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My ex-uncle Jim 3: The birthday party

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So Jim is an over the road truck driver. He put in for a week off for his birthday. I could not wait. I love it when he is home. Susan and I prepared for his birthday party. We got him a cake and got out the smoker and smoked some ribs for when he came through the door. Susan is a great chef. She made some side dishes as well. Jim came through the door and we both wished him a happy birthday. He smiled and kissed and hugged me and lifted me off my feet like he did when I was a kid. He said “Hi” to Susan and she returned the hello with a seductive look. I chuckled. “Alright what is going on?” He asked. “Nothing”, we both said. Susan and I exchanging glances and smiles. We ate and sat outside watching the boats on the lake. After a few beers we went inside. “Ready?” I asked. She nodded. Jim went to the bathroom and came back and sat on the couch. Susan came up and kissed him. He froze. “I um..uh.” he stammered. “It is ok baby”, I said. Susan unbuttoned his pants. Moved his undies and took his dick out. She started sucking on his dick. His breathing became shallow as she went down on him. I came over and licked one side while she licked the other. We kissed each other once or twice when we got to the top. I deep throated him and she did the same. His cock started swelling and he came in Susan’s mouth. Susan and I Frenched kissed each other. Swapping my boyfriend’s sperm between us. It was so hot. “You wanted to watch so here we go. Happy birthday baby”, I said. I took Susan’s shirt off and exposed her tits. I sucked on them while removing her shorts. I could smell her sweet nectar. I kissed her. “Get the toys” I said. “Oh yeah.”, she said. She went and got her case. She took out a couple vibrators. I grabbed one and started moving it between her legs while she was standing. She kissed me. Susan said “lets move into the bedroom.”. We both grabbed an arm led Jim to the bedroom. I got naked and I laid on my back as Susan buried her face in my pussy. She parted my lips and began licking me. I started sucking on her clit. Jim was standing there rubbing his hard dick and enjoying the whole scene. “You going to stand there or join in?”, I said. “But you are on the bottom.” He said. “Not me her!!”, I said. He did not hesitate. The look on his face was priceless when he was told he could fuck my grielfriend. He rubbed his cock over her whole slit and I watched as his head met up with her hole. He slowly slid into her. She let out a gasp as his cock went in. It was so fucking hot watching my boyfriend fuck my girlfriend. Watching his big balls bounce against her. I helped out by rubbing her clitoris. She arched her back and moaned loudly as she came. She buried her face again in my pussy. She grabbed the vibrator and stuck it in me. I let out the loudest moan as I orgasmed my legs locked around Susan’s arm. Jim was not far behind. He let out an “errrr-uh” and pulled out and shot cum on her back, ass and my face. We did couple more rounds that night and we both fell asleep on Jim’s chest. I asked Jim the next day if he enjoyed his present and he said “Loved it!!” and he kissed me. Luckily for him Susan started becoming more of a regular in our sex life. She obviously enjoyed it as well. So glad I could share that side of my life with him as well.

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