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My new baby sitter I was in love

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I had a new baby sitter and I fell in love and I wanted her body so badly and she was letting me have parts

Baby sitting night, Parents going out and a new baby sitter I was 13 old enough to stay on my own but mom didn’t trust me so a baby sitter was coming I complained as usual but when i saw her I soon stopped . She walked up to door she was about 5 ft 2 looked 16 17 long red died hair, wearing a leather jacker and shirt skirt and black tights and white trainers I was in love ..
She came in mum shouted me down I ran down wow she was so pretty her name was Megan she was 16 and mom said I had to behave all I wanted was to see her body .
I was a horny 13 year old after they had gone I started asking questions the usual where she lived,which school, boyfriend and she was answering she just shifted in the area started at my school and no boyfriend. I told her go into the den we an watch a movie on big screen plus it’s darkish and she would not notice me staring at her .
We went in i put on a romantic comedy she said she liked and we sat on the big cushions on the floor where I was I could see up her skirt a bit and she had on them hold up stocking as I could see skin, she was quite talkative and asking about us saying we had a nice big house and stuff I told her my dad worked in the city mom didn’t work and i said we have a swimming pool inside and a sauna but I can’t go in by myself .
She asked to see the pool and sauna whi h I showed and she smiled saying I was lucky I told her she could come use it when my parents were out if she liked I expected her to say no but she said really she never been in a sauna then i jumped in and said they were going to a party on Friday night and maybe she would look after me and we could go in the pool and sauna. I was just thinking of seeing her in a bikini or costume she smiled at me and we went back to the den and finished the movie she asked if I wanted a drink and she went get when she came back she sat next to me and we watched a bit tv I said i was bit tired could I lay against her she said OK and she sat up and I lay against her she smelt lovely I had my head against her side online with her tits wveeyrime I moved my head I felt her softness of her tits through her t shirt.
She moved abit and placed her hand on my hair stroking it intold her it fel nice as I moved a bit and placed my hand accross her stomach slowly stroking her stomach as she did my hair I didn’t know if it was a sexual thing or not for her but was for me I moved my hand a bit higher and felt the bottom of her bra through her tshirt I think she felt it too as she sort of pulled my head closer I had no idea wether to stop or carry on so I carried on and moved my hand higher and it was on her bra as I did circles I heard her do a little moan. I still didn’t know wether to stop or not I’ve never felt a tit or even kissed a girl except cousins and I was loving this.
I said to Megan u alright she muttered mm yes I good she said to me that was a signal as I circled her tit then I moved my hand down to her stomach again slowly moving her tshirt put of her skirt she sort of moved so it came out and I could feel her skin she jumped as I moved my hand onto her bare skin and under her tshirt I was going for goal slowly up her stomach then I touch her bra I stop thinking what to do my hand under her tshirt I could see her tshirt moving as I moved my hand then I though move her tshirt up I needed see her bra as I did this she said to me I should not be doing this but your so nice and it feels good I’ve never let anybody do this and she said be nice to me as I lifted her tshirt above her bra I lifted my head up and looked at her bra it was black and blue and I could see the top of her tits I had no idea how to Undo it.
Then I had a thought how far could I go I slowly moved my hand down to her skirt top and put a finger under the hem then another eventually had all my fingers under and could feel her silky panties I was wondering if they were the same colour I looked at her she had her eyes closed as I pulled my hand out and moved it down her skirt to the bottom and slid my hand onto her thigh her legs opened as I moved up towards heaven I felt her bare thigh above her stocking and then felt her panties I rubbed them between her legs I knew from porn she had a hole somewhere but didn’t know where but was going find it as I looked down I had her skirt up and I could see her panties they matched as I put my fingers into her panties u could feel her pubes as I moved down and it was feeling damp then one of my fingers slip into her she moved and said be careful as I put another in.
By now my cock was so hard I needed to let it out of my Trousers I undone my zip and got it out I then went back to her pussy and was sliding 2 fingers in it bit kept stopping as I was doing this I felt her hand holding my cock I asked her to wank me which she did and she asked if she was doing it alright as if I knew I said perfect as I fingered her she started to move her body I think she was going to cum and I wasn’t far off as she wanked me super speed and she bucked away she had a orgasm as she did i shot my cum all over her hand It was fantastic we both looked at each and said it was great then Megan said no one has done that and I have never done that to a boy but it was great but you can’t tell as I will get told off but if you don’t tell we can do again .
