt in saying I was sorry, and that I forgive her for what she has done. If only she would stop and I will make changes. I could tell she was a little angry and turned to face me, and said forgive me ?. It is your actions that drove me to it, forgive me?. She turned back towards the mirror, standing in the sexiest underwear I had seen. Her hair looked wonderful, and she stood there doing her make up. I was about to walk out when she said without turning, can you pass me my dress of the chair. It was a stunning little black number, nothing slutty or even showy, I handed her the dress and she asked me to stay and tell her how she looked. As she slipped into her dress, she stood back and straightened up, I took in the vision before me. All I could stutter was wow and she smiled and said you like it. I said you look amazing Claire, any man would be proud to have you on their arm. It’s a shame you didn’t Matt, I so wished many a night you would have made the effort. I started to choke up and I turned as I began to cry. Cry ? I am man I’ve never been that way, im a head engineer with many staff that I manage. Here I was about to cry, she noticed it and said now you know how I feel Matt, I’ve cried myself many a night.

So there she was standing before me, looking like a million dollars, when the girls walked in and said god mum you look stunning. Claire Jr, looked and said how come your not going to mums work party, thankfully Claire answered for me and said partners were not invited. Then Samantha replied, god hope your be safe with all the young doctors and laughed innocently not realising what’s happening. Claire shot me a look, and I realised it must be one of the doctors at the hospital. Just then her phone rang and she answered it, I heard her say OK yes im ready ill be out in 2 minutes. She kissed me and the girls, and told me not to wait up. The girls wished her a good night, and I watched her leave. I looked out the bedroom window it was dark so couldn’t see, but it was a new BMW sports car. I felt so sick inside, I wanted to stop her but I knew if I tried I would lose her.

The girls retreated to their rooms, I had a shower and headed down to have dinner. I couldn’t eat a thing, I felt so ill. The evening went so slow and the time just felt like days not hours. Eventually I heard a car pull up around 1.30 in the morning, I was sat there in the dark. She walked in and walked up stairs, seen I wasn’t there and came back down to see me sitting in the dark. She asked what I am doing and asked if I was ok. She turned the light on and she was smiling and looked radiant her cheeks were red and her eyes were glistening. She walked over to me and said thank you and kissed me. What came next I wasnt expecting, she took my hand turned out the light and walked me up to the bedroom. Next thing she did was told me to lay on the bed, and she slipped her dress off, it was obvious she had a few drinks, then climbed up and kissed me, then without warning she slid up and placed her legs either side and said you know what to do honey. She openly told me they had just had sex and that she wanted me to clean her. I wanted to push her off and tell her how wrong it was, but I didnt, she placed her fingers on her knickers and slid them to one side, her pussy was there in my face. I could smell the sex, I could clearly see hes cum starting to ooze from her as she pushed herself down on me. I began to literally suck and lick like a mad man. My tongue pushing deeper and sucking on her lips to get everyday out.

After I finished she looked down and seen how hard I was, she had a little laugh and said oh dear looks like the little man is happy. She had never called me that before, in fact she has never humiliated me in public or private. I’ve always been self conscious of my size, my first ever girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend. I thought she was going to give me some relief but she told me to go to the bathroom and finish myself off. When I came back to bed, we cuddled up and she told me she had a lovely evening and would I like to know what happened.

To be cont…

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    Grow some fucking balls you stupid cuck.

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      Hi, thank you for message. And thank you for reading my life stories, it’s nice to get other people’s views. Matt