Mandy part 8 (The conclusion)

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This is the last part of my final story. I don’t have any more, just an idea of one.

One day Ben rang me saying he was going to a conference in Birmingham about his business and did I want to go with him? I was torn, the thought of spending three nights getting fucked by Ben was so tempting, but it wasn’t fair to leave Tony to look after Nicola. In the end Ben agreed that Tony could go as well he would have a room with Nicola so I could see them during the day while Ben was at the conference. I checked in with Tony I fed and bathed Nicola then shaved my pussy and had a shower. I put on a white satin slip dress and kissed Tony and went off to find Ben. I knocked on his door. He had just got out of the shower and had a towel round him. When he saw me he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees opened his towel and with me on my knees in the corridor said “Go on suck it.” It felt so naughty knowing that anyone could have seen us. I felt the thick strands of groul run down my legs. He pulled me inside and got me to rim him then suck his balls before he gave me a violent face fuck. I was on the verge of puking when he lay back on the bed and said “Do that thing with your cunt” I climbed on top of him and fucked his cock. He had been rough and aggressive when he face fucked me but now he groaned with pleasure and I felt proud of myself for making him happy. I thought we were spending the night together but he had to people to meet and he couldn’t risk it getting back to his wife about me. He said he would call me later when he got back. So I went back to Tony who went down on me despite my cunt overflowing with Ben’s cum and gave me a lovely orgasm. I then gave him a slow sloppy blow job which I have to say I enjoyed much more than Ben’s throat fucking. We fell asleep watching the TV until Nicola woke crying. I checked my phone Ben hadn’t called. The next day Tony and me had a lovely slow fuck. For the first time in my life I faked my orgasm to spare his feelings. Later we went out to the shops and I bought a sheer camisole and a micro denim skirt. Then we went to the park. I was feeling horny thinking about seeing Ben’s face seeing me in my new clothes.
“Feel how wet I am Tony”
“Fuck let my lick you” he said. We were on a quiet bench away from people. It didn’t take long for me to have a lovely squirting orgasm. I didn’t tell Tony but all the time I was thinking about Ben’s cock. I felt Tony he was rock hard I straddled him then finished him off in my mouth. When we got back I fed Nicola, showered and put on my new clothes. I was hoping to spend the night with Ben and as I walked along the corridor to his room I was so horny in anticipation. I knocked on his door “Come In” he called. I walked in smiling as I looked at him.
“Here she is” he said. It was only then that I saw there was another man in the room. “This is Barry” said Tony
“Hello” I said suddenly feeling very self conscious about how I was dressed and hoping that Barry would be leaving soon. Suddenly Ben pulled me onto his lap and parted my legs. “Look how wet this slut gets” he said to Barry. And then to me he said
“Go and give Barry a blow job” I couldn’t believe what was happening. I shook my head. Ben whispered in my ear.
“He’s a friend of mine and after he’s gone we can have some fun” So I went over and undid Barry’s belt and took out his cock. He was in his forties fat and ugly. His cock was not much bigger than Tony’s. I sucked him and he very quickly got hard.
“Now ride him” said Ben
“No I can’t” I pleaded
“Do it for me” Ben said putting my hand on his cock
“It’s alright I’ve got a condom. You can’t be too careful these days” said Barry
“There you are it’ll be fine” Whispered Ben
I got on top “Grip him with your cunt” shouted Ben. I did so
“Fucking hell that’s amazing” shouted Barry. It was all over in less than two minuets. I climbed off and Barry got dressed.
