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My little cousin

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My little cousin first time having forced sex

When i came back from first year at uni (where i was allowed to explore my sexuality freely).I had never been more horny.I met up with all my school friends and thought about how good it would feel to fuck each one of them.I had leave early when would meet up because of wet i would get.

Then after my first week back my parents were out of the house and i dint have a key. So i went to my aunties house(who i have slept with now but that is a story for another time). Once i was there she let me in and we had some wine and i got a bit loud whilst speaking. She told me to be quit as jenny (my 11 year old cousin) was sleeping.

Later in the night she said she had to meet a solicitor about her divorce with her ex husband (who is very hung) and asked if i can stay to look after jenny whilst she is gone. I agreed and watched her drive off.

After watching the Tv for an hour and emptying her fridge i got horny due to the Tv(i was watching game of thrones) i went upstairs to my aunts room as i wanted to masturbate. On the way i saw my cousins door open a crack and i couls see her ass was not covered by her quilt. I couldn’t stop my self from walking closer to her and before i knew it my hand was place on her ass over onzie.

I hadn’t realise how much she had grown the past year but her ass had really filled out.I quietly said her name to see if she was awake. When didn’t reply i was overjoyed so i pulled the covers off her and got undressed. My hands started to wander her young body and after a few minutes I couldn’t contain my self. I unzipped her onzie and molested her boobs and pinched her nipples hard. I heard cute little moans escape her mouth and that got me really wet. Then i moved over to her pussy i could see she was starting to get hairs there. I quickly buried my face deep in her and tasted her sweet nectar.

Whilst exploring her pussy i move my hand from her ass so i flipped her on her front and penetrated her chocolate starfish and i was in heaven absolute bliss. I loved every second but i wanted more. So when i was here last Christmas I remember my auntie owned a strap on (i know this as she was caught cheating with it). So i went to here to try and found it. In the bottom of her wardrobe is where i found it also a butt plug with a pink Heart shaped crystal On it.

I quickly ran back to her room the strap attached to my waist and slowly slipped it into my cousins asshole. I heard cute little moans from her and it encouraged me to go faster but in doing this woke her. She turned round look at me and screamed. I quickly covered her mouth and continued to rape her. I saw the strap on covered in blood and juice. Then I pulled it out as she came and i put it in her ass and i got faster and faster the more she tried to scream the wetter i got.

After an half a hour of pumping her tight ass she passed out whilst I finished what I started. Once i stood up i look at her collapsed body and smiled i put the covers back over her cleaned the strap on and put in back.

Afterwards i went back down stairs and sat on the sofa and watched more Tv and waited for my aunty to come home. When she did i asked how it went she told me to sit down. As we sat a small moan escaped my mouth as my aunties pink heart shaped plug was in my ass. I talked to her for 10 minutes before i got a text from my parents ask when i will be home. I texted back 10 minutes. So i stood up and kissed my auntie goodbye but before i left she said “i can taste what you have eaten and it tastes really nice”.

I hurried hone i was extremely wet that my auntie just tasted her daughters juices of my lips. As i got home i masturbated a came twice.

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