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My OnlyFans Mom – Part 2

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We took the opportunity to use mom to our own benefit

…Continued from Part 1 (http://funstories.ga/2022/08/27/my-onlyfans-mom/)

The next day Sam reached school and as expected he was pulled to the boy’s room. This time it was Brad and his friends.
Brad – “Guess what, your mom accepted my DM request, now I can make her whatever I want.” He pulled out his phone and showed me a new video.
Mom is naked, just wearing a dog collar around her neck. The camera was on the bathtub toward the door. She crawled on her all fours like a dog with her tongue out and came towards the camera. Then she barked at the camera with a smile and waged her hips. Then she rolled on her back on the bathroom floor with her hands and legs in the air and rubbed her back. It was so humiliating. He was treating her like a bitch. Then she came back to her all fours, turned in circles for a while and then lifted her legs and peed on the floor against the toilet. Sam was rippled and looked away.
Brad – “Wait wait there is more” He held his head and turned it towards his phone.
Sam was disgusted at what he was looking at. His mom now, still on all fours, licking her own piss from the bathroom floor. Not forgetting to bark at the camera at times.
Brad and his friends laughed and he locked his phone back. He grabbed his checks and said – “See what I can make you whore of a mom do? This took me just 30$. And you sure know, there’s more from it came from.” He laughed along with his friends and left the boy’s room.
Sam was doomed. He was in a rage. What has his mom done to him? Jimmy came in looking for him. Sam just held his hands and left school. He was too embarrassed to go to class. They ended up at the nearby abandoned bridge they used to visit sometimes.
Sam – “What can do now? Shall I ask her to stop doing this?”
Jimmy – “Well you can, but these videos are now out there, and I don’t think that the damage could be reversed.”
Sam – “Bitch” Sam threw a rock in the river below. Then he thought of something. “Well if she wants to be a whore I will make her a whore.”
Jimmy – “What do you mean?”
Sam – “Let’s subscribe to her account and make her do stuff for us. Everyone is enjoying her body. I’m her son so I sure should have better access and perks to it.”
Jimmy – “Ok and how are going to do it?”
Sam – “We will make her do stuff for us, you will see, let me first get a hand on her credit card.”
They completed their plan and returned home as if they had been in school.
After dinner, when Tara was on the phone in the garden, Sam went and stole her credit card, subscribed to her account, and returned the card back. Mission accomplished. Now starts the fun part.
He spent the whole night watching her existing “Content” and jerking off to it. She was hot as fuck.

The next morning Sam and Jimmy again bunked the class and went to the Bridge. They discussed what they can make Tara do for money.
They started with initial chatting. Then they asked her about her family and children. She didn’t lie and said she had a 14-year-old son. This game Jimmy has an idea.
Jimmy – “Let’s make her walk naked in front of you and me. Msg her to send a video of walking naked in front of her son and his friends.”
Sam – “Nice, it would be great to watch those boobs unleashed in real.” Sam typed and sent it. At a price of 5$. And surprisingly she agreed to that price. She is a cheap whore.
When the time came they rushed to Sam’s house. They sat on the kitchen counter knowing she would definitely try to make that video. Tara came out in her robe and saw Jimmy as well. She had a casual conversation with him and then went into her room.
They heard her place something on the fridge. Should be a phone with a camera on. Then it happened.
Tara – “Honey, have you seen my white robe, I’m not able to find it.” She was butt naked, looking around for her “robe” in the living room as if it was normal for a mother to walk about naked in front of her son and his friend.
Sam and Jimmy couldn’t believe it. They just gazed at her beautiful curvy body. The jiggling boobs as she bent to check behind the couch. The tight thicc ass, and her pink pussy with a hint of pussy hair. It was an amazing view. Both just started to touch their hard dicks, from the top of their trousers.
Tara – “Well must be somewhere in my room” Without even looking at the boys she just walked into her room picking her phone from the fridge top.
Both boys just looked at each other and gave high five. They now controlled Sam’s mom.
Jimmy stayed for a little while long discussing what next they can make her do. Just then Sam received a notification and saw his mom has posted the requested video. They just touched her dicks sitting on Sam’s bed and watching the video. It was so hot.
They wanted more. It was time to make her suck their dicks.
They messaged her to make a video of her sucking her son and his friend in the video. Price 50$. Before weekend. Jimmy went home.
Now that Sam’s mom discovered the income source of DMs “s she was spotted doing some weird stuff in the house. She was making breakfast naked. She just winked at Sam as if saying, you know why I’m doing this.
One day she was walking on all fours in the hall and garden. Must be Brad. It became so open that she even left her room door open. That gave Sam a glimpse in her whore lifestyle. Shoving things in her pussy, making weird noises, applying things on her body like chocolate syrup. etc.

Continued…(Full Story http://funstories.ga/2022/08/27/my-onlyfans-mom-part-2/)

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