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My Greek Mythology Assignment – Gone hopelessly wrong

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A beautiful ebony students 11th grade “Greek Mythology assignment” becomes far too real

Nichelle sighed, slumping herself onto the cramped classroom chair, opening her battered Greek mythology study book to its current dog eared page; feeling despondent having spent most part of last night trying to play catch up with her scheduled assignment, but failing miserably as her online social media presence was her only real priority alongside her eleventh grade friends.

‘Hey Jess! HEY!’, Nichelle bellowed across the room; ‘Have you done it?’, madly waving the droopy study book in her direction, desperately hoping she could get to quickly scribble what her close friend managed to write. Jess shook her despondent head from side to side and shrugged her juvenile shoulders, just as professor Faustus rushed through the class room door, firmly shutting it behind him. The noisy teenage students quickly settled down, knowing this Professor doesn’t tolerate noise and fools lightly; as he commanded them all to open up their completed assignments.

Professor Faustus stood behind his desk and audibly sighed as he gazed across the class, his tired blue eyes peering through his round wire rimmed spectacles, reminding the class that last week he set their assignment to discover how the ancient Greeks portrayed their numerous mythical creatures alongside their archaic religious and social order. He focused his gaze upon his copious notes, scattered across the ornate wooden desk, ‘Nichelle, Let us begin with you’.

Nichelle sunk deeper into her chair, covering her striking mocha brown eyes, all the while wishing that it would magically swallow her up and transport her back safely home to her warm bedroom, hiding herself deep within her plump, soft duvet.

‘Please explain to the class Nichelle, what relation Theseus had to the Minotaur?’

Nichelle’s young mind was completely blank; panic’ d she responded with the first thought that came into her throbbing head; ‘They were lovers’; of course this would make complete sense, as the ancient Greeks were world renowned for their free love and passion; but in this occasion her guess was way off target. The class burst into riotous laughter, whilst professor Faustus scowling face turned a colour not unlike having just consumed the world’s hottest chilli.

‘Write me a thousand words by next class, about the mythical creatures of ancient Greece’, the Professor bawled at Nichelle, her striking ebony cheeks glowing almost pink with sheer embarrassment; pleading the time would pass quickly so that she could escape this suffocating classroom and the shame of her moronic mouth.

Professor Faustus’s class mercifully finished without further admonition with the rest of the day perking up for Nichelle; hanging with her friends outside on the schools’ recreational lawn, the early autumn sun radiating its pleasant warmth whilst they sat eating their lunch. Jess gossiped about her sister who’s a senior; last night finding her and her deadbeat boyfriend outside their house, making out in his junk ride. Jess was definitely sure that her sister had been giving him head, which caused a myriad of loud vocal judgements and disgusted noises; the group of girls excitingly exchanging differing attitudes over if or even when, they would ever consider doing something similar.

‘How am I gonna write about these Greek creatures?’ Nichelle asked Jess, her face frowning with concern, quickly turning to hatred as she scowled at her study book; ‘I’ll never get this dumb thing finished by the Professors next class’.

‘Try Googling it, there might be an App or something to help’, Jess rapidly replied just as the bell sounded for the end of the lunch break; forcing the talkative girls to break off their conversations and head back for their afternoon lessons.

Nichelle joyfully jumped the last step from the filthy school bus as it eventually came to a stop, landing with a jolt on the unforgiving concrete pavement; her rapidly blooming leggy teenage frame easily cushioning the ordinarily jarring impact through her healthy calves, thriving thighs, and bountiful gluteals. Waving goodbye to her friends still sat on the bus, she briskly walked the few hundred yards to the entrance of her home; its agreeable white picket fence, neatly trimmed green lawn and ornate white roses, seamlessly blending into the surrounding peaceful suburban neighbourhood.

Tossing her school bags in the hallway, Nichelle made her way into the kitchen where her mother sat on her kitchen’s barstool, busily scrolling through her tablet device. Greeting her mother Niomi with an affectionate hug, Nichelle proceeded to pour out all her troubles of her day, focusing mainly on her nightmarish encounter with the Professor. Niomi’s sympathetic ear allowed her troubled daughter to vent her worries and upset, whilst offering her practical advice for the evening ahead; as she had already arranged to head out for the night.

‘I’m meeting with Mike again’, Niomi informed Nichelle, her strikingly beautiful mahogany toned face delightfully beaming. ‘You remember from last week, the sweet, hunky guy who knows your Uncle Den’. Niomi had been single for the past two years, since her husband and Nichelle’s father got caught cheating with his slutty buxom, ginger haired, personal assistant from head office. ‘He’s taking me to Carlo’s, that exclusive new restaurant across the river, so mummy’s gonna be home late sweetie’; pinching Nichelle on her feather soft chocolate cheek as she purposefully touted a brassy wink.

After Nichelle had finished her dinner, they chatted whilst waiting until Mike arrived in his German ride; a rude toot of his horn, commanding the pair up from around the marble kitchen island and over to the front door. Niomi kissed her daughter goodbye, sweetly smelling of the finest perfume and hair spray, turning as she purposefully strutted to his waiting car; her gold bodycon striped dress shamelessly accentuating her ridiculous curvaceous figure that Nichelle’s rapidly flowering teenage 5’7” frame is well advanced in duplicating.

Locking the front door, Nichelle glanced upon her discarded school bags lying on the floor of the hallway; she sighed as she reluctantly picked them up and lazily climbed the stairs to her bedroom. Turning on the lights and drawing the rich velvet curtains, Nichelle placed the forsaken bags on her bed; reaching into one, she pulled out the battered Greek mythology study book along with her smartphone, dropping them upon the duvet. Nichelle turned to face her walk in wardrobe, its palatial full length mirrored doors flung open as she returned the bag home onto the lower shelf, alongside her luxe ankle boots. Nichelle grabbed her Egyptian cotton bath robe and towel and headed to the bathroom, where a hot massaging shower would provide her much sort after relaxation and clarity of mind before even dreaming of tackling the Professor’s assignment.

