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My Landlady wanted my Son to Impregnate her

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My landlady thought she could blackmail get my son to impregnate her with his awesome genes.

Hi I’m Stacy, 43 yrs old single mom. My Son Jaime, 20yrs old, lives with me. He is not very bright and is going to trade school.
Anyways I work in carwash shop as a front desk manager. So, yes we are not very rich. I haven’t paid my rent for like 2 months as the shop owner was recovering from the lockdown situation, and paying us half the salary. He promised to pay the difference as bonus, once things are sorted out. He is a nice guys so we agreed. But my landlady(Gemma) was not a nice person. She used to bother us almost everyday and make fun of us. It was so annoying that I used to sneak in and out of the apartment to avoid her.

It was 1st of September, the due date to pay last months rent. Adding this I would be 3 months behind. It was as if she was waiting for me to get home. She knocked as soon as reached home and barged in.

“You know how pathetic loser you are, Stacy” She made herself comfortable on the couch. “Anyone else would have either left or threw that money on my face, but you are sooooo disgusting person that it does not affect you. Does it?”

I wanted to say something but she cut me off. “I know, I know you have some new excuse, why you cannot pay this month as well. Just shut it. I’m not here for that. There is something I need, which can settle the payment.”

Though I had something else in mind but wanted to here her deal. “Sure, please go ahead.”
“See the thing is, my husband and I are trying to have kids of our own but unable to have one. And the artificial inseminations is kind of very costly so what if your son Jamie can give me his seed and we can call it even.”

Waoo.. I thought the guts on this lady to ask something like that. Well, she was 32 years old and her husband was 53, so not a surprise. She is a gold digger everyone knows of. But my son’s seed?

My son is a handsome guy and I’m sure she will be lucky to has his kids. 3 months of rent off seemed like a good offer.

“There is not much to think about. Your son will not be liable to the kid in anyway, so do not worry about child support or any other attachment. It’s more like him jerking off and not giving a shit about it.” She tried to convince me.

“Ok, that seems fair, my son will impregnate you in exchange you will cancel all the debt.” I said.
We shook hands.

“Jaime, honey come here please moma needs you.” I called my son. “In the meantime, get undressed and bend over the coffee table” I told Gemma. She did it with excitement. She was now bent over and licked her hands and rubbing her ripe pussy.

“Jaime dear, mom whats a favor from you. Pull down your pants and fuck Mrs. Jenner in her pussy” I said pointing to her pussy.
“Mom are you sure this is ok?” Jaime said.
“Go ahead Jaime, your mom and I both are ok with this” Gemma said looking back over her shoulder with a smile.

“Well, in that case” Jaime pulled his pants down, spit on his hands and jerked his dick a little. With his left hand he was rubbing Gemma’s, already moist cunt.

“Come on now, put it in” I said.

He kept the tip of his dick at the entrance of her pussy and flicked it a couple of time, which made Gemma moan with excitement. Then we pulled his hips back and with a strong trust, shoved his dick inside Gemma pink pussy.

“Aaagh… It feels so good” Gemma cried.

I was sitting on the coach and watching Jaime shove his dick in and out of Gemma. His dick was shining, covered in lube from inside Gemma pussy. He held her waist with both hands as he repeated the motion. She was playing with her boob and her clit and moaning through out.

I leaned in close to watch Jaime’s ball hit Gemma clit making an amazing sound. The whole room was filled with a beautiful aroma of sex. It was turning me on as well. This went on for few mins.

Then I saw Jaime tilt his head back with pleasure. He was about to cum.
“Are you going to cum Jaime?” I asked as I stood up next to him.
“Oh yeah ma, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.” Jaime’s expression’s where changing I knew he was close.

I pulled his dick out held it in my hands and started to jerk off all the cum out of him. Gemma’s ass cheeks were getting spunked. While doing so I said “You bitch, you thought you can take advantage of us when the times are bad. No I’m not going to be grandmother of your child. The thing is I already have the money I own you. I got the bonus today so fuck you.”
I finished of by rubbing Jaime’s dick on her ass, making it clean as she stood up in astonishment and shame.
She grabber her clothes and tried to cover herself by placing her hand near her chest.
“Wait what? Why didn’t you tell me so? Why did you let your son fuck me in my pussy?”

Well, I was going to but you didn’t let me speak. Then I heard your offer and found it repulsive so I thought you need to learn your lesson.

“That’s so mean… I will… I will call cops and tell that your son raped me.” She said.

“Yeah, about that, actually I recorded you moaning in pleasure while you were getting fucked with your eyes closed, you whore!” I showed her the video.

“You bitch,” She started to dress up in anger. “Ok fine, give me the previous months rent then”.

“Here’s the deal, since you think blackmailing is ok, So….. I’m not going to pay you previous rent or any future rent as an incentive, to make sure this video does not reach your husband. And we all know what will happen if this reaches your HUBBY, he will kick you out and according to your prenup you will get nothing. So If I were you, I would just leave and never show up here ever again.”

She looked at me and then half naked Jaime, and then fumed out of the house.

Jaime looked at me with proud eyes, “That was cool mom, you let me have her and we don’t have to pay any rent.” He leaned forward and kissed me. His flaccid dick touched my crotch, but it’s ok.

Everything is ok.


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    Your son should be impregnating you

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    Yes please. There So many more ways the story can go

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    More please🥺