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Kris Pt 3D

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Kris’s first full day of sexual adventure wraps up here. She’s been through a lot. Down the road will be another adventure in Kris Pt 4

I let Kris rest on me about 10 minutes longer then saw the time was 3:15. Only had another hour and 45 to play with my sexy little lover.

Krystal….. Krystal Lynn….. time to wake up and go to school. “Nooooooo, I’m comfy.”
C’mon babe, let’s get up. “Okaaay” Kris raised up and gave me a drowsy smile. I gave my love a kiss on the forehead as she was too short to kiss on the mouth in this position. I lied back down and spotted my Kodak EK6 camera on a top shelf and thought: (Damn, I should have grabbed that to take pics of Kris’s strip show.) But I could take some pics now.

Kris, I’m going to roll us over on Your left side. When I pull out of you I want you to squeeze your butt shut best you can then get back on your hands and knees. “What are you going to do?” I’m going to take a picture of you. “What? Naked like this?” Just your butt. No one is going to see your body or face. “Oh, ok.” And when you get on your hands and knees point your butt towards the table lamp here. “OK” Here we go.

I rolled us over and pulled slowly out of Kris. I got up out of her way to get the camera and a rag while she got into position. I turned on the overhead light and table lamp which I pulled the shade off of. Thank goodness the camera still had a full pack of 10 pics. I got behind Kris and adjusted the camera for close ups. I stuck the rag in front of Kris’s butt in case she was going to blow or something. Hell, she probably had a quart of lube and cum in her! Ok babe, just relax your butt and see what happens. She relaxed and there was no big crisis so I got down behind her with the camera. She was still opened up about the size of a nickle. Her ass crack and pussy were coated with lube and shining from the light. I had an idea. I waited and slowly a river of cum and lube started flowing out of Kris’s asshole. I put the rag down about where I thought the flow would land. I steadied myself and when a thick waterfall of cum about 5 inches long was hanging down from Kris’s butt I took a shot. I backed up and it was still flowing. I caught another pic when there was about an 11 inch tapered stream hanging down. The flow slowed and broke apart. I put the camera down and scraped up what cum and lube off the rag I could gather and smeared the whole mess all over Kris’s ass and pussy. Another shot. I then told Kris to push and I was going to use the plug to open her up so we could get the cum out. (He He He) I ripped the plug off the belt and told Kris to Push. She opened up and flowered out to about 3/4″ again. I pushed the plug into her ass and worked it almost to the point of going in fully. I told her to push and hold one more time and when she did I pulled the plug, grabbed the camera and took a quick shot. Nice, she was opened at least a full inch in this one. I then did a close up of just her ass and pussy. Her hole was open and flared and her plump peach had several drips and streams of cum and lube hanging off of it. That one should be on the front cover of the NY Times.

I put the camera down and used my index finger and thumb to just feel and rub around Kris’s asshole lips. It had been quite awhile. I was getting hard again…

OK my love. Time to get you cleaned up.
I had Kris slip off the edge of the bed leaning against it. I put my shoulder against her belly, told her to grab my butt and I picked her up and carrier her to the bathroom with her butt in the air. Of course she screamed when I picked her up until she realized what I was doing. One we cleared the bedroom door I started giving Kris little swats on the butt. She was like “Owe, that’s my butt.”
I gave her Noooooo, it’s my butt now, forget already? “OK, it’s Your butt and you should take better care of it!” Yes Dear.

I sat Kris down in the bathroom and we jumped in the shower to wash off some. We got out and dried off then Kris needed to pee. Hmmm, now may be a good time. And we had the time. Dare I??

Babe, you can pee in the bedroom. “I didn’t see a bathroom there. Where’s it at?” Follow me. “OK, where?” Get on the bed and I’ll show you. All the way on the bed and put your head up by the pillow..”OK, where’s it at?” You’re laying in it. “What?” You’re going to pee in the bed. “Are you crazy? Your bed will be all wet and stink like pee.” No it won’t, I have a plastic sheet down under the blanket. “But why do you want me to pee in the bed anyway?” Because I want to take pictures. “Again with the pictures.”(laughing) Please babe, I thinks it’s kind of sexy, hot. You know. Dirty nasty. I like all kinds of “Bad” things like that. You thought butt sex was crazy, but look at you now!. “OK, what do you want me to do?”