Dressed merely in her white robe and feeling refreshed, Nichelle jumped onto her bed, the feather duvet welcoming her return as it enveloped around her comely hindquarters; her perfectly blooming buns working in unison to provide the ultimate cushion over the creamy soft cupping of the latex mattress. Flicking on the smartphone Nichelle began searching for Greek mythological creatures, the bright white display returning thousands upon thousands of plausible results; her mind dazed on where to begin as she aimlessly scrolled down, swishing her slender manicured finger across the pitted screen in despair unexpectedly caused the endless text to abruptly pause. Nichelle’s eyes suddenly widened as she read, ‘Meet-A-Myth : Grow tight and focused with the monstrous creatures of Greece; Download and encounter to secure adrenalizing rewards’. Nichelle instantly perked up as she congratulated her good fortune that she may have stumbled upon something that could be both fun and educational.

Nichelle quickly hit the screens download button and within seconds a crude, rudimentary menu appeared, requesting the user to choose their gender; there were no colourful animated graphics, nor any fantastical musical scores; not at all what she was expecting from the usual apps that frequented her device. Selecting the female option for gender, the screen turned black and in plain white letters ‘Encounter One’ was briefly displayed before the screen once again darkened; ‘Countdown: 15 minutes, Press Begin when ready’ patiently flickered in front of her hovering finger.
Nichelle paused, wondering what was she expecting to encounter, and why have a time limit for whatever she was supposed to achieve; ‘Dumb thing!’ she loudly exclaimed, hoping she had not wasted much of her precious evening on this stupid app, annoyed with herself that she hadn’t begun writing at least some introductory notes for her assignment.

Nichelle’s finger forcefully struck the begin button and the screen once again darkened; followed by silence as she impatiently laid across her bed, feeling peeved for a few seconds before her finger started to rapidly tap at the screen with no response from the device. ‘What’s wrong with this thing?’, Nichelle cried whilst madly pressing all the phones unresponsive buttons, eventually resorting to firmly choking the phones power button to perform a reset; just as the faint sound of electrical humming began to emanate from behind the closed mirrored wardrobe doors.

Nichelle immediately stopped her annoyance with the phone and swiftly turned her head towards the wardrobe as the bedroom lights began to rapidly flicker. The electrical humming increased to a vibrant thrumming, as crisp flashes of blinding blue light radiated from behind the doors shaking frame. Nichelle screamed as the bedroom lights failed, bathing the room in brief darkness before a thunderous clap and a brilliant, dazzling white light violently forced open both wardrobe doors.
The dark figure of something cosmical, something unworldly, stood stationery within the wardrobe, its towering form nearly touching the ceiling, as bright flashes of charged electricity scattered around its bulky body. The random strobing only allowed Nichelle fleeting glimpses of the impossible intruder, as her limbs failed her frenzied young minds desperate pleading for her to flee, to run, to escape from this living nightmare.

The ghastly shape raised its phenomenal head, audibly inhaling a huge volume of air before releasing a terrifying blast of sound; its extended bass tones reverberated around the confined walls, eventually reaching across to the utterly frightened teen, as she tightly wrapped her toned ebony arms around her comely knees, forming seemingly futile and impotent wall of protection.

The bedroom lights abruptly returned, painfully washing their hostile brightness into the wide eyed Junior; squinting her eyes Nichelle felt her hysterical heart explode inside her heaving chest, its blistering beating rattling her ears as her sinking body reacted to the intruder’s abhorrently monstrous form; advancing forward to finally reveal itself to the defenceless, untapped maiden, laying helplessly underneath the unforgiving incandescent light. The authoritative head looking down upon the petrified teen with its endlessly damp jet black pit eyes was unmistakably that of a mature bull’s, having tightly coarse black fur running down until its broad powerful neck; leading onto his black skinned human torso. Its broad hairy, heaving chest rapidly expanding and then contracting as the monster filled its mammoth lungs to capacity with Nichelle’s gushing pheromones, pouring from her petrified sweat soaked body.

Nichelle tried to hide herself within the comforting duvet, throwing it over her trembling body but managing to keep her unbelieving eyes fixed upon the creatures’ muscular human arms, as they flexed and stretched; almost if they had been immobile for centuries for the freshly oxygenated blood to reach then fill their extensively powerful muscular tissue. Its oversized, rugged hands with their horribly blackened elongated finger nails reached down past his strapping abdomen to grasp his ornate black fabric’ d loincloth, decorated with numerous small ancient brass pendants; hung around the creatures broad human skinned hips, as they miraculously transformed down into a pair of sturdy bovine hindquarters.

The creature pulled wildly at each side of the loincloths’ strapping, prompting the protesting metallic pendants to sharply chime against one another, its knee length fabric carelessly folding over as his atrociously oversized hands ripped the ornate cloth away from his waist, discarding it onto the bedroom floor; inciting the creature to raise his obsidian bovine head to the ceiling, and release a victorious battle bellow that vibrated directly to the very soul of the dumbfounded teen.

Nichelle’s unblinking, dilated, inky eyes had become brazenly engrossed on the creature’s groin; now that it’s ornamented fabric covering had become superfluous, liberating its outrageous magnificence into the bright unforgiving light of the bedroom. Its moist, slimy surface audaciously reflecting each disgustingly overly swollen, meandering veiny canal along its limp entirety; provocatively swaying between each of its stocky bovine shanks as it obvious substantial heftiness reached its mid-thighs.

The human half-breed monstrosity stood directly next to Nichelle’s luxuriously soft bed, once a heaven for sweet dreams and restful sleep, now a makeshift fortification between the wholesome, unblemished maiden and the mongrel amalgamation, repulsively directing its unmistakable animalistic interest in the teen. Its disgustingly perfect crossbred phallus began to noticeably twitch, augmenting its terrifyingly gross girth; as its protruding darkened veins bulged to purple with seemingly endless fountains of freshly aerated blood, blasting through his two huge slimy, snorting nostrils into its broad, shredded chest.

Nichelle’s young body, paralysed with fear, now mindlessly starred at the creatures ripening groin; thoroughly captivated by the inflating behemoth, as it sedately flooded each crevasse of every erectile tissue and micro capillary beyond bursting point; raising its impossibly ponderous mass gently skywards. Its bloated crimson cock head pointing only inches away from the teen’s awestruck face, as it continued to crane its hellacious, unyielding shaft to its ultimate tautness.

