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Lilly and Mr Norman Part 2

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So as you could imagine Mr Norman and I grew pretty close over the summer. His home became my second home and we became inseparable.

Mr Norman started to really treat me special. If I wanted something, he would buy it for me, If I wanted a food he would buy it for me without hesitation, he would do anything for me. what type of girl would reject that kind of care and attention.

My lust only grew more intense, I started to let Mr Norman help me masturbate. I got so bored of doing it myself and one day he asked if I wanted a hand. So I thought why not. So while we would watch a movie he would rub my pussy for me. He had such big hands with thick fingers, it felt so amazing.

My pussy took a bit to stretch to just fit his two fingers. But wow was it worth it, it would only take a few minutes before I would be gyrating uncontrollably on his fingers and squirt everywhere. He loved the smell of my pussy juice and would always sniff it. He would also lick his fingers after fingering me. It was flattering and made me feel special.

Sometimes he would dip his fingers in the cum that was seeping out of my pussy and lick it. I thought that was gross but he loved it. He even fingered my asshole on some occasions, I could only fit one finger and even then he would like his fingers.

This all was a casual thing to start but it quickly turned into a the norm around the house. On some occasions I would be in the kitchen making lunch and he would just come up from behind and just reach down into my pants and start fingering me and on other occasions he would be doing the laundry and I would come in and lean over the washing machine so he can finger my pussy and play with my ass.

I loved where our friendship has lead too. Of course it didn’t stop there, he asked if he could self pleasure on the sofa beside me and I thought, well he lets me so why not let him. So I said yes, he then pulled out his penis and it was huge. He started to wank and I started to finger myself as I washed him. I would then be the first to squirt all over him and then he would squirt.

He tasted my cum so I was curious on his. So I dipped my finger and tasted it. It sorta tasted like a salty pineapple. This new experience was so amazing. But it got better, he loved tasting my pussy juice so much that he asked if he could lick my pussy. I was nervous at first but of course I said yes. So he knelt down between my legs and started to like all round my pussy.

He made his way from my outer lips to my inner clit. It felt so so amazing, my head went into another dimension. His tongue went inside my pussy and he started fingering my pussy with his tongue. I started to hump his face and I was leaking pussy juice all over his face.

He then lifted my legs up and started to suck on my rose bud down there. I thought it would be so gross but it felt so amazing. My asshole opened up and he started penetrating my asshole with his tongue. I couldn’t take it for much longer. It felt too good. I ended up shoving his face back into my pussy and he tongue fingered my pussy until I squirted into his mouth.

He drank my pussy juice and sucked all the juices up off my pussy. I could barely walk or talk after that. It was so good, he then sat up on the sofa and began to wank. I asked him what he was doing and he said he wanted to cum while he could still taste my pussy.

I wanted to return the favour so I then surprised him by leaning down and taking his penis into my mouth. I had never done that before but I had seen videos and i began to bob my head on his penis like the video. He seemed to love it, I then remembered how he licked me everywhere so I then licked down his shaft and to his balls. He really liked that, I sucked on his balls for a bit and he started to breathe really heavy.

Luckily due to his age he wasn’t hairy and it was fun for me. I also remembered how it felt for him to suck on my rose bud. So I lowered my head to his asshole and I started to lick it. His eyes flew open and he started to moan really load. I sucked on his asshole for a bit and moved back up to his balls. I then continued to rub his asshole with my fingers as I started to take his penis back it his mouth.

He really liked that, I could tell something was about to happen with the way he was breathing and how his penis was pulsating. I then went as deep as I could go on his penis and out of nowhere he pushed my head down further and he cummed down my throat. I gagged and coughed but I swallowed because he drank my cum. I licked his penis clean and he thanked me and thanked me.

After that experience he bought me a LV bag. I was so surprised because of how expensive they are. He said it was a token of his appreciation. So as you could imagine, I forced that penis back down my throat after that. I kept getting more presents and I kept getting better at going deeper.

His best friend did come over one day and I was so sad because I couldn’t come that day but Mr Norman said he wanted to show me off. So I came over and he cuddled me in front of his best friend and his friend looked so impressed.

His friend complemented me on my beauty and told us how jealous he was. Mr Norman then wanted to really boast. So he told me to suck his dick in front of him. I was nervous and shy at first but I didn’t want to let Mr Norman down. So I got on my bent down and undid his panted and took his penis in my mouth in front of his friend. His friend was sitting opposite us.

So all he could see was me bending over and my head bobbing down. He started to really comment on how sexy this all was and how jealous he was. Then Mr Norman said have a look at this. He reached forward as U sucked he dick and lifted my skirt up. He then pulled my thong down revealing my bare open ass and pussy to him.

His friend was like oh wow, she is so beautiful. That asshole and pussy looks so amazing. Norman you are such a lucky man!! He shouted out. It made me feel so special. He then asked Mr Norman if I would do him.

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