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My Controlling Mother-In-Law Part -2

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My Mother-in-law made me suck my Father-in-law while I was pregnant.

…Continued from part 1(http://funstories.ga/2022/08/30/my-controlling-mother-in-law/)

I always used to be tired due to pregnancy. So during such weakness, I got comfortable with my creepy MIL and asked her for advice. I told her that I sometimes feel really horny and that her son, want to have sex with me but I don’t think I’m allowed. What can I do? She told her to leave her son’s problem she will talk to him. About my horniness, she told me to get in the bath. I undressed and went into the bath. Then she told me that during pregnancy you might feel such cravings. So what you can do is play with your clit, , only clit do not insert your finger inside. I was now a little more comfortable with her around watching me naked so many times. So I took my hands under the bubble and started to play with my clit. My eyes where closed as she sat on the edge of the tub and stroked my hair. She said, now the only way to calm you down is if you can eat some cum. That is good for your health and also for you being horny, the smell and taste will make you happy and hence the babies health will be good. I was shocked and opened my eyes. She said don’t worry continue with your clit. She then called her husband inside. I was a little restless and tried to get up to get a towel. She pushed me back down. “Relax” we are family. “Ed pull your pants down and give her your cum.” Ed immediately pulled his pants down and started to stroke his dick. “And you keep playing with your clit.” Don’t know why but I obeyed. She then brought Ed’s dick close to my mouth and made me suck on it. I did. Ed was playing with my big soft milky boobs. She was just watching as I was sucking his husband’s dick. I was getting close. And so was close. The smell of his ball did provide me with pleasure. And with a quick trust, Ed just came inside me. “Swallow it whole, do not drop it. That’s for your and baby’s health.”
It was so weird but hot that I came too. Then Ed left and My MIL stayed and help me get dressed. I had a smile on my face, it was working.

That same night I woke up to pee, as it was more frequent due to my condition. I saw my husband (Mike) was not next to me. I went to pee first. Then I went into the hall to check on him, but he was not there. I heard some muffled noises coming from the guest room. I saw lights were on so I opened the door to check on my in-laws. I was shocked at what I saw. Ed was lying on his back on the edge of the bed with his on the ground. My MIL was sucking his dick bent forward and my husband was fucking her pussy from behind. Oh my god!. MIL saw me she kept stroking Ed’s dick and said. “Come on in there are almost ready for you.” What? I thought. “Mike, what are you doing? Why are you fucking your mother’s pussy?” Before Mike could answer, MIL replied “You said that he need a pussy to fuck and I didn’t want him to waste his time searching for one. He needs to focus on you. And you sucked your father-in-law in the bathroom today, so I thought we are all ok with this.”
“What you sucked my dad?” Mike said without stopping to fuck his mother. “Your mom said It was good for my health to swallow his cum.” I said.
“Oh ok then give us a min, I am about to cum, you can take. Dad are you close?” Mike asked. “Need a little motivation,” Ed said.
My MIL said, “Amber get naked and start sucking him, come fast, we are all doing this for you, you too should contribute.”
Ed turned to me and now I was on my knees, naked, sucking my father-in-law, while now my MIL was on her back with her legs on her son’s shoulders while he was fucking her pussy. Mike was watching me suck his dad with a smile. “How does your daughter-in-law’s lips feel dad? Never thought I would see this, but I guess we all have to obey mom.” Mike held her mom’s boobs as she grinned. “Just for you kids,” She said. “Remember to pull out and deposit the cum in your wife’s mouth”
Mike kept watching me suck his dad, I too looked him in his eyes. It was a real turn-on for both. Ed started to jerk a lot he was going to cum. I kept looking at Mike as Ed came into my mouth making big moaning sounds. This turned on Mike as well and shoot his load in his mother’s old pussy. “Mike, look what you did, I told you not to cum in me,” MIL said. “Sorry mom, it was so hot watching Amber swallow dads load that I couldn’t control,” He said.
“Ok get off me. Amber come here and suck the cum out of my pussy,… fast” I don’t know why I was obeying her, but I did. I crawled to her on all fours and stuck my face in her crotch. She smelled great. Her pussy juices and her son’s cum smelled awesome. I licked what was flowing out of her dark pink pussy. It was a lot. Mike didn’t have sex for a while. Next, I placed my lips covering my MIL’s pussy and started to suck the cum out of her vagina. It tasted great too. I lifted my head to see, MIL and Ed kissing while Mike sucking on his mother’s tits. What a loving family I thought.

I took Mike with me, still naked and he licked my clit to bring me to sleep after an orgasm.

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  • Reply Jack ID:fzq6hxy44

    I wish I have a MIL like you and I have sex with her even my wife is not pregnant

  • Reply Blackyone ID:1fto8yx7v4

    Loved it