Nichelle has never witnessed a man’s erect penis before, her innocent mind hurriedly flashed images of laughable tiny, soft, pink things that perverted college boys had once posted to her friend’s social media; but nothing possibly could never, ever come close to the immeasurably voluminous sexual organ that was appallingly throbbing for her… ‘OH MY GOD’, screamed Nichelle’s brain in pure horror, suddenly comprehending that this fucking ginormous cock was going to brutally rip her chaste, maidenly, virginal canal apart. ‘HOLY SHIT… It surely can’t… It FUCKING mustn’t, as Nichelle fought to form any kind of sound from her dry, speechless mouth; feeling sick to her stomach of the inescapable, unspeakably depraved sex act that this aroused creature will subject to her virginal womb to; dominating, conquering, stuffing, hammering, pulverising, demolishing, then impregnating her sacred chamber; unfortunately capable of conception knowing that her last menstruation cycle ended a fortnight ago.

Without warning, the creature swiftly moved his burly arms, forcefully grabbing the protective duvet from around Nichelle’s trembling body and violently throwing it across the bedroom, falling over her makeup desk where endless containers of lip products, beauty creams and vitamins scattered in every conceivable direction; leaving the unprotected teen remaining on her bed, curled up into the tightest possible ball.

Fortunately, Nichelle’s Egyptian cotton bath robe was still secured around her trim waist with its soft white belt tied with a basic overhand knot; grasping together each side of the robes collar, Nichelle was hopelessly at the mercy of the advancing monster, as his giant hands tightly griped each of her strong, sporty calves, making them look like feeble discarded matchsticks; mercilessly turning her around and dragging her onto her back to rest almost directly against his towering form.

The creature pulled on robes soft belt, instantly freeing the makeshift knot as the heavy cotton sides tumbled over against her sides, exposing her secretive curvaceous physique to the degenerate creature; pausing for a moment as it bulging lustful eyes drank in all her blooming shapeliness. Nichelle’s sweating toned stomach heaved turbulently, causing her lusciously proportioned breasts to pitch and roll across her supine chest, as the creature with surprisingly gentleness began to forcefully pry apart her sturdy legs as he lowered itself down into a kneeling position.

The creatures’ robust hands continued their immovable grip around Nichelle’s discoloured ankles, as its giant bovine head began to fixate upon her chaste entrance. The creature cautiously moved its black damp snout nearer to Nichelle’s groin, her neatly trimmed hairless surface dripped with pungent sweat delighting its snuffling nostrils as it voraciously inhaled her heavenly fertile scent.

Nichelle could sense the creature’s disgustingly humid breath across her sensitive groin, as it incessant snorting tingled over her vulnerable vagina; her gentle hands formed clenched fists as she prepared to strike the lusting fiend directly into one of his dark soulless eyes, but the terrifyingly violent consequence this hulking brute could inflict against her inadequate defence put the comeuppance to that plan.

Nichelle was too petrified to close her eyes and just imagine this wasn’t actually happening, no matter how much she wished she was safely wrapped inside a warm blanket, sat in front of a cosy log fire, sharing warm chicken soup with her parents; forcing herself to lift her shaky head from her gentle bed to once again stare upon its dark bovine snout precariously hovering just above her exquisite sealed portico. Hearing her young heart thumping wildly as its extensive bovine muzzle began to open, releasing its slimy, mucous, dripping, charcoal tongue.

Nichelle’s outer labia bore the brunt of the creature’s first despicable lap, dragging its vile saliva soaked lengua directly from her perineum up to her shaved pubis in one caressing stroke; causing her restrained protesting legs to violently buck in absolute revulsion. Withdrawing its offensive organ back inside its mouth, the creature emitted an approving vibrating tone from deep within its outsized throat before the slimy trespasser re-emerged to once more purposefully draw across her undefiled passage; causing the helpless Nichelle to abruptly convulse, her appalled body demanding its lungs to be filled in natural preparation to the sustained stimulus from below.

Nichelle could sense the temperature of her groin increase, as her vaginas lips began to gorge themselves with blood, calmly ballooning outward under the provocative encouragement that the creature’s fantastically capable tongue was providing to her maidenly cunt; latching itself onto the base of her snatch as its palpated her glands to begin to freely express their sweet lubrication, only encouraging the thirsting vertebrate to rapidly snort down each sticky globule as he washed her clean.

The creature further separated her already widely parted quivering legs, as its unyielding, probing tongue forced its unwelcome admission beyond her besieged reception; discovering the pristine walls of her velvety vagina marinaded with richly seasoned sauce. Never before had Nichelle felt so helplessly repulsed at the same time beginning to be overwhelmed with downright wanton desire for this hellish creation to gorge deeper within her secret sanctum.

Nichelle’s intensely swollen clitoral hood and its blooming sacred flower was thoroughly under attack, with the endlessly stimulating brushes of his slippery monstrosity sending its unending rhapsodic stimulation across the entirety of her young, yearning structure; her desperately hurried breaths only aiding her bodies rapid arrival to its triumphant reward. Her perfectly manicured hands covered her shamefully lecherous face as she impossibly fought against her detonating orgasmic explosion from below.

‘OH MY GOD…. I’M GONNA….. NoooOOOOOOOOO’, Nichelle screeched as her inaugural oral orgasm momentarily caused her sight to darken; ‘FUCKKKKKKKKKK NoooOOOOOOOOOOOO’, as her ears shattered and her lower body frantically lurched then plunged violently.

Unfazed by her sudden jarring movements, the ravishers violating bovine tongue continued to its deplorable ingress inside her snug vestibule, pressing its voluminous surface upwards against her raging clitoris, and then tirelessly drawing her newly gushing lubrication straight down its demanding gullet with outrageously lusty gulps.