I wasn’t going to Tell a beautiful older girl was wanking me and going to do it more.
I asked if we could kiss she said OK after she straightened her clothes.
We kissed it was amazing I could not believe this was me 13 and a 16 year old hot girl as we talked I found out she had not had a boyfriend as her parents would not let her and she was now living with her grandparents and this was her first babysitting job and her first time a boy had fingered her she had always wanted to know how it felt and had just let me .
I had thoughts about what I could do as she was so easy and I could control her without her knowing.
I looked at the clock my parents weren’t due for at least 3 hours and I would have to be in bed so I suggested we watch tv in my room .
We went in my room and sat on my bed Megan kept saying no one can know what we have done I told her not to worry as I leaned in to kiss her she kissed me back as I put my hand on her knee she quivered as I moved it up she had just given in again as I lifted her skirt but this time I wanted to pull it off and was struggling get it down and she laughed as she showed me the clasp which when undone it slipped down and now I had a perfect view of her black and blue panties and hold up stocking she lay back as I went to kiss her and rolled on top of her rubbing my now hard cock through my trousers onto her body I whispered forever to take off my trousers and have some fun she did as i asked and my cock sprung out of my boxers not mass8ve but a good 8 inches I lay back on top of her and my cock was rubbing her panties I moved so it went between her legs she said we can’t let it go in not yet as I was moving it she reached down and grabbed it and said u play with me and I will u as she starred stroking my cock . I really wanted to fuck her I was virgin and I wanted it. I pulled her panties off and started to finger her i had 3 going in her pussy she was loving it and she was soaken down there as i fingered her I was having a good look at her pussy just a small amount of pubes and some lips I asked her to take off her tshirt and bra so I could see her naked she agreed straight away and I did the same we both were naked she was a women I was still a boy but I loved her body as i looked at every part of her as she had hold of my cock stroking it so nice her hand not to tight as I reached her pussy it opened nicely as my fingers went in and my mouth to her nipples she was bucking she was ready to have another orgasm as her legs closed and clenched my hand I felt it flood out and she looked in my eyes as she wanked me harder and I shot my load again ..
We both rolled on our backs I looked at the clock we had 45 mins I whispered to her leave your panties for me you can put on a pair of my boxers she said no at first but I kept on and eventually she said OK I wanted a trophy. She got dressed and I put on my bed clothes she kissed me and said she better go down stairs I agreed and when she left the room I put her panties on for bed .
The next morning when I woke up itvall seemed like a dream except I had a pair I panties on under my pj’s.
I went downstairs and mom asked how it was I said it was OK and then she said she had asked her to do it again Friday great now to put my plan in to action.
I text Megan to see how she was she text straight back that she enjoyed it and could not wait till Friday I said the same and asked her to send me a photo she replied with a photo of her on her bed , we text for a while and I told her I had go message with mom will text her later .later on I text her telling was missing her send me a sexy photo she sent one back posing sexy I replied lovely but how about a bra shot after a bit a got a reply not what i wanted but her blouse undone by 2 buttons and her bra showing at least she hadn’t said no i thanked her and started to wank itext her saying what I was doing she messaged back naughty boy I then asked for a photo more skin nothing then a ping a photo with 4 buttons undone and all her bra on show I had her now I text back beautiful now take off your blouse I was expecting a no but I got a photo no blouse just her bra on her top intold her do t worry the photos dissappear after I looked she text back that’s good but she didn’t know I did a screen shot Then asked her what she was wearing On her legsShe texts back that she just had a skirt on new tightsI text back I bet that looks nice show me a photoShe text back I shouldn’t send you theseI told her that nobody would see them except for me and then they would be gone. She then sent a photo of her in her bra and her skirt and her tights It was amazing She messaged did i like what I saw I messaged back it was the most beautiful site I had ever seen but I would love to see under the skirt .She text back not today I pleaded saying please and I will send u a photo of my cock just for you she said she would maybe layer when her gran went to bed and then I got a photo up her skirt I had to have a wank over that and did .
Later that night I got a text you ready I text always ready for you and a photo came thought her in her bra and skirt and her hand on her skirt wow I thought is she going finger herself I hoped so as I sent back me in my boxers , next came no skirt just bra and panties white ones, it’s going to happen she going send me a naked photo I was so hard as I sent her a photo of my hard cock.
Minutes passed then ping a photo of her nude on the bed her hand covering her pussy

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