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My uncle is the greatest lover I ever have

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I love having sex with my uncle this when I was 14

I got fucked by my uncle when I was 14 now 19. My uncle is my first boyfriend he’s little chubby but he’s very good making me cum, he is 26 he has a thigh and big ass fetish and love thicc girls, he always love to grab my ass when I visit him and he Free use me whatever he wants, his most favorite is fucking my thighs and cum on my back and fucks me in my sleep. He’s a nice guy always treats me better And I repay him becoming his first girlfriend he was always alone and a bit depressed he doesn’t have many friends but he is so sweet big cuddley bear he likes to squeeze my ass and breast when he is stressed out. He always love to spoil me with lots of gifts bought me a brand new iphone 13 and a beautiful necklaces, but the only thing i want is to spend time with my uncle my lover he only cares about me my parents don’t know about our relationship but I prefer to keep it a secret I don’t want to be separated from him if they found out. If you are going to say he groomed me no I seduce him because I was a horny teenager to satisfy my needs, it felt wrong at wrong at first but it felt so right like trying a new drug that’s forbidden, shoving his cock in my tight pussy licking me I new he’s was virgin he never had a girlfriend I was his first including me his cock was a bit small like but very pleasant what turns me on the most that he likes to lick my face like a dog slobbering all over my face I know it could be gross to other girls but it turned me on so much that I develop a fetish of being licked by him. He very good making love to me every time he comes home from work he licks my face grabs my he’s the best lover I ever ask for always there at my lowest. He’s a big Softy cuddle bear I don’t want him to change his appearance but I make sure he eats healthy foods he’s the only man I needed no one else. I know incest is wrong and disgusting to a lot of people but I don’t care I would rather be in a relationship with a relative that I know and trust and loves me and cares for me hopefully one day I’ll be able to have a baby with him.

Girls give chubby guys a chance they’re really loving and very cuddly get to know them first.

Sorry for the bad grammar I’m not good writing stories this is my first time and a true story with my uncle and me love you guys ask me questions and I’ll respond to you as soon as I can.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Zly ID:4f8kr2nq

    Is this really a true story.

    • Crystal ID:99uwotzm

      Yes you can believe it or not I know there are a lot of fake stories out there

  • Reply Ed ID:vuf0i38i

    That’s so hot! I have a few cousins I’d love to fuck and honestly, I’m pretty sure they wanna fuck me too. But, I’m always so scared of ruining our relationship by trying to push for it. But for you and your uncle, wish you guys the best! You’re living a lot of our fantasies! And yes I believe that incest should be legal and even normal too. As long as its consentual. Short but good story!

    • Crystal ID:99uwotzm

      I was like you when I lost my virginity with my uncle when I was 14 we were so close when I was 10 now we got even more closer when we both lost our virginities he was so goofy that’s why I love about him he’s so kind and gentle

    • Crystal ID:99uwotzm

      It was kind of scary when I lost my virginity to an actual relative because I was scared that I ruined my relationship with him because I seduced him giving him my virginity was the best decision of my life

    • Crystal ID:99uwotzm

      You should take your cousin’s out dates see how it goes for you

  • Reply Jason ID:99uwotzm

    I got to say even though your grammar and spelling is a little bit off but I can tell that you are one of the most wholesome girls out there who’s willing in a relationship with your uncle even though there’s an age Gap

    You both lost your virginity with each other I hope you have a lovely happy life you are amazing girl I wish there was more like you you never judge by his appearance being chubby and has no friends and yet you stay with him I really like that about you you are an awesome girl

  • Reply Ash ID:lk4rlhfij

    That’s super hot Crystal! Don’t worry about your spelling or grammar! I also hope he breeds you!

    • Crystal ID:99uwotzm

      I always let him cum in me in me as always

    • Crystal ID:99uwotzm

      We already made plans to have a baby and other plans to move to another State

    • Ash ID:366sn6s9fi9

      That’s so sexy! I would love to see his Cum running down your leg from your smooth pussy
      So yummy!

    • lack ID:fzq6hy2m4

      Ash sorry you won’t be able to watch the cum run down cuz my mouth will be at the hole opening and lick off everything that comes out from there

  • Reply Chloe ID:rz5vjd9a

    Now Leave Your Comment… Why did u not complete the story

    • Crystal ID:99uwotzm

      I was at work I know it’s a short story but I rather keep it short

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ihra

    You need a little help in writing but your story is very nice and I for one am happy for you Crystal.

    There is a whole wonderful world out there full of awesome wonderful sex just waiting to plucked up and enjoyed. All females should enjoy sex freely embracing their femininity and sexual desires as they so choose. I don’t care if they are 8 to 80, blind, crippled or just plain crazy. ALL females should NEVER be denied a good cock orgasms when they so choose freely and unconditionally. All young females should be taught the art of sensual sex and foreplay when ever they so choose to which will lead to a very, very healthy sex life.
    Improve your writing and your story can be fantastic and yes i did enjoy it. Keep those orgasms rolling Crystal and the pen moving.

    • Crystal ID:99uwotzm

      I know My writing is terrible and I believe incest should legal as long it’s consent

      I’ve read a lot of stories of uncle, niece father, daughter, Mom and sons living their lives like real married couples loving each other I hate how people see it disgusting I find it hot and beautiful.

      I love my uncle he’s always there when am at my lowest and am always there for for him when he needs me.

    • Gonzo ID:vuf0ihrj

      Hell Crystal i would just love to be your neighbor, we would have so much fun.

    • Crystal ID:99uwotzm

      Gonzo it be nice to be neighbors we do have a couple that move across the street they are cousins it made us more comfortable I wish theres a neighborhood community incest couples can live without any judgment.

  • Reply John ID:5vyhyfroxic

    When needs must

    • Joe ID:7zv2yuim9j

      Is your pussy hairy or shaved?

    • Crystal ID:99uwotzm

      Joe I keep it nice and trimmed but I like to shave it off completely keep it nice and smooth.

    • lack ID:fzq6hy2m4

      Crystal what’s your number I want to eat your body

    • Crystal ID:99uwotzm

      Sorry lack my uncle doesn’t share and I don’t like sharing my uncle am a very overprotective for him