Within mere seconds, Nichelle’s tremoring clitoris was once again preparing to detonate its second dreadful wave of filthy orgasmic pleasure across her shivering shapely frame, as his dominating, overbearing slimy organ continued its electrifying clitoral onslaught with no abatement insight.
‘GOD… NOT… AGAIN…. oooOOOHHHH ffffuuuuuKKKKKKKK’, Nichelle raucously grunted still covering her diabolically expressive enthusiastic face with both delicate hands; her delirious, uncontrollable panting now drowning out the sound of the creatures desirous slurps and swallows. Its tongue this time notably changing tact, as it tightly wrapped itself around her upper vaginal lips and maddeningly sucked with all its immense power delivered from his strapping lungs.

Nichelle’s perseverance had abandoned her, no longer willing to continue the pointless fight but only wanting to endlessly fulfil her overwhelming, ravenous sexual desire for her maidenly, unspoilt cunt to be thoroughly, incurably ruined by this gorgeously capable, gigantically blessed, half breed;
‘THAT’S IT… (GASP)… RIGHT… (PANT)… THERE… (uuffff)… FUKK! … ooohhhHHH… (GASP)… RIGHT…. OH GAWD!… FUK..ING… (shhHHHITTTT)… THERE… (fffuuuuuuuuukkkkkkk)… IM…. IM…. CUMMMMINGGGGGGG… as her hysterically hot bloated pussy yet again generously rewarded its slithery assailant with an almighty orgasmic splattering of succulent lubrication, momentarily quenching its insanely constant thirsting.

Eventually, the monstrous half breed leisurely detached its sopping muzzle from Nichelle’s pulsating labia, drawing vast swathes of clear sticky gossamer strands between the intertwined pair; as her bloated crimson walls were able to once again freely dissipate their intense heat from the welcoming relief that the contrasting coolness of the bedroom provided. Remaining resting on her back with both of her beautiful thickly curved ebony legs still uncontrollably quivering as they shamelessly pointed in either direction; Nichelle breathlessly observed the creature slightly lift himself upwards, revealing his majestically swaying behemoth that was spitting endless strands of clear pre seminal fluid from its insanely swollen mushroomed cock head, over her one time pristinely clean mattress.

Alarm bells resounded within Nichelle’s euphoric mind, with the stark realisation of her impending defloration at the hand of his unworldly brute; its implausibly erect behemothic phallus malevolently moved closer towards ransacking its brand new home. Raising both her hands outwards towards its descending strappingly ripped chest, Nichelle pushed with every remaining ounce of strength in a hopeless attempt to obstruct the creatures prohibited trespass.

With the creature’s hands occupied with containing Nichelle franticly protesting legs, his impatient poorly judged lunge of his bulbously swollen cock head frustratingly struck against her pubic bone, deflecting its slippery heavy shaft to glide along her sweaty, undulating abdomen, resting almost in between her generous sweetmeat mammaries; as his ripened heavy bollocks painfully slapped against her protruding clitoris, their substantial twin testis bursting with virile half breed sperm urgently demanding to be emptied after their unimaginable slumber.

Lowing with frustration, the half breed flexed his sturdy hips backwards, momentarily withdrawing the menacing one eyed cyanotic serpent, determined to strike home his annihilating weapon to desecrate her tightly drawn passage in one unyielding lunge. Nichelle knew this time there would be no mistake, no slip and no second chance; with her legs obscenely parted and her precious virginal vagina brazenly gaping, surely the moment has arrived where she would have her flowering fertile womb, disastrously inseminated with diabolical fiendish seed.

Nichelle tightly closed her moist blackened eyes just as her phone made an unusual beeping tone, then suddenly there was total silence within the bedroom; remaining perfectly still, Nichelle kept her eyes closed even though she no longer feel pressure on her painful ankles from the creature’s overly tight grip. Gaining confidence, she cautiously lifted one eyelid to check the surround; the room was still brightly lit with scattered bedclothes, garments and makeup but the creature had vanished.
Nichelle’s body began to shiver hysterically, as her nervous system reacted to her shocking close encounter; managing to reach out and grab her comforting duvet from the floor, she snuggly wrapped herself with its protective feathery down and curled into a tight ball.

Nichelle didn’t move from her brightly lit bedroom all night long, drifting in and out of broken sleep, eventually waking in next morning convinced that the previous evenings events were just a stupid erotic nightmare; perhaps related to the stress caused by the Professors assignment mixed with her friends stories about sex starved boyfriends, along with her mother’s new love interest. Nether the less, Nichelle had to drag herself out of her comfy bed, shower, dress, eat breakfast and then catch the college bus before she was late for the days classes, not wishing to endure any further run-ins with the college tutoring staff.

The hot massaging water pulsated from the powerful showerhead over Nichelle’s sleepy body, spreading its soothing waves across her perfectly sculpted form; applying the nourishing essential oil body wash onto the sponge before running down each toned arm before moving across her spectacular proportioned torso; Nichelle’s thoughts returned to the previous evenings events, shaking her head in disbelief that she would dare dream of such a ridiculous monster, that could somehow emerge from inside her closet, with such a dark, greasy, veiny, crimson, wobbling, monstrously, disgustingly huge, ohhh sooo heavy; as her hand started to tenderly lather her abdomen, moving the creamy sponge in slow sensual soapy circles around her upper thighs and back across her still pristine sensitive zone.

‘Soooo big, sooooo thickly prime, virile, meat, those weighty fucking dirty bollocks full of fuck juice’, her hand busily foaming endless suds between her slightly parting legs, ‘that gaping slitty helmet, so capable, so ready – ohhh gawWWD’, as Nichelle dropped the sponge to the tiled floor and turned that the water splattered across her ripening lips; using her fingers to urgently massage the top of her itching pussy. ‘oohhhHH shiTTT – that JUICY cock, I wanna SEEEE that BIG – OH GAWD – fucking HUGE whacking – mmmMMMM – succulent, (shhhhiTTT!!!!) – MONSTER COCK’, her fingers busily beating against her flowering clit, ‘ ooOHHH..’ (gasp!)…’ NOWWWWWW FUKKKKKKKK’; as her capable lubricating glands blasted her streaming orgasm across the shower cubicle, splattering against its beautifully tiled walls.

