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Lilly and Mr Norman

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My name is Lilly and this is my life. I am bubbly girl that is full of life. I live in a strict home but that doesn’t stop me from experiencing the world. I always find a way, it is just who I am.

I have made friends with everyone in my neighbourhood and I am particularly close with Mr Norman. He is an old sweet man who lives at the end of my street.

My parents won’t let me use the internet at home and they won’t let me have a phone. They think the internet and social media will spoil me and corrupt me. But Mr Norman lets me use his phone and computer.

He spoils me a little, he even helps me record my social videos and photos. I am pretty comfortable around him. I usually wear house clothes around him. He lives alone and he is always interested in hanging out with me. He makes me feel like a princess.

I usually wear just short tights and half top at his. My parents wouldn’t approve so I have a change of clothes that I bring to change into when I leave. I just hate wearing too much, it weighs me down. Mr Norman isn’t bothered by it and so aren’t I. Only on occasion my nipples get hard and visible, but it doesn’t bother me and Mr Norman just jokes about it.

He will always say something like “which ways North Lilly” and we will just both laugh. My tights ride up my ass cheeks sometimes but it’s pretty normal these days to have half your cheeks out. I don’t wear panties either, who does with tights. Only once it was an issue, I had on white tights and I ran out in the backyard during the rain.

So when I got back inside, everything was a little see through. Mr Norman was a little more excited then normal and it was a little exciting for me to, it was like I had a little exhibitionist side to me. Mr Norman also helped me in another way. I had opened up to him that I have no privacy at home, so it was hard to look after myself and my needs.

So he gave me my own room. So I use that room to self pleasure, since I have no privacy at home. Mr Norman knows what I do in there and is very supportive. When I first used the room, I was so nervous and quiet because I was so shy.

But when I came out of the room after self pleasuring that first time. Mr Norman said I must of had a bad time in there and I said no I had a good time. I then asked what made him think that. He then told me that he thought that because he heard nothing from the room.

I told him I wanted to be respectful and didn’t want to disturb him. He then told me what makes me happy makes him happy. So he said to be as loud as I want, the louder the better. So he gave me the freedom to be vocal. I did let myself moan and it felt good.

He would greet me after I would come out the room and I would just hug him to thank him for letting me release myself. He would even keep the room clean for me and change the sheets for me. So I always have fresh sheets to self pleasure on. He even bought me a vibrator and dildo. Just a small one but it was perfect.

I would orgasm like crazy with those toys. I even remember on my birthday, I went over and did a little session on myself. I squirted everywhere and was sweaty all over and I heard a knock on the door. I said come in and it was Mr Norman with a cake for me to have in bed.

I was so open with him that I didn’t even bother covering up. He sang happy birthday to me and I had cake in bed as he sat at the end of my bed. I am pretty sure I still even had the dildo just sitting half in my pussy while I had cake.

After that day I was lot more comfortable with him. We would watch a movie and it would get up to a sexy scene and he would let me play with my pussy on the sofa beside him. He would even pause it for me so I could finger myself to a hot image. Sometimes I even brought the dildo to the sofa with me. He made me feel so comfortable around him, he never pushed his boundaries, not that there were any. I even held his had during movies and he didn’t even care that it had all my pussy juice all over my fingers.

I adored him and he adored me. He made me feel like a queen.

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  • Reply Funguy19730 on kik ID:fzq6k7943

    Please continue

  • Reply BamaWoods ID:4o6ydgchi

    It is always nice to have a safe space and those that care fr you, I hope you can thank Mr. Norman properly. Look forward to reading more about your adventures

  • Reply Malii ID:8cj8015499

    Well if you want to chat more I’m a 17m and with the same problems like u at your home. My email is [email protected]
    (It’s my private email so i get priavcy)

  • Reply EmilyG ID:2jp99lexib

    Thats a nice story and so cute. Thank you. xxx

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