“That was fucking great” Barry said to Ben as if I wasn’t in the room. Ben took Barry to one side and spoke quietly to him. He didn’t want me to hear but I got the gist of it. He told him if he got the contract then Ben would make sure I was available to him whenever he came down to Devon. I was devastated. Then as Barry was going Barry said
“You say her boyfriend don’t mind”
“No the bloke’s a wimp. He’s babysitting right now”
He left Ben smiled at me “Alright” he said
“No I’m not, I heard what you said about he can have me anytime and Tony isn’t a wimp he is the nicest person I have ever met” He put his arms around me “Why did you make me have sex with him”
“Look don’t make a big thing about it” he kissed me and fingered me. I should have walked out of the room but my body started responding. He presented his wonderful cock to my mouth and I forgot my anger and worshipped it with my willing mouth. I loved it when I made him groan with pleasure and began to rim him. He picked me up and fucked me violently against the wall. I squirted all over his cock.
“Grip me with your cunt” he shouted. I did so and he put his strong hand on my throat squeezing until I almost passed out. He then dropped me to the floor and sprayed my face with his manly cum. I eagerly licked his cock clean.
“Well you better get back to your fella. I’ve got an early start tomorrow”
“Oh please lets do it again” I pleaded
“Fuck me I’ve never known a slut like you”
“What do you mean?”
“Someone who is so desperate to be fucked and gets so excited”
“Only by you” I said
“If we do it again I’m fucking your arse”
“OK” I said nervously as I set about getting him rock hard again.
Too say it was painful was an understatement. Once again I cleaned his cock with my mouth and went back to Tony and Nicola. I didn’t tell Tony about the evening but he sensed something was wrong. Apart from Tony I seemed to just let men use me. I didn’t know how to stop it but I didn’t want it to be like this for the rest of my life. I wanted a normal family life.
Tony’s music career was going well and a week after we retuned from Birmingham he talked about moving to London. I thought this might be good for me to break away from Ben. Although I would miss seeing Mum. Tony’s manager got us a flat just off Gloucester Road. At first it was great but Tony was away a lot. Then his manager wanted him to go to America for two months. I said I wouldn’t be able to go with him because of Nicola. So I was left stranded in London not knowing anyone. I was so unhappy and lonely. I kept thinking about Ben’s cock. I couldn’t just leave London. I had nowhere to go. It was my 20th birthday Tony rang me from America and told me how well he was doing out there. I tried to sound cheerful for him. I spent the rest of the day crying. The next day was sunny and mild for November and I took Nicola out for a walk. I sat on a bench in Kensington Gardens just people watching. I saw couples and young families and thought what a mess I had made of my life. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I gently sobbed
“Hey what’s up? Don’t cry” It was a tall black man
“I’m sorry, I’ll be okay” He sat down next to me
“I can’t leave a pretty girl crying” He said putting his arm around me. It had been so long since I had human contact I snuggled up to him. He kissed my tears then he kissed my lips. It was wonderful and I responded. I felt myself juicing up.
“I think you need some loving” he said. I nodded. He asked me where I lived and I told it was just ten minuets walk so we headed off. He put his arm around me inside my coat and rubbed my bottom
“No panties” he said and then noticing my jiggling tits “Or bra”
“I’m sorry I’m a bit weird”
“No darlin’ just a very sexy lady”
“Kiss me again please” I said. He did so his tongue exploring my mouth as I pressed myself againts him
“Thank you that was lovely” I said. We soon arrived at my flat I fed Nicola and put her down. He asked me if it was my own place. I explained it was rented by my boyfriends manager. He asked me about my boyfriend and I explained he was in America for a few months. Once Nicola was settled Leon kissed me again. His big hands squeezing my bum and tits so that my breast milk leaked through my dress. He lifted my dress off me and sucked my tits. He fingered my cunt I parted my legs wide.