After just about arriving with enough time to catch the college bus, Nichelle had a thoroughly uneventful morning and early afternoon at college, successfully managing to avoid bumping into Professor Faustus during a near encounter over in the food court. Deciding not yet to tell any of her close friends about last night’s wildly fantastical dream, she headed back home on the college bus sitting next Jess as they both trawled through laughable social media posts; when Nichelle’s screen suddenly darkened to display in plain white letters ‘Encounter Two – Countdown: 60 minutes, Press Begin when ready’.

‘What’s that?’ enquired Jess enthusiastically looking at the phone; ‘Oh that… erm, just some dumb app I mistakenly downloaded last night’, replied Nichelle with her usually bright ebony cheeks turning visibly paler by the second; ‘I forgot I still had it’. ‘Looks crappy’, Jess scoffed as her finger rapidly bashed against the waiting Begin button and asking ‘So what happens now?’ ‘SHIT!’ shrieked Nichelle as she stood up, grabbing her bags before darting to the front of the bus demanding that the driver please stop the bus and let her off. The driver pulled the bus over to the kerb as Nichelle thankfully leaped from buses opening door and began to sprint home.

Eventually arriving back home thoroughly exhausted and gasping for breath, Nichelle fumbled for her house keys as she struggled to hurriedly open the locked front door. Dropping her bags onto the hallway floor once inside, she rushed into the empty kitchen where her mother normally would be occupied with preparing something for her arrival, but there was no warm welcoming hug or a mothers listening ear from Niomi to help forget the traumas of the day.

Nichelle jumped and shrieked with surprise as a heavy object loudly crashed to the floor from upstairs, startling the already panicking teen. Nichelle ran back into the hallway and stopped dead in her tracks as her foot stepped upon the first opulently piled carpeted stair; hearing the dreadful deep lowing that could only be generated by the very same creature of last night’s unbelievable dream. ‘Oh my god’, whispered the horrified youngster ‘it WAS real’, as she turned to the front entrance for her opportunity to flee.

Before Nichelle’s’ foot could lift from bottom stair, she heard her mother’s voice clearly echoing from beyond the upstairs landing; ‘Mom?’ Nichelle stopped still and softly called, not wishing for the unspeakable intruder to be alerted to her presence. After an agonising few seconds, the unmistakable sound of her mother’s voice returned, causing her to cautiously start to creep quietly up the stairs whilst all her five senses were primed for the hidden danger.

Upon Nichelle’s stealthy accent onto the empty landing, she could now clearly hear the unspeakably appalling, fevered commotion emanating from her beloved mother’s nearby bedroom; causing the disturbed teen to instantly clutch her agape mouth. Nichelle instinctively crouched down to the floor and silently crawled over to Niomi’s partly open bedroom door, desperate to witness the undoubtedly fantastical hybrid depravity being loudly committed just meters from her unnoticed vantage point.

Nichelle stealthily moved her disbelieving head so that her stainless eyes could clearly see her mother’s king sized wooden bed which faced the door; scattered on the opulently carpeted floor were pieces of her mother’s designer clothing which had the terrifying appearance of being forcibly ripped from her body in an earlier scuffle. Nichelle’s soft ashen hand was now firmly pressed against her flabbergasted dry mouth, forcibly reminding herself to keep calm and remain in complete silence not only for her own fragile life but also for her mothers.

Nichelle could see her mother facing away from her as she knelt utterly naked on her palatial bed, as from the door she could clearly view Niomi’s reflection through the dressers three vanity mirrors. The same hulking creature that attempted to violate Nichelle stood tightly pressed against the bounteous chestnut backside of her wretched mother; its dark muscular torso slightly bent forward as its burly arms sturdily held its formidable hands around Niomi’s delightfully elegant waist. Beads of sweat cascaded down from each side of its massive shoulders as they hurtled to the small of the creatures back, only then to disappear deep between the inky crevasse of his robust gluteals.

Niomi’s outspread arms reached towards the beds cushioned head rest, finding her goose down pillow to intensely clasp and claw against, whilst her head partially buried itself within the luxuriously deep latex mattress; still managing to witness her assailants impossibly obscene assault from her perfectly posed upside down viewpoint. The monstrous cross breed had effortlessly aligned her bumper ebony bottom against his unrestrained hips as her pillow soft buttocks crashed endlessly from the aggressive bludgeoning against its damp shredded groin; forcing the normally placid mother to wildly roll her dark magenta head further into the bedding, whilst her spittle coated lips furiously spewed out diabolical words of monstrous phallic encouragement.

It wasn’t clear if the half breed could understand Niomi’s hysterical urging, but responded enthusiastically with rousing waves of intense lowing that even reverberated across Nichelle’s vibrating body. From Nichelle’s perspective close to the floor, she could clearly observe its monumentally hefty phallus, carelessly smashing her mother’s soppingly wet, welcoming cunt with purposeful strikes of unimaginable potency. Not for one second did the leching half breed’s balling flounder, but noticeably intensified in its solicitous assault; as their inconceivable interspecies copulation deepened into savage, untamed debauchery.

The creatures heavily ladened testicles pressed inseparably against Niomi’s inflamed labia, as her greedy vagina voraciously gobbled the absolute entirety of its colossal genitalia. Its perfect fullness stuffing her sacred passage beyond any humans feeble excuse for a penis, whilst its massive bulbous cock head strained against the vulnerable gates of her cervix; time after time, it’s relentless pummelling forcing her hospitable wombs entrance to be tightly stretched over its menacing meaty eye in readiness of its inhuman emission.

Niomi savagely grunted as her divine bottom resounded sensationally against the diabolic conglomerations groin with shameless slaps as it continued to be annihilated by her counterparts tremendously superior fuck tool; their frenetic concussions caused the wooden bed’s headrest to mindlessly thump against the bedrooms wall, shattering small pieces of plaster onto the carpet. Her crimson face contorted with pure primitive lust, gasped for rejuvenating oxygen, whilst helplessly screaming as her bucketing body once again reached its pinnacle of unrestrained orgasmic pleasure; the luxuriously lined walls of her ravenous, convulsing vagina constricted tightly, insanely squeezing the creatures astronomically huge bludgeoning shaft in its supreme and final desperate effort to force its repressed spooge into her expecting chamber.