I put some towels down under Kris’s ass running to the foot of the bed then threw some old blankets on the floor past that in case she really launched..
I grabbed the camera. Now spread your legs and pull your knees back. Now reach around with your hands and spread your pussy lips first. I want to take a pic of your open pussy before you pee. Click! Nice babe. Kris had a perfect matching pair of delicate petals and a rounded knob of clit above. Now, can you pee and stop, then pee again? “Yes” OK, I’ll tell you when to pee and when to stop. Stop the best you can anyway. I got next to the bed and back aways so I could get a distance shot from Kris’s pelvis to the foot of the bed. Pull your lips apart so they’re out of the way.
OK babe, Pee! Kris shot a perfect, smooth arc of pee to the foot of the bed that I got a pic of. Stop . She did well. Then I went to the corner of the bed to get one from that angle. Then one as close to her pussy shooing out away. Then a couple of close ups of her pussy while peeing. Sexy stuff for sure and I was out of film now.

I had Kris get out of bed and I gathered up all the soiled towels and the blanket then tossed it all in the laundry room. I wiped down the plastic sheet with paper towels and threw another blanket on.

Let’s lay in bed Kris. I shut the lights back down.
What did you think of the butt sex? “mmm, it hurt a little at first…. when I was learning, but then it was good. Kind of intense and exciting! ”
I really liked the way your butt grabbed me. Like once I was inside you didn’t want to let go. “Well… once you were inside… I just felt so full. New feelings…. and I could feel your cock was so hard and pulsing.” “Is that what pussy fucking feels like?”
For me it’s a different feeling. Your butt muscle is stronger than your pussy muscle so.. a butt can milk my cock better than a pussy. But they both feel really good, just different. “What about for me?” I’m not a woman… as you may have noticed, but I think the fullness is the same, but you’re just feeling my cock with different feelings. Kind of like putting your hand and foot on the same sharp rock. They will both feel the pain, but maybe in a different way. “That makes sense.”
Baby, did you cum when I fucked you? “Kinda, sorta” “I about passed out from the feelings, but not the same as when you licked me. ”
Will you let me make you cum one more time before you go? We have well over an hour before you have to go. “I don’t think my butt can do that again for awhile!” No babe, I want to lick you. We’ll just do it slow and easy. You just lay back and relax and I’ll lick you whether you cum or not. Just giving you pleasure. You made me so happy letting me fuck you and I’m very proud of you for that. I never thought we would go that far. Plus you can ride my cock another time. We never did it on the couch like we wanted, (laughing)

“Yes Darlin, please lick me!” There she is!
I got up and got us some drinks and grabbed the joint. Flipped the Indian music tape over, hit play.then lit some more incense.

We had a drink and a toke then I had Kris get in the center of the bed. My lover spread her legs and I went to her. I got on my stomach and just gave Kris a leisurely licking and kissing on her closed pussy for awhile. I then licked around the edge of her pussy where it joined her hips, sucked on her pussy lips and gently pulling on any fuzz long enough to pull with my lips.. I then gently slid my tongue up and down between her labia. Kris was getting worked up now. My little lover was wiggling her hips around trying to chase down my dancing tongue. It was so cute. She tried to buck up hard and I backed off. “Ooooh, lick meeee!” I will if you spread your lips for me like you did when you peed. I never seen hands move so fast.! She reached around each side of her ass and opened her peach up for me to dine and dine I did. Mmmm babe, thank you for the dessert! I lovingly licked up and down and in between each petal then licked and sucked on her clit, but was still just teasing her some. She was back to trying to get me to go deeper so I finally stuck my tongue into her opening as deep as I could to lick her out. She went nuts then and grabbed my head showing me what she needed. Kris was bucking, moaning begging me with her little chant, Lick me, lick me, eeeeew, yes, yes….. I let her ride my tongue for awhile then backed off again as I didn’t want her to come yet. ” Why’d you stop!!” Baby my tongue was getting tired and I needed some air… and to offer an idea! (he he he)

I tickled around Kris’s pussy with my fingers and offered – Baby, I have an idea I want to try that I know you’ll love. ” What’s that?” Well, you know when we were playing with the butt vibrator? “Yes” Well, you said you could feel it in your pussy. I’m thinking it would drive you wild if we put the egg in your butt. ” I’m still a little sore to be fucked.” No babe, we’ll just open you enough to get the egg inside and just leave it there to vibrate. No in and out stuff. You can even control the vibrator. At least try it. “Mmmm, OK” That’s my girl!

I grabbed the egg, which was only about 1″ diameter, and lubed it up.
Ok, baby, all you have to do is push once and it will go in. Ready… Push. My baby opened up and the egg slid right into her puckered hole. OK, babe. “Wow, that was easy” See love, you’re already much better at it.
Here’s the controller. I’m going to starting licking you deep again so just start turning the dial like I showed you when you’re ready. You can set the controller down when you get it adjusted if you need to grab my head. “OK”
I starting licking Kris’s pussy again and worked myself back into her core. She started her hips again and I tried to lick into her as deep as I could. I felt the vibrations start then she went to bucking. The low deep hum in her ass had her going again. She reached down and grabbed to back of my head and a handful of hair and jammed me into her. She was bucking so much I had to pull my tongue out enough to just let her ride it up and down her labia and clit. It didn’t take her long. She was moaning and chanting her ” Oh, oh, oh, mmmmm, oh god, oh god, ha, ha ha, ha, ha, ha, then EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE she screamed out while she came and locked up. She had my head pinned so tight all I could do was breath through my nose till my baby went limp releasing me and dropping her legs.
I shut off the vibrator and grabbed one of the rags then went to the bathroom to get some water on it to cool my lover down. I went to her and wiped her face, neck and chest down till she was back with the living.

