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My little sister, her friend, my dog and me

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It was mid summer and the only job I could find was 2nd shift when I was 16 .our mom worked 2nd shift also and had just left. My 13year old little sister and her friend were swimming in the pool. Annie and her friend Cindy splashed around as I got on my bicycle and rode to work. When I got there my boss was sick and they had canceled the shift. With nothing to do I went home, when I got there I still saw waves in the pool. I could hear Annie and Cindy in the shower washing all sun tan lotion off that they smeared themselves with. My German Shephard rascal was in my sister’s room. When I went in and I adjusted the mini blinds so I could see them get dressed after there shower. I went outside on the deck and waited till they came in the room. Cindy came out first she was wrapped in a towel and sat on my sister’s bed and started brushing her hair. She was hot as fuck and me and every other kid in the neighborhood had tried to get in her pants. She blew everyone off saying her parents wouldn’t let her have a boyfriend. My sister came out wrapped in a towel also walking over to Cindy, took the brush and started brushing Cindy’s hair. Soon Cindy leaning forward undid the towel and started sucking on Annie’s small bcup tits. My sister leaned forward moaning. I couldn’t believe I was getting video of all this on my phone. At that point rascal came over and stuck his nose in my sister’s butt and started licking her ass she made no attempt to stop him. She bent over slightly to give him better access. Suddenly he jumped up and started humping her. To which Cindy said no fair it’s my turn. My sister got down on her hands and knees as rascal stabbed around and started licking Cindy’s cunt. Annie reached around and guided rascals cock into her pussy. Rascal really took off at that point hammering Annie’s cunt so fast and hard she just moaned and stopped licking Cindy. Cindy had the towel off and a couple fingers in her pussy. At that point my 9 inch cock was rock hard and I decided to get a closer look. I walked in the room and said boy wait until every one sees this holding up my phone they looked up at me for a couple seconds like deer caught in the headlights. My sister spoke first saying please don’t tell we will do anything won’t we Cindy who just nodded as she tried to cover up with the towel. I went over and grabbed the towel from Cindy and told her she wouldn’t need it rascal had knotted with my sister and was panting I had Cindy get down on her hands and knees next to my sister telling her that since they liked it doggie style as I got behind Cindy pressing the head of my dick to her wet pussy she told me not to cum in her. I shoved my cock all the way inside her in a couple of strokes. I fucked her hard for about a minute and came in her balls deep. She pulled away from me letting the last spurt across her ass and dribble down my dick she yelled at me and said she had to clean it out of her and ran off to the bathroom. I got down in front of my sister grabbing her head and made her suck me clean. Cindy came in and said that unless I got a condom she wouldn’t fuck me anymore. She told Annie that her mother needed her home got dressed and left. It wasn’t long before rascal slipped out of my sister’s pussy and a gush of doggy cum came out and down her legs I told her that was cool and I got the whole thing on film. She got up and started getting her clothes. I said we’re not finished yet. To which she said you’re not fucking me without a condom. Stroking my hardening dick I told her to come here and suck me off or else. She came over and got on her knees as I sat on the bed she sucked me for about 5 minutes stopped and asked me how long was this going to take. I told her not to worry and grabbed her by the back of the head and pumped her face till I exploded in her mouth. I held her head and made her take it all as she made ung- nmm sounds trying to get away after I let go of her she looked up at me and said that wasn’t that bad tasting .in the weeks that followed me Cindy and Annie became great fuck buddies as long as I wore a condom rascal didn’t have to

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