Oblivious Cuckold 5 Cont…

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I didn’t know how to respond, I never said a word just turned away. She rolled over and put her arm over me and cuddled up. We drifted off to sleep and woke up in the same position, it was like we hadn’t moved. I’m sure we had done throughout the night, but it was lovely to have her there by my side.

It was Saturday morning and we both had the weekend off. It was great she had made no plans, as she promised for this to work, we would have family time. I got up and left her in bed and went down to get myself a drink. After a while I made a Coffee and took it up, and placed next to the bed. She opened her eyes and looked at me and held her hand out, she asked me if I was alright and I just answered yes im fine Claire. She smiled at me and i left her alone in bed.

She eventually got up, and so did the girls and we had a great day out followed by a wonderful evening. We spent all weekend together, and it was amazing. This went on for a few months, Claire would meet up with him and spend time together and when she wasnt seeing him we had fantastic family time. It had become a routine, until she came home and completely blew my mind. She told me that she was pregnant, I thought at first she was joking as I can’t have kids anymore. I flipped and began to panic, shouting what are we going to do. Obviously my first thoughts was that we were going to have to do something about it, but she just looked at me and said, it’s OK I wanted another one, It felt right with him. It was the first time I had really lost it, I started swearing, screaming at her I went ape shit. Are you fucking mad, I can’t have kids, my friends, our families know that, you can’t keep it Claire no way it’s not happening.

She walked away from me and started to walk to the kitchen, I began shouting at her to come back and not walk away when I was talking. She told me to calm down and let’s talk, there’s nothing to discuss I said your not keeping it. Casually she made herself a Coffee and sat down, we don’t have to say anything to anyone just yet. We can say that we had talked about having another baby, and we looked at other avenues. We didn’t want to tell anyone until we knew it was the right time. But I am keeping the baby, and no matter what you say I will be going through with it. Well a few months went by, when she come home and told me that they have had a row. Claire had found out that he was seeing other women, and he had got another women pregnant too. He said he didn’t want anything to do with it, and if she wanted him to be part of the babies life he would walk away.

She was now in a place she never expected to be, and felt alone for the first time in ages. She didn’t see him anymore, and she went full term and had a baby boy. As you can imagine during this time, there were many questions, from family and friends and we decided on telling people it was Claires idea that she wanted another one and we opted for a sperm donor. It had been nice throughout her pregnancy, she hadn’t been seeing anyone, and even though I was raising someone elses baby, we were like a family again. I dont treat him any different as it was not hes fault, and he was part of my wife who is my life. Things started to feel normal again, apart from the sex life. Nothing had changed there, even though she wasnt seeing anyone she still had no urge for sex with me.

I was and am allowed to masterbate and quite often she will help me finish, but only when she is in the mood. She uses her toys quite often and now and again my tongue. Things were great, Josh was around 6 months old, and Claire said to me, I have met someone I would like to see. I know things have been great, but now Josh is a bit older and I’m starting too feel the urge again for sex. My heart sack all over again, my head dropped. Honey nothing will change for now, im going to take it slow but I need it. I wasnt sure how she met him, as she had been so busy with Josh and hadn’t returned to work yet. I asked who he was and how she met him, she promised that we wouldn’t keep things a secret. It was an ex, they had bumped into each other whilst she was out shopping, as she was pushing Josh around in the pram. He was was shocked to see after a long time that she had another baby. She said it was nice to catch up with him and they went for a Coffee.

She opened up to him and told him that the baby wasn’t mine, and that she was still married but was seeing others. They exchanged numbers and he was shocked at how open she was . She had always liked him and I knew about him as we were always open about previous before marriage. I resided to the fact, she was ready to explore again. A few nights later she told me she had arranged to meet him. They had been texting alot and chatting about the old days, and how good it was. On the night they were meeting she was in the bathroom and her phone started to ring, I looked over and it was him calling. She shouted for me to answer it, I told her I can’t its him and she said and just answer it. I picked up the phone and said hello, it was silent for a moment and eventually he said hi is Claire there. I felt a lump in my throat as I replied she is in the bathroom getting ready, oh ok it’s Simon could you let her know im on the phone. I couldn’t believe how confident he was and could sense a little laughter in hes voice. I found myself doing as he said, and shouted Simons on the phone. I’ll be 2 minutes, I said she will be a minute or two, and he began a conversation with me. He was straight to the point and didnt hold anything back.

He said it was lovely seeing Claire the other week, and was glad they swapped numbers. Not going to lie pal was hes words, but cant believe you let that hot piece get fucked by other men. I was about to answer, when he cut me off and said but when your cocks as small as yours im not suprised Claires not satisfied. Its ok I’ve seen it followed by a laugh she sent a pic of what she had to deal with. I pulled the phone away and hung up, just as she walked in to the room. I passed her the phone and walked out, she looked at me and said what happened. I turned back and said you have never humiliated me in public or private, but he has just made me feel humiliated and inadequate. You have exchanged texts and sent him a pic of my cock, I thought she was going to apologise and said is that it. She dialled him back and went into the kitchen and poored a glass of wine, I said I was going out for a walk.

What I didnt know whilst I was out, that my youngest had come down thinking that Claire was talking to me, but in fact was overhearing a conversation her mum was having on the phone.

To be cont….

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    Get to the point… 5 pt in an still nothing…

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      Hi glad you reading my life stories, but I’m typing each day as I wanted to tell my story. I am sorry if it is a long read, but I have to stop what I am writing due to work. I’m trying to get to present day and then I can write about things as we go along. Once again apologies Matt