Two and a half thousand years of frustrated slumber were finally at an end; as its hefty agitated testicles primed, loaded and readied its abominable potent seed, to be jettisoned into its mate’s fertile womb. The creatures menacing bovine head looked down upon its prized ebony maiden, her long black hair wildly spread over her shoulders and onto her toned, sweating back; its black, bulging, unblinking eyes intensely focused upon her slender waist has his hulking hands firmly held each side of her wide womanly hips, forcibly guiding their insane buffeting against his bone jarring thrusts.

Its blackened tongue hung loosely from its open snout, dripping copious amounts of clear mucus onto the once pristine bed sheets, as it suddenly raised its hulking bovine head and released an unearthly victory lowing causing Nichelle to remove her hands from her still agape mouth to cover both of her precious ears, as the horrendous wail crashed into and echoed around her unprepared skull. With one almighty final thrust to complete their unholy copulation, the creature fully impaled its entire throbbing shaft deep inside Niomi, as her opulent backside crashed heavily against her abominable mate with a resounding sopping splosh.

Its malevolent gloopy seed gushed from its convulsing cock head, spewing its searing vile semen deep into the bowels of the wretched damsel with its heinous insemination. Its hands firmly head onto her sensational hips as Niomi’s body insanely massaged her backside against the whopping phallus, as it reeled rope after gooey rope of rich scum, overflowing every twist and turn of her internal canals and crevasses.

Niomi’s bloodshot eyes rolled back in their bulging sockets in pure ecstasy as she instinctively pulled one hand away from gripping her freshly torn pillow and reached under her heaving stomach towards the creatures juddering testicles. With an open palm she gently clasped her soft hand around its red hot gonads, only barely able to contain even one of the creature’s substantial twin bollocks within her minuscule palms. Proceeding on with her spontaneous invigorating testicle massage as she insanely encouraged the creature with his seemingly endless vile ejaculation of all his repressed seed, her busy hand gradually becoming drenched with the monstrosities over brimming creamy spooge.

Nichelle’s head was spinning from her first hand witnessing of her mother’s breathtakingly maniacal escapade; she could sense that her own panties had become thoroughly soaked from her instinctive, primal desire that she could easily be the creature’s next prize. Not wanting to remove her lusting eyes from the half human amalgamation for even a moment, Nichelle’s clammy hand searched for her smart phone to check how much longer their astonishing breeding could continue.
‘OH MY GOD’, Nichelle thought as she glanced fleetingly to the phone’s screen, showing twenty five minutes remaining; ‘They’ve been fucking all that time, Holy shit!’, hurriedly returning her hungering gaze to the creature as it lethargically withdrew from her mother’s crimson posterior; its astronomically hellacious shaft made its seemingly never ending retreat as its bulbous phallic head eventually slipped out from her thoroughly wrecked snatch, dripping from their combined gloop.

Niomi collapsed onto the mattress, her breathless body lay utterly exhausted from their manic copulation, as she helplessly drifted into a deep slumber; the creature turned itself to face the watching Nichelle, its gradually deflating slong still obscenely plump with engorged erectile tissue swung across its abdomen and struck its hairy hindquarter with a satisfying slap. Nichelle’s wide unblinking eyes attempted to drink in all the sickly filth of its incredible organ, her dilated pupils became as dark as the creature’s tormented soul. Emerging from her dry throat came an unexpected gasp, which could clearly be heard by the monstrous half breed, now only a couple of meters from her exposed position.

Knowing that her careless salacity had revealed her presence to the sex starved abomination, Nichelle rapidly attempted to get herself up from the floor and flee for the sake of her precious virginity and perhaps her very life. Turning around to face the stairs, she had only managed to rise halfway before she felt its overgrown hand pull back against her hair, releasing her tied back glossy mane as its inhuman grip held her tight. ‘NOOOO’, Nichelle yelled as she was unceremoniously dragged by her scalp, desperately holding onto the creatures bulky arms as she was bundled through the open door of her nearby bedroom.

The creature stopped abruptly in front of her palatial wardrobe, facing its full length mirrors as it released one of its hulking hands from her distressed scalp to then bent down and grasp the waistband of both her creased school skirt and sopping panties; in one single manoeuvre, it successfully managed to yank both items from her roomy adolescent hips and violently toss them across to the opposite side of the bedroom. Kneeling on her carpeted floor, Nichelle refused to look at the bovine-half man towering over her as she urgently tried in a vain attempt to hide her exposed nakedness. The atrocious monstrosity proceeded in carelessly ripping her fetching satin blouse from her arched back, bursting each of its charmingly ornate fastenings in every direction. All that remained on her trembling youthful body were her designer sports bra, white ankle socks and sneakers; Nichelle instinctively recalled as she felt the revolting touch of its damp, hot, thick fingers on her vulnerable spine as they easily flicked open her bra and hauled it clear, violently unshackling both of her beautifully ample breasts with a sudden outburst.

Nichelle was smothered by its warm snorting breaths from its dominating position, envisioning its lecherous black eyes drinking in her utterly naked maidenly frame as she lifted one arm to cross her shapely chest, hiding her dark generous areolas whilst the other tightly guarded her undefiled entrance. Finally mustering up some courage, Nichelle looked up from the carpet towards her right hand side where one of her assailant’s widespread hooves rested, leading upwards to a menacingly protruding claw surrounded by coarsely coated black fur. Her thoughts momentarily drifted to realise that its fur wasn’t in a filthy condition like anyone would expect from a bovine; everything seemed immaculately clean as her petrified gaze continued cautiously upwards past its hock knee.

Then ‘it’ appeared into her view, the almost indescribable magnificence simply pulsating as it hovered mere centimetres to the right of her utterly dumbstruck face, instantaneously causing her disbelieving pupils to dilate and her vision to momentarily blur. Nichelle’s brain refused to remain terrified for any longer, with her terrified expression almost instantly switching into hankering for the hellish throbbing leviathan which obscenely inciting image will forever burn into her pristine retinas. Its impossibly heavy juddering tip hung down, drawing perfectly level with her raised chin as her breathing noticeably accelerated, bathing its vast bulbous surface with hot, damp pants, causing its atrocious quivering to increase expeditiously.

