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This is the story of Lynn who we met in Bridget part 4.

My name is Lynn. I never knew my father. My earliest recollection was of my mother being fucked. She made so much noise I thought she was being killed but afterwards she kissed the man all over and told him he was wonderful. From then onwards I always got a funny feeling when I thought of it. I reached puberty at aged ten and soon developed impressive breasts, and so attracted boys who would poke and prod them. At the age of thirteen I had my first proper boyfriend he was fifteen. He took me over the fields and put his hand up my dress and rubbed my pussy. He then continued upwards until he had reached my tits and lifted my bra over them. He squeezed my nipples with one hand and with the other he put his hand inside my pants and fingered me. Soon he stopped and said “Wank me off” I didn’t know what to do so he said “Undo my jeans and take my cock out of my pants” I did so and he showed me what to do. He came quickly over my hands. I felt all horny and licked it off my hands. His cock went small I said “Make it big again” I started playing with myself in front of him. I made myself cum. I opened my eyes his cock was back to size. He broke me in and I went home feeling all grown up. I’d had painful periods from the age of twelve so I had been put on the pill and had no worries about getting pregnant. We fucked most days during the summer holidays. When we went back to school he told all his friends about us, so I finished with him. I think
I better tell you my mum is a heroin addict and is on the game. She had me at sixteen. My next boyfriend was her dealer/pimp’s son I was 14 he was 18. He was good looking but a complete bastard. He would beat me up. Stand me up and make me look stupid in front of his friends. If we went out together sometimes he would chat up another girl and leave with her. I stayed with him because I felt grown up being with him and because I was afraid of him. He got me into drugs and for a short time on the game. His dad put a stop to it because of my age and he soon got bored with me. My next boyfriend was a lorry driver who was 23 and married. I first met him when a friend asked me to babysit with her for a couple down her road. When the couple returned, the husband insisted on walking me home. He was good looking and on the way home he paid me compliments, saying I was very pretty and had a great body. We stopped at the park and kissed. He sat me on the swing and took off my knickers. He knelt down licking my young wet cunt. Then he pulled me over the edge of the seat and forced my legs apart and filled my hole with his rock hard cock. He stood still and moved the swing so my cunt moved from the tip of his cock to the base. My hair was brushing the ground. He kept this up for ages. I was moaning with pleasure and had my first orgasm. Still he kept up this rhythm only harder and deeper. My next orgasm was massive and he came powerfully inside me. He took out his creamy cock, I sat up on the swing and licked it clean. He said he would like a proper blow job but had to get home to fuck his wife. He would often ring me to meet him and once I went on an overnight trip with him in his lorry. All night he fucked me. Each time I would suck him hard for another fuck. He never took me out or bought me anything. Although he was a fantastic fuck he stopped calling. Maybe he found another bit on the side.
My mum wasn’t getting any punters so I had to go on the game for a while. Then a wealthy client bought me. I am now only available for him although he allows me a lot of freedom and pays me well. I have to be there for him when he wants but he often goes abroad on business. When I first met Bridget he was attending a business dinner and called me to meet him under the pier. He loves public fucking and is a considerate lover and gives me an orgasm with his tongue before I straddle him. He loves my tits to bounce as I ride him hard for another orgasm before dismounting for a lovely mouthful of his cum.

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