“Fucking hell girl you want it so bad”
He put my hand on his cock it seamed to go on forever I pulled down his trousers and pants. It was like a policeman’s truncheon. I caressed it and licked and sucked it. It got frighteningly big. He put it between my tits and tit fucked me. Then he bent me over a chair and rubbed his massive cock over my soaking wet cunt entrance. It felt wonderful but I was nervous of the size then he started to push it in me. God it hurt but only for a short while my pussy seamed to adjust and welcome this intruder. Each thrust he was pushing it in a bit more. Then I had the mother of all orgasms gushing over his cock. I then went crazy thrusting back harder and harder onto his log of a cock. He spanked me while he fucked me. I was taken aback but the it added to the sexual excitement. He then pulled out and lifted me in the air and turned me upside down so we were in a 69 position but standing up. As soon as his mouth was on my cunt I was gushing and my cunt went into non stop spasms. I was crying with joy while doing my best to fellate him. He then lowered me down and face fucked me hard. I was gagging and my eyes were streaming, he smacked his cock against my face while roughly shoving his fingers in my mouth. He then slapped me and called me a stupid white slut. He then threw me on the bed and fucked me so hard I passed out through the intensity of the orgasms. He came with such a final thrust I was nearly forced off the bed. We both lay there in silence our bodies wet with perspiration and my gushing. He finally withdrew and presented his cock to me. It was wet and creamy I savored it before doing my duty and licking and sucking it clean. He then said he wanted a shower because he didn’t want his misses to smell another woman on him. After he was dressed he asked me if I had I spare key. I said I didn’t he told me he would be back tomorrow.
The next day he arrived with another younger man
“This is my brother Leon” he said “He is going to be looking after you” with that he left. I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say. Leon put his bag down and took out a splif and lit it. He drew hard on it then offered it to me. I hadn’t smoked dope for a long time and I wasn’t happy about him smoking in my flat but I thought I would like to try I choked on it so he inhaled then blew the smoke into my mouth. I was soon getting high and after a few times when he blew the smoke into my mouth I started kissing him. The dope was making me so randy. I straddled his lap and took my top off I kissed him with passion and pushed his face in my tits. I could feel his cock harden so I got on my knees and took out his cock. It wasn’t as big as his brothers but it was nice and thick. I could taste pussy on it so he had already fucked someone today. Once he was hard I rode him for all I was worth. He was soon thrusting hard from below and shot his load inside me. I was quivering with ecstasy. I felt him go soft so I got up and went to clean his cock but he pushed me away and took a shower. I showered my self. He more or less ignored me for the rest of the day making phone calls. Then in the evening people started calling, he would answer the door it was obvious he was using the flat to sell drugs. My life was falling apart. Tony rang that night to say he thought we should split up as he was going to be in America for quite a while.
“Have you met someone else?” I asked
“Sort of” he said “I know I don’t satisfy you properly and I just need someone I feel more compatible with”
I told him I understood. He said his manager said I could stay at the flat as long as I wanted and to drop the keys off at the office when I moved out. I have never felt so low I felt so bad about losing Tony. In my mind it was down to my infidelity. I was in a place where I didn’t know anyone. My boyfriend had left me and my flat was being turned into a drug dealers den. Over the next week I spiraled deeper into despair. I was blocking the world out with drugs that I later found out was crack. I was pestering Leon for sex. When he obliged he would slap me about and throat fuck me and worst of all I wasn’t looking after Nicola properly.
Mum could tell things were not right with me and came up to visit. She was horrified at how I had let myself go. She told Leon to leave or else she would call the police. She helped me pack we handed in the keys and returned to Devon. So I was back living with Mum and Ray. Dean had graduated and had a good job in Bristol. Mum took me to the doctors and I poured out everything to her. She referred me to a specialist psychiatrist specializing in compulsive sexual behavior. I was put on anti depressants and I saw a psychotherapist for a year. It took a long time but I finally got my life on track. I got a office job in Exeter working for the council and it was there I met my husband. I think I will always be highly sexed but then so is my husband. I had two more children a boy and girl. Nicola is nineteen and lives with her boyfriend who works at the airport. I heard that Trevor had spent some time in prison and Liam moved to Bournemouth. Tony lives permanently in the US his music career tailed off but he does get small acting parts.

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    love your horny stories. prefer it when devon based so i can relate to the fucking as i’m a devon boy.