For the first time since its unwelcome appearance, the creature remained quietly still, as it removed both of its controlling hands from her kneeling body to rest them trustfully behind its broad back, almost in a bizarre mutual understanding that its helpless maiden could take this unprecedented opportunity to freely examine the monumentally spectacular instrument of her impending cataclysmic defloration.

Firming biting down upon her dry bottom lip, Nichelle’s once striking mocha eyes were firmly glued onto the behemoths genitalia which continued to hypnotically pulsate, as its weighty tip almost rested against her salaciously hot teen face. Gingerly, Nichelle began to elevate her right arm to gently rest it upon the creatures amalgamated thigh-shank; the tightly intertwined hair and skin gave a peculiar tingling sensation into the palm of her comparatively tiny ebony hand, as her deliberately slow caressing movement towards its groin calmed the creatures boisterous snorting.

Nichelle’s courageous hand arrived at its diabolically colossal base camp, as her cautious fingers attempted to caress its elephantine root with her gently soothing touch. Instantly, she could feel the intense heat that radiated freely from the hellish trunk, as her increasingly assertive hand attempted to encircle its preposterous circumference; not succeeding much more than a half way around, she tightly gripped the fat monolith and squeezed. The creature expelled an unearthly thunderous wail, as Nichelle not even caring to notice the creatures maniacal lowing began to convey her enthralling embrace down the entire length of its elongated greasy pillar, immersing the captivated half breed into total submissiveness.

Reaching the base of its hysterically engorged head, Nichelle’s sliding hand paused as she witnessed its giant gaping slit suddenly open and spew out an endless ropey conglomeration of fresh, sticky pre-cum with remnants of its earlier terrifying procreation with her mother. The sudden release of its sticky emission onto her bedroom carpet released the unmistakeable odour of sex, as it instantly wafted into their wildly flared nostrils, removing any of the teens doubting thoughts and unlocking her carnal inner desire; her hand immediately plunging back to its root and rapidly returned along its irregular veiny surface to the underside of its bloated helmet, as the creature wildly snorted and lowed in what could only be unspoken overwhelming pleasure.

Harder and faster drummed the teen’s slippery hand as it plummeted back and forth along the miscreation’s incredible rippled length, whilst the phallic monstrosity continued its extraordinary growth in both length and girth; completely forcing and filling every erectile tissue beyond biological measure, surging insanely as it forcibly craned its hefty erection towards the ceiling, priming its mammoth prick for yet another unearthly explosion; her young beating hand now just a mechanical blur as it forcefully thrashed the whoppingly rigid phallus with all her teenage might and for all its disgusting worth; Slop, SloP, SLoP, SLOP, SLOPP, SLOPPP, as the exposed creature stood restlessly rocking its hips whilst hopelessly attempting to keep pace with Nichelle’s insane pummelling.

Nichelle’s mind was locked in a desperately depraved trance as she knelt point-blank in front of the creature’s heaving groin, unable to unfasten neither her zombiefied gaze nor her spooge coated fingers from its towering fuck tool. Using both hands, Nichelle forcibly pulled the immense trunk back down into a horizontal position so that she could feast on the mesmerising shuttering of its cock head slit; witnessing it violently huffing and puffing unimaginable filth from its cavernous serpent mouth only centimetres from her agog jaw. With each of her increasingly maniacal strokes, it seemed to deliberately taunt her with its apocalyptic revelation of its impending vicious assault on her maidenly teen cunt.

Nichelle could not help but notice the sudden change of tone in the creatures constant lowing, as the mammoth prick unexpectedly sprung free from her careless beating, instantly arching upwards as its heavily swollen cock head whipped against its muscular upper stomach with an almighty slap. The creature had finally had enough of the entrees and was greedy to devour the main course, quickly bending down to scoop the teenager from the bedroom floor with both of its muscular arms reaching underneath each of her shapely thighs.

‘OH MY GOD!’ screamed Nichelle, instantly waking from her hypnotic trance as she was lifted on upwards; ’What are you doing?’ The creature remained stationary, standing in front of the wardrobes full length mirrors, adjusting both of its sturdy hybrid legs so that they bent slightly in balance of the newly supported body weight. The creature had lifted and turned the helpless teen to face the wardrobe mirrors as her torso drew level with its own, and then suddenly shifting her upwards as the creature made its preparation for its final vile assault. Nichelle instinctively threw each of her athletic arms back over each of the monstrosity’s shoulders as she could feel herself tipping forwards towards the giant mirrors, in order not to smash her naked body through the shards of razor sharp glass if she happened to fall through it.

The creature had the squirming student securely fastened against its damp, heaving body with both of his elbows supporting the underneath of each of her soft thighs, as its forearms expertly and effortlessly lifted and separated her protesting legs widely apart. Each of her white sneakers finally perching on top of its bovine knees as they continued to restlessly push against her captor in a hopelessly futile effort to somehow escape, as she continually pleaded with the atrocious freak for her release. Nichelle looked over her shoulder onto the dark hairy crown of the bulls head, seeing its two boney horns pointing upwards, whilst one of its tips thankfully just missed her upper arm.

Nichelle hastily shook her wild entangled hair from her horrifically panicked face as she returned her gaze onto the wardrobes candid mirrors, as she could feel her damp back sliding down against its clammy broad upper chest as she was forcibly being lowered; her fearful eyes descended beyond the reflection of her convulsing groin as she witnessed its phenomenally gigantesque cock head extending its disgusting dripping tip against the entrance of her immaculately unsullied vagina.

This time this frustrated bovine-human abortion would not be yet again be denied its desired interspecies coupling with this fertile young maiden, as its fantastically unyielding erection began to easily part the heavily swollen walls of her outer labia. ‘OH FUCK SHIT – PLEASE NOOOO’, Nichelle’s frantic plea’s fell deafly upon its heartless twitching hairy ears; feeling once more her body slowly slipping down against its lower chest, as its mammoth impaling organ wantingly forced its unwelcome admission into her inner vestibule, stretching their lushly crimson walls as the bulbous slimy cock head careened upwards into her sumptuously warm and luxurious interior.

