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My new babysitter I was in love pt 2

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I had a new babysitter she was beautiful but she had a secret

I think I had Megan or did she have me, I had that photo of her naked on her bed which I had cum to.
We text through the night and I had a hard on most of it.
We text most of the week and it was soon Thursday night and I was going to see her Friday at mine as parents out again and this time they were out for the night and she was looking after me on the Friday she text me see you tonight and we can go swimming like you said . She turned up wearing a wrap around skirt and a denim blouse as soon as I saw her I got hard I tried to look like why do i have a baby sitter so mum though I didn’t want one but as soon as they had left I gave her a kiss , she said to me your parents aren’t going be home till dinner time sat and I have to use one of the spare room.
I was over joyed she was excited and wanted to see her body like in the photo but she wanted to swim i agreed and we headed to the indoor pool I showed her the place to change and asked if she wanted me to wait out she said was OK as she had her stuff on underneath and took of her blouse and wrap around skirt to reveal a white bikini I changed into my swim shorts she pointed at my hard on and smiled and flicked it then laughed I’m sure that she was controlling me not the other way around as we and jumped in the pool,splashing around then I noticed her bikini was going see through and she didn’t seem to notice but I did could see her nipples and as usual my cock was going hard I wasn’t bothered as it was always hard when she was around.
We splashed around for a while and then we go get dried and as she got out I could see her pubes through her bikini still didn’t tell her .
As we got changed she looked at me and said I need tell you something a secret you can’t tell anyone else, I looked surprised and told her I wouldn’t tell if she didn’t want me too .
So we got changed I just put on shorts she put her wrap round skirt and a pair of yellow boxer like panties and her Denim blouse but no bra better for me later and I still didn’t know her tit size .
So we ordered pizza and when it arrived we went in the den to ear and chat I had no idea what she wanted to tell me as we ate Megan said I’m going to Tell you the reason I have to live with my gran ok I said all ears, she just blurted put my Dad molested me from being 5 and my mum just found out. I was shocked then she said don’t worry I’m over it but that’s why I’m unusual about sex I have done most things already and it just seemed natural I never knew he should not be doing these things until I was 14, and your the only other person that knows and I hope it doesn’t scare you away from me as I will do anything for you as long as your nice to me. I told her I would always be nice and we kissed then ate a bit more ,she asked me I if I was OK I said yes but what did he do I was more curious ,she said she would tell me if I really wanted this is what she told me.
When she was 5ish he started sitting her on his knee getting her to rub his cock through his trousers while he ad his hand up her top .
Then it started to be put her hand in his trousers and rub it through his boxers
After a while he would have no boxers on so she was rubbing his cock
She didn’t know it was wrong to do it
After a while he started to put her to bed and would get his cock out and she would have to wank it before she went to sleep that was every night .
I was getting tuned on
Then it started as soon as her mother went to work she would have to wank him and then again when she went to bed.
When she was 11 was when he started to play with her too fingering her as she wanked him also in the car too she had to take off her panties and he would finger her as he drove and she would wank him
When she was 13 he started letting his friends see her naked and she would have to wank them too while they sat and drank beer that’s when he started making her suck his cock she had to do 3 times a day w wn when her mother was in he would sneak in her room and make her do it she had to swallow the cum
He would allow his friends to touch her when ever they were with her she had to do as they asked
When she was 15 he made her have full sex with him and he would cum in her luckily she was on birth control for periods
He had made her perform in front of a Web cam for strangers stripping off and sucking him on his private site he told her they had over 1000 views live and people offering money to do things to her .
It was then that her mother found out and phones the police and she was made to live with her mother’s parents .
I was horny by then and she knew as she asked if I wanted a bji could not say no as she dropped to her knees and pulled my shorts down and stroked my cock towards her beautiful mouth it only took 45 seconds of her mouth for me to cum and shoot down her throat she is so good , she said if I never told anyone she would do anything I asked anything and be my girlfriend I agreed and asked her if we could have sex as I had never and she said tonight in bed we can as many times as you can do it .
Happy Times for me from now .

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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