Oblivious Cuckold 2

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She was sat there sipping on her Coffee, I started to say good morning but was cut off. She had never been like this before and told me to sit down as she has something to tell me. I sat down ready for what she had to say, but wasn’t ready for what she actually said. Even now 3 years on I can still feel the hurt in her words, as she told me that she was no longer sexually satisfied anymore. Before I could illicit a response, she stopped me and told me to listen.

Matt im trying to tell you that, you do not give me what I need, and I have been seeing someone else. In fact he’s not the first, I have been with a few guys over the past 6 months. I didnt know how to react and just sat there staring at her until she shouted directly at me saying well what you want to say or do. I asked who he was who they were, which she replied it doesn’t matter who they are, what matters is where we go from here. Matt I love you as my husband and your an amazing father, but our sex life is non existent and I crave more. I understand you work hard and provide for us all, but I want your consent to see other people. As you can imagine I didnt know how to react, and walked out the house.

I walked for miles wondering how it come to this, asking myself why. Eventually I returned home not knowing what to expect, she was sat in the lounge with a glass of wine and casually asked me to join her. There was no shouting, nothing it was a bit surreal as I sat down. She held my hand and said I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt anyone. Once again before I could say a word she stopped me, and said I’m going to keep seeing other men for my sexual needs, things that I’ve not been able to get from you. I want us to stay as a family and keep the family circle together. We can live a normal life outside of this but it will only work if we agree to it. Or you can walk away now, and we move on.

I was crushed, here I was listening to Claire asking me to give her up. We spoke for hours talking, in fact I listened more than talk and realised how bad I was, how bad it had become. She is an amazing wife and mum and I didnt want to lose that or walk out on the girls, so I took the decision to try new things. By now we had both finished a couple of bottles of wine and she was cuddling me telling me that I was the best husband she could have asked for. We headed off to bed, and we had sex. Not knowing this would be the last time for me. As I was close to cumming, Claire looked me in the eyes and said baby, if we are going to do this I want it to be right for both of us. This is the last time that you will have penetrative sex with me, as I want to give myself fully. That was it for whatever reason It made me cum and she held me tight and kissed me and said there you go let it all out.

I rolled off her and this is what changed my life, she held me and told me to get between her legs. I looked at her and didn’t know what she was expecting and she said lick me out. I looked confused and was confused ive never done that before especially straight after. She laid her head back and said now, I had never actually tasted my cum before, but was about to find out I have tasted others. As I went down on her and began to lick Claire out, she whispered yes baby that’s it I love it when you clean cum from me. I stopped looked up not saying a word, she said I know you found my cum stained knickers and as I said hes not the first. But I’ve come home before with stained knickers and cum in me, and oblivious to you, you have eaten the cum from me.

I dont know why but I was turned on and went back cleaning my wifes pussy. She knew that she had me at this point and told me to keep cleaning. After I was finished she said to me that we will need to put smsome rules down and what she expects from me. We cuddled up and fell asleep in each others arms. It was the closest I’ve felt towards Claire in a long time.

To be cont…..

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  • Reply Terry ID:h9azenvqm

    Loving it

  • Reply Shared wife ID:ndooleck0d

    Im the second wife to my husband. Hes 15 years older and was married to my eldest sister. I had to marry him at 18 and take care of the kids. He was a mining engineer and developed lung problems and couldnt have sex with me. But convinced me to do it with others while he watched.

    • CuckedHubby1970 ID:2nhivgxrzj

      Hi, thank you for taking the time to read my story. It’s nice to see that you took all that on at a young age. I’m sorry to hear about hes health issues and that he was aware of yoir needs and gave you consent. I suppose after everything that has happened in my life, I notice things I never did before. Matt

    • Terry ID:h9azenvqm

      Would find it turn on

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    Keep this story going

    • CuckedHubby1970 ID:2nhivgxrzj

      Thank you Joe, im actually writing about my life. Everything I am writing Is what has happened over the past 3 years. Apologies for the grammar, I wanted to write my story for others and when I get up to present day, I will update as I go.