Nichelle closed her eyes tightly shut, gritted her teeth and held her breath as her adorable ebony cheeks puffed outwards in a fiery cardinal; She could feel every unblemished fibre of her pristine vagina rapidly being split apart by this unholy fuck tool, its monumentally elephantine size simply bulldozed its way through the gates of her hymen, treating her irreplaceable seal as tissue paper to the wind. ‘FF…FFFF…FFFFFFFuuuuUUUKKKKKKKKKKK’, howled the teen with the creature generating a lavish, drawn out grunt, deep from the unknown depths of its hairy bovine throat.

Suddenly Nichelle was unable breathe, as her tender groin was unceasingly stabbed by the torturous pain caused by this vile, obscene, oversized fuck meat, unceremoniously slithering its way along her taut vaginal canal; both her of eyes rolled back in their blooded sockets and her jaw fell widely open with desperately breathless pants. It already felt like its diabolical cock head had reached into her heaving lungs, blocking her wind pipe with its insane impaling, forcing Nichelle to once again clear her defective vision and focus into the mirrors appalling scene.

The creature had aligned its stocky bovine head alongside hers, feeling each of the bristles from its hairy cheek resting against the side of hers; her arms had fallen away from over its shoulders and found solace in tightly clawing to each of the creatures muscular elbows. Tears of pain welled up and rolled down her twisted face, boiling away as quickly as they emerged, as they evaporated over her burning cheeks; with every formidable inch of its incursion feeling like a lifelong affliction of hellish impalement.

The creature turned its massive bovine head to face the side of hers and unexpectedly extended its mucus coated tongue to draw across her sweating, salty tasting facial skin, in what could only be described as a revoltingly intimate interspecies kiss, ultimately ending inside her wondrously sculptured ear. However much she wanted to recoil against its slimy embrace, the incredible sensations emanating from within her precious groin could not be ignored, not for even a moment.

Nichelle stretched both of her arms upwards with the hope of pulling herself from its endless assault, finding each of the creature’s bovine horns; she grasped each tightly and lifted herself upwards only a little before the creature deliberately lowered its head so that once again the weight of her descending body stuffed even more of its unspeakable size upwards, finally reaching the impenetrable wall of her unprepared cervix.

The creature expelled a deep, victorious lowing as both of its sturdy bovine hindquarters seemed to tremor uncontrollably and momentarily buckle, causing the intertwined pair to stagger backwards into the side of her bed, tripping its monstrous lower leg so that they unexpectedly fell backwards onto her opulently soft latex mattress. Landing heavily on its broad back, with the weight of its passenger pushing into its stomach, the creature managed to cushion the sudden blow to its abdomen whilst steadfastly refusing to uncouple itself from the squirming youngster.

Quickly moving both of its arms to secure the resistant student, the creature locked both of its elbows under Nichelle’s knees as they were forcibly drawn backwards towards her torso; then intertwining the stocky fingers of both of its oversized hands behind her neck; Her head was unceremoniously shoved forwards with her chin almost resting against her upper chest as she was tightly locked into the most assailable of all positions. Cradling its mate, the creature forcefully prized apart Nichelle’s flapping lower limbs as it widened its supporting legs underneath her readied frame.

‘FUUUUUKKKKKKKKKK’, Nichelle bellowed as the creature launched its monstrous, slippery organ headlong, deep into the bowels of her trim stomach; expelling an atrocious ‘SLURRP’, before withdrawing the heinous erection with untold dynamism; its titanically bulbous tip lurched to a startling halt within her delightfully warm vestibule, not resting for a moment before the sex starved monster careened its towering ramrod once more back up her seductively tight velvet canal with an raucous ‘SLURRRRRRP’.

Nichelle widened her streaming red eyes as they focused forwards into their nightmarish mirrored reflection; ‘ooooOOOHHHHH (SSSLLUUPP SLLUP SLUP SLUP SLUP!) GGGGAAAAWWWDDDD (SLUP SUP SUP SUP!) ooooooOOOOOHHHHH (SLUP SUP SLAP AP AP AP AP AP AP!) ffff-FFFFF-UKKKKK’, howled the frenzied teen as her surprisingly adaptable cunt was savagely, recklessly, wildly, carelessly, frivolously, audaciously and mechanically pistoned, unmatched against any possible human congress.

Nichelle stared wildly onto their reflection, unable to divert her blurred, disbelieving eyes that continued to witness their truly diabolical copulation, as the creatures heavily ladened flailing bollocks crashed incessantly against her crimson thighs, as they juddered and beat to the ever increasing, frenzied rhythm of its thrusting hips; whilst its thwacking great rampant phallus continuously slammed itself with total abandon against her tender cervix.


It was all too late for the young ebony maiden, as her youthful body could no longer prohibit its savage, primeval urge to consummate this repulsive, unholy mating with the coveted orgasmic reward she unwilling sacrificed and it so eagerly craved; as the whole bruised surface of her inflamed vaginal walls instantly tightened around the creatures depraved erection; explosively squeezing all of the astronomical length of its vile, wicked phallus with intense pressure with one sole aim; to forcefully expel its demonic seed into her treasured fertile womb.

With one final almighty forceful thrust, the creature purposely pressed its huge cock deep inside Nichelle’s cunt, raising their glued sweating bodies up from the mattress as its massive phallic head rested against the inflamed gate of her prized cervix; its broad cyclops eye finally opening and instantly released a streaming torrent of hot, demonic sperm into her vacant womb; bursting wave upon wave of pure fertile scum into her unsuspecting ovaries , as her perfectly delicate ovule was doomed with their forthcoming human-bovine amalgamation.

The creature bellowed an unearthly lowing from sheer orgasmic delight, tightly holding his prized teen maiden in their full nelson breeding position, as its deep pulsating penis continued to detonte and coat the helpless teen’s innards with copious quantities of thick demonic seed.

Nichelle was completely undone, thoughts wildly racing as its vile sperm rapidly swam their way along her inner canal, locating her unexpected reception, forcing their way through its delicate membrane, to fertilise her humanity – as with her mothers with its abhorrent bovine DNA in order to create their abomination, just as the phone timers seconds counted down to zero.

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