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Neighbour Girl

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It is story happened few years back with a 11 year old girl.

When I was 20 years and doing my bachelor degree in a decent college in Bangalore India. I was very much curious in my body and was going regularly to the gym. Some days I will do my workout in my home My father was outside India and mother running a pharmacy. I am the only son. Mostly I am alone at home. That day when I am doing my workout Alice came to my home. She is just 11 year old and beautul too. She is our neighbour. She is mostly in our when my mom at home. That day I was just doing only a warmup, so I wearied a tight leggings only. No t shirt or underwear. She started talking her school stories and sit in front of me. I just heard and busy with my activities. Suddenly I noticed her eyes were slipping Down to my buldge area. I too look down almost wet and tight leggings and that give her a clear vision of my dick. I looked at her again she was looking there. When I look her her she will change her eyes from there. My heart beats Increased and get a small bone and buldge it again.
“do you want to join?” I asked her. She agreed. I started to teach her some exercise and give me to touch body and even secret areas too. She not reacted. After finishing exercise I sat on a chair below the fan I told her to sit my for getting the fan. She agreed and I sat her my lap seeing my face. We both looking each other face with a smile. And she moved her head with shy. Again my heartbeat increased I moved my hand and touched her bums. It was soft. I gently squeeze it. She was looking down without saying anything. I told her don’t tell anyone. She moved head with an yes sign. I put my penis out and catch her hand and put on my penis. I think she was expecting to touch it. She hold it. I kissed her lips. She also came in to my mood.
I stand on my knees and put frock up, removed her panties and liked her small pussy. She moaned.
I have not much time to do all if someone came, everything finish. I keep her laying down and moved her frocks up to her chest. That was really a heavenly look for me. I spit between thigh joint for lubrication and put my penis between her thighs and started moving.
I saw seeing heaven in my each movement. I sprayed my cum between her thighs. For name I can say I fucked her.
I cleaned her and told not to tell anyone. She said yes. And went her home.

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  • Reply Gods'sent ID:rz5vjb0d

    The 11 years old pussy

  • Reply durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

    if english isn’t your language, why post on an english site? this is god awful, absolute shit to read. you need to learn a lot before attempting to make a coherent story. most of your sentences don’t even make… sense.

  • Reply Erotic Artemis ID:65f1pka9qm

    God your grammar and spelling is horrible

    • Sextoy ID:42p6pzb0c

      ENglish no my language