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My Drunken Mom – Part 2

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I jerked off so many times that week I almost got carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist. I couldn’t fucking stop thinking about last Friday night when I had lost my virginity. None of my friends had lost theirs, I mean we were only 12 so all we had done is kiss a few girls and tried to grab their tits, if they had any lol. I had gone all the way, sucked on a bare tit nipple, tasted pussy juices and stuck my cock inside a pussy and fucked it, cumming inside. Fuck yeah, I was the man, of course I couldn’t tell any one except my best friend Teddy and he of course didn’t believe me. I hadn’t told him that it was my Mom I had fucked, I said it was just an older girl who let me as long as I never told anyone her name. LOL He laughed his ass off until I started to tell him in detail and then he believed me and wished he could fuck her too. I thought about that, letting Teddy fuck my Mom too, that would be so cool we could both fuck her one after the other. I wondered if she would stay passed out for that long and thought she would but that wasn’t gonna happen yet, not until I had fucked her a lot more times.
Friday I had a hard on all day but was unsuccessful in trying not to jerk off, I wanted to make sure I got a boner when she was passed out and I had my way with her. I couldn’t help it my cock was so hard all day I had to jerk off several times, well 6 times to be exact. Friday night came and after dinner we went into the rec room to watch tv and she had her drink with her. Pretty soon she was drunk and fell asleep in the chair, now to hatch the plan I had thought up since last Friday night. She had almost woke up a couple times last Friday and I was gonna make sure she didn’t tonight.
I went down the hall to her bedroom bathroom and looked in her medicine cabinet, ah yeah there they were the little sleeping pills she took sometimes. I grabbed them and took one out, then returned the bottle. I went into the kitchen and poured her another drink, dropping the pill into it and mixing it up. Then I went into the rec room shaking my Mom awake, which took a minute of constant shaking. Finally she woke up enough for me to help her down the hall to her room where I had left the drink on her night table.
I told her she hadn’t finished her drink and that she had to get undressed and get into bed. She swallowed the drink in a couple gulps and started to undo her dress with me still standing there, Her eyes were droopy and I didn’t think she could even see me standing in the corner. She stripped off her clothes until she had on just her bra and panties then stumbled into the bathroom holding onto the wall for support. I could hear her peeing and wanted to watch but didn’t want to take the chance of getting caught so I just stood in the shadows and stroked my swollen cock. The toilet flushed and she stumbled back out with out her panties on, I could see the dark bush between her legs, her hanging labia and the tops of her tits jiggling in her bra. I watched as she climbed into bed and in a few seconds she was out, I knew I needed to give her just a little more time so I walked over to my room and took off all my clothes and turned on a porno to watch for 15 minutes until I couldn’t wait any longer.
I walked back into me Mom’s room and pulled the cover off of her, she didn’t move she just lay there softly snoring. She was naked except for her bra and I pushed her over on her side so I could unhook the clasp and removed it. I rolled her onto her back once again and took a good look at my naked passed out Mother. I had been watching porn all week and now I knew what to do with her, I crawled up onto the bed and spread her legs, crawling in between them. I reached out and took her tits into my hands and began to play with them, squeezing the softness and pinching her big brown nipples. The nipples grew hard as I played with them and I leaned forward and sucked one into my mouth, sucking on it like a baby.
I was in fucking heaven, my mouth and hands full of my Mother’s tits and nipples, my cock rock hard as I reached down and felt her hairy snatch. I stuck my finger in between her folds and pushed it into her wetness, wiggling it around inside of her. After a few seconds I pulled my finger out and smelled it, it smelled awesome and I sucked the juices off of it tasting them on my tongue. I moved down over my Mothers tummy, down further , her pubic hair covering my face as I stuck out my tongue and licked her hanging pussy lips, sucking them into my mouth, MMMMMMMMMMM yummy, I opened her pussy lips with my fingers and stuck my tongue inside the wet pink hole. I groaned as I licked in as deep as I could and my poor engorged cock couldn’t take any more spewing its load all over the bedsheets. I groaned into my Mom’s pussy hole and kept licking it sucking the juices out of it, it tasted a little bit like pee but that soon disappeared but I didn’t mind I like the pissy taste.
I was really enjoying eating my Mother’s wet pussy hole and the more I sucked and licked the wetter it got. The harder my cock got too, until I knew it was time t fuck her, so I slid up over her and positioned my swollen 12 yr old cock at the entrance to her cunt and then I pushed the whole thing inside her, balls deep. She groaned when I did that and moved a little under me but I wasn’t stopping, no way and I began to pump in and out of her hot wet slit feeling the warmth surround my young 5″ cock. I lasted a good 5 minutes and my Mom was moving under me then all of a sudden I felt a wonderful wet warmth cover my cock inside her cunt and her eyes fluttered and she groaned as I pushed in as deep as I could and flooded her insides with my cum. I lay on top of her almost fainting from the exquisite pleasure of the experience. My young cock was still hard even after cumming and soon I was pumping into her again which went on for a good 15 minutes were she covered my cock again and I let loose another full load of cum inside her pussy.
I get up and pulled my limp cock out of her watching in awe as a big glob of my cum started to leak out between her pussy lips, I knew what to do and put my mouth over her cunt sucking on her slit tasting my cum and her juices mixed together, it was awesome. I sucked and licked like it was a gourmet meal and I couldn’t get enough. Finally I my jaw got sore and I quit, I took one more good look at her and covered her back up and walked back to my room exhausted.
My Mom slept in till noon the next day longer then she ever has and woke with a big hangover. She felt so shitty she never even noticed her pussy was a little sore from the pounding I gave it. She did however notice a bruise on her tit around her nipple from me sucking on it so hard. She told me her breasts were sore this morning. I told her she had fallen in the bathroom last night and maybe that’s what happened. She just shook her head yes and saying she couldn’t remember anything.
Come on next Friday

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    Cum every Friday inside her unprotected vagina, she is going to get pregnant.

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    That was hot

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    did he get her pregnant x

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    liked how out of it she is

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    Hurry up Friday

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    Love your story and please write more.
    There is nothing like moms pussy.
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    I would absolutely have multiple friends gangbang your mom see how many loads of cum she can take