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My first boyfriend and my dad

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Turns out my boyfriend liked my dad better!

I was in 6th grade, all my friends had boyfriends,so I got one too. At recess out behind the ball field fences, everyone would make out, some did heavy petting. I would not let him touch me under my clothing, but after weeks I was getting to wanting him too, but not in public at school.

We set it up to come over to my house after school, supposedly to do a homework project. My dad worked at home,, stayed in his office,, For days, we had touched each other, him my boobs and pussy, and me his dick. He would get really hard, I did not know what to do other than hold it. He went further, pinched my nipples and put his finger, or fingers inside my pussy. My dad never came around, we mostly forgot he was there.

It was the following week, my boyfriend had come over, we were in the living room. He had his hand up my dress and in my panties fingerings my pussy. His pants were open, pulled down a bit, I had his cock in my hand. He kept telling me to stroke him, you known rub my hand up and down, I still could not … and I hear my dad say, what is wrong with you, just jack him off! Freaked us both out. Dad waked in, saying he had watched us a few days, and said my boyfriend probably had the worst case of blue balls. Dad got on his knees right next to us and took my boyfriends dick in hand and started jacking him off. Well it was working well, boyfriend very hard and breathing heavy. The rest of my boyfriend had not moved, his finger was still in my pussy. Dad was just stroking away on my boyfriend, but with his other hand had reached into his own pants and was rubbing himself.

My boyfriend moaned, and my dad leaned forward and took my boyfriends cock in his mouth, I watched as cum leaked out of dad’s mountain and ran down my boyfriend s cock. Dad got up to his knees and pushed his pants open and down, and was jacking off. My boyfriend took his hand out from under my dress and leaned to my dad, taking dad’s dick into his mouth, which dad came into.

I was sitting there in shock. My dad looked at me, said that’s what I should of been doing. My boyfriend took off pretty quick after that. Dad again shocked me, by reaching under my dress and into my panties, sliding a finger into my ver wet pussy. He fingered me till I came. Saying after, that is what my boyfriend should have followed through on.

The next day after school, my boyfriend walked home with me, like nothing had happened the day before. My dad met us at the front door. Now without much said, the two of them ended up naked sucking each other’s dicks.

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  • Reply Z ID:15eyje2woii

    Highly enjoyed.

  • Reply Your boi (or gal, you'll never know uwu) ID:2mmja0sz

    This is a good idea, a really good idea. But it lacks substance and build up, it should be longer to give more plot points and fill in some holes (pun intended) but besides that this was a top tier story 5/5 <3

  • Reply a ID:gipxfsc44

    this is too good please continue

  • Reply BamaWoods ID:4o6ydgchi

    sounds like she needs to step in and take control to get some attention.