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Me and Mare horse with nun

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Me and my nun and mare had hot sex during my teenage years.

I had sex with a female and a nun simultaneously in a farm owned by my cousin. One day my father took me to meet a nun who was a very beautiful woman. She had a tight skirt and her breasts were supposed to be fairly large. Mom and I have known each other for a long time until I discovered that we both share a common taste: sex with animals. So I invited her to come to the farm privately while my relatives were out. The nun and I began to take our shirts off before we hurriedly threw each other in the stable. And I kissed her sporadically while having sex in the stable. And of course, I turned to look at the horse Sophia. Until I injected semen into the nun’s womb I switched to fucking the horse for at least 20 minutes while her nun kissed me and waited for the semen after ejaculating from the mare’s vagina. It was my first time having sex with something weird when I was 17. At least me and that nun kept coming to have sex so no one could get caught. Of course, the love between me and the nun was forbidden, but my sensitivity towards her was very high. Until she brought her juniors with the same age. She said she told me about my thrilling experience with horses. Until the second nun who came to the farm gave it a try before I could cuddle and have sex in the stable. I love having girls keep licking my balls until I cum again with a nun. Before I showed that I could mate with horses.

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    You are one lucky fucker, have all that help!!!