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My Ex-uncle Jim 2: Susan

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Read my first post for more of the background who everyone is. So Jim’s birthday was coming up last year. We had been dating for a few months and he moved in. I wanted to do something big for his big 4-Oh. I have a girlfriend Susan that I fool around with once in a while. He always asked if he could watch us one time but I kept telling him no. I didn’t think Susan would be into it. But she was bi-sexual as well so thinking about it I asked her over. I asked if she thought Jim was hot. She asked why. “Because you and I are going to have sex and let him watch amd you are going to fuck him for his birthday. Maybe?That is my gift to him.”, I said. “What you own me now?” She said laughing. “Trade me off like a slave?” “Exactly!”, I said kissing her cheek. “Hold on. Nice dick?”, she asked. “Come on!” I said. “I told you before.” She said, “Ok. Is he good in bed?” “Very!”, I said. “Wait Isn’t he your uncle?”, she asked. “Oh fuck you sound like my mom!”, I said. “They have been divorced 20 years and there is no blood between us.” The phone rang. It was my Mom. She was nagging that I wasn’t raising her granddaughter right and we are having a sex party here tommorrow for Jim’s birthday. I asked how she came to this conclusion. My daughter mentioned that Susan was coming over for Jim’s birthday party and she went ballistic. The worst idea I had was telling her I was bi. She was thinking my daughter should stay with her and blah blah blah. I hung up. Visibly upset. Susan asked what was wrong and I just broke out crying. Susan always knew how to comfort me. Jim was a guy and never knew what to say but Susan was different. She brought my head to her breasts as I wept. She kissed my head. Shushing me like a mom as I wept. She lifted my head and I looked up at her and we started making out. Her tongue tasted so good in my mouth. She started lifting my t-shirt over my head and started sucking my tits. I held her passionately. I did the same to her. Unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her beautiful tits. I sucked her already hard nipples. I felt her slide my shorts down and then my underwear. She started rubbing my clit. I started kissing her and rubbing her beautiful little mound. She moaned as I touched her clit. She grabbed my hand to stop and grabbed her case. In the case were sex toys. Plugs, vibrators and dildos. Fun fun fun. We went to the master bedroom. I laid down. She grabbed a vibrator and started rubbing it against my clit and inserting it into me and doing it over again and again. She got on top of me in a 69. I grabbed one and did the same to her. I parted her beautiful lips and started licking her. Her pussy smelled so wonderful and she always tasted amazing. I sucked and licked on her clit as the vibrator went in and out of her. We both started shaking and came at the same time. She was smiling and looking at me seductively kissing me as we cuddled together on my bed. We did a couple more rounds of this and suddenly all the hurtful things my mom said seemed so distant.

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