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My first time with Jordan

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My boyfriend was always begging me for sex and I had always refused because I’m only 12, but eventually I gave in and boy was it good.

My name is Kelly, I am 12 years old and Caucasian, my boyfriend’s name is Jordan, he’s 14 and African, and after months of him trying it on, dropping hints, and practically begging me for sex, he eventually wore me down and I decided to give him what he wanted.

In the days leading up to me losing my virginity I had mentally prepared myself for it, I knew it was going to hurt, I knew he was going to see me naked for the first time and I knew I was going to be nervous because I had no idea what I would be doing, but nothing had prepared me for what actually happened.

He text me to let me know his parents had left the house, so I went round, I had already had a shower and made myself look pretty for him, we stood in the middle of his bedroom floor, hugging and kissing passionately, it was really lovely, he was wearing a t-shirt and beach shorts.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked me, sweetly.

I had to think about it once last time, but I was ready, it was time to do it, “Yes.” I replied.

I slowly dropped to my knees in my pink cycling shorts, I took a deep breath and I pulled on the cord of his shorts to unknot it, then I pulled on the sides and shuffled them down his legs, he was wearing tight boxers underneath, there was a big bulge behind them, a really big bulge.

I closed my eyes for a moment and took another long deep breath in, then I opened my eyes and very slowly pulled his boxers down and his cock and balls slowly revealing themselves, but his cock didn’t appear to have an end, more and more came in to view as I continued to pull his boxers down.

When it finally reached the end and sprung out of his boxers, it was at least 5 inches long, quite thick and just hanging there like a thick dark juicy sausage, it was a lot bigger than I’d imagined it would be.

“O-uh.” I gasped at the mere sight of it.

“You okay?” he asked me, stroking the top of my head.

“Yeah – Uh – It’s big.” I replied, with a stunned giggle, I go on with it anyway, reaching out I took hold of it, lifting it off his balls, he flinched a little as I got a firm but loose grip around it and I started to rub it back and forth, his cock actually had a bit of weight to it.

His cock was the first and only one I’d ever seen, I’d seen a few on babies but not like this one, not a proper grown one, it was very fascinating to me.

I could feel his cock getting thicker and firmer as I continued to rub it, it was also growing and eventually his foreskin disappeared completely and I was just rubbing this long hard pole with a single eye at the front staring at me, when he was fully erect his cock was at least 8 inches long, twice as thick as it was when it started, and it looked scary, the only thing I was thinking about was how was he meant to get that enormous thing in to my tiny pussy.

I started to have second thoughts, but I didn’t want to tell him that, instead I remembered my friend told me, I leaned forward and started to suck on his thick cock, having to open my mouth quite wide to fit it in, I thought if I could make him come by sucking him off then he won’t want to have sex, so I sucked on his cock and listened to him groaning pleasurably as I did.

“Oah, Kelly!” he groaned.

For the next 5 minutes I sucked on his cock like my life depended on it, but he wouldn’t come, then he pulled my head off it and helped me to my feet, he began to undress me until I was down to my underwear and he lead me over to his bed and told me to lay down, I was panicking inside, “Let me suck on it some more.” I begged him.

“Nah. That’s was nice, but I want to fuck.” He replied.

He got me to lay flat on my back and he pulled my panties off me, he lifted my knees up and spread my quivering legs apart and then went down on me and started to lick my pussy as though it was an ice-cream, which felt so good, “Ungh – Oooh – Oh god.” I moaned out, enjoying his tongue flapping around my crotch.

Once he’d got my pussy absolutely soaking wet, he crawled on top of me with his massive cock swinging between his legs, and I knew I wasn’t getting out of this now, as he lowered himself down and positioned his cock at my entrance, I squeezed my eyes tightly closed and waited for it.

An epic battle started between his cock and my hymen, he was pushing his cock hard into my crack and my hymen was struggling under the pressure but holding in there, then he began a hammering motion and my hymen could take no more, it surrendered to him, split open and his cock shot inside me, and just as I expected, it hurt like fuck, “Arggh-Ah!” I screamed.

“It’s in.” he announced, proudly.

“I know.” I gasped out with a squeak.

I was in shock that it actually fit inside, and my pussy was being stretched around the width of his cock, his cock invaded a part of my body that had never been used before, it was the oddest of feelings, it hurt and I wanted to scream and cry, but at the same time it felt good, it tingled and send pleasurable vibes up my body.

He started thrusting and our bodies, now connected and intertwined, began a smooth rocking motion that was quite pleasant, the inside of my pussy moulded around the shape of his cock as it was gliding in and out of me, suddenly I wasn’t in pain anymore and it was just lovely.

I suspect Jordan performed typically for a boy his age, a virgin getting his cock wet for the first time, a few minutes after we started doing it, he got faster and started to get over excited and he fucked me fast and hard, he was on top of me huffing and puffing, I help on to his firm butt cheeks as it bounced up and down at 100 miles per hour.

I felt him release as he let out a very loud, “Ooooooaah!” grunting sound, his cock bubbled up inside me and I could feel his warm sperm shooting off into me.

And that’s how I lost my virginity.

That first time wasn’t the best, but now that we had done it and knew what it was all about, it was all we could do, from then on whenever we’re together we try to find somewhere to go so we can have sex and fuck like rabbits.

And his enormous cock doesn’t scare me anymore, I love it now, I’ve deep throated him and had it swinging down the back of my throat a few times, and I’ve taken him up my ass hole twice now, I love my boyfriend and his massive cock.

I regret not doing it sooner, I wish I hadn’t been so shy, nervous and scared about losing my virginity, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, it was great actually, if I’d have known it was going to have been that good I would have just fucked him months ago when we first met.

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