So how was that my love? Feel anything That time? My poor baby was licking her lips and trying to find her voice. “Hooww loong haave I been paassed out.” Only a minute for me to get the washrag wet for you. “Oh, … everything went so crazy….and and the throbbing in my butt and pussy….. and and I didn’t know what was happening.” Just lie down and rest babe, You had a massive cum. I went to wet the rag again and wiped my lovers face and body down some more.

It was 4:15 now so I let Kris rest 10 minutes while I picked up the place.
Time to get up babe. “Noooooo” You have to get ready to leave soon…. or do I need to go tell your Mom you’re going to stay the night with me? “Yes, I’m going to stay here tonight” Oh baby I wish you could. “I know… Okaay.” Kris sat up and grabbed the controller and tried to pull it before she realized the egg was still in her butt. I laughed at her and asked if she wanted to take it out now or just drag in down the street sticking out of her butt? “Out Now!” I had her lay back and put a towel under her butt, spread her legs then push and we popped it right out.

Ok girl, hit the shower. “Carry me Darlin!” Yes Dearest.
I got my love over my shoulder and we headed to the bathroom . This time I just rubbed Kris’s ass and cooed, I just adore my pretty pretty butt. I want to kiss and make sweet love to it everyday! “Now that’s better!”

I jumped in the shower with Kris to get her cleaned up pronto! While she washed I set up the douche bulb again and made a fresh batch of cleanser. Kris knew the routine now. All I had to do was tell her to bend and push and we worked the nozzle into her ass. I’d squirt the load, she’d hold awhile then push it out. We just did two cleansers and 2 rinses then I had her sit on the toilet for a minute just in case while I got dressed and got her clothes ready. Kris dressed and brushed her teeth and hair. Girl was a mess!

Kris and I went to the kitchen table where I fixed us some ice cream and we just sat and talked about the days big events.
She had discovered her new sexy clothing I’d gotten her. Done a strip show and gave her first blow job then had her pussy eaten. Went from finger poked in the butt to full on riding my cock. Was a butt and piss model then had her pussy eaten with a vibrating toy in her ass to a crashing orgasm. Ah, just the average day in the life of a soon to be 7th Grader!

We went out to the garage where it all started to say our goodbyes. I opened the door and Kris was getting on her bike when– “Would it be OK to take one of those toys home with me to … practice with?” Do you have a good hiding place??? “Yes” Ok then. They’re yours anyway, I’ll get you the butt plug as that is safer and no batteries. You can take it into the shower with you too. Just put a touch of soapy water on in, squat down and work it into you for stretching. As long as it’s ladies soap. Nothing harsh and no Lava rock soap!!
I got Kris the plug and put it in a bag after washing it. I also squirted a bunch of lube in a ziplock bag she could take home to use outside the shower.

Here babe, and some lube in a bag. You can also put the plug in at night before bed and take it out in the morning. Or put it in when you get up and wear it all day. Every now and then go get in the shower, squat down and practice working it in and out. That is really the best training.

On second thought, I want to trade it to you for something? “What do you want?” Some of your hair. “You want to cut my hair?” Just some off the underside that no one sees. “What do you need my hair for?” A special secret Nancy Drew teen sex agent project. “Oh, now she’s a sex agent!: “I guess you can have some hair!” I went and got the tape and used it to wrap some gathered clumps of hair up before I cut it off.

If your Mom ever does find the plug, tell her you found it on the curb in a pile of trash and you thought it was a flashlight. “OK”

Kris didn’t know what her moms schedule was this coming week so we’d just played it by ear.

See ya later mashed potater!
Another Day Sunny Ray!

And my love was gone until we meet again.

Kris Pt 100

My surprising experience in writing Kris’s story. aka Mind Games

We all build little fantasies in our minds to get off to. It may be a porn pic or video. Maybe a actress in an R rated movie where we get more of her personality or character. But you are never a part of the scene or having personal interaction.

As I mentioned, my lucky meet up scenario with Kris has been in my mind for years, but it was just a passing thought.
Then I started writing about her. Things went deeper and I got hooked. One of those “The story wrote itself” things. I just couldn’t type fast enough. Now Kris has been in my mind about 14 hrs a day for a week just During the writing. I have seen her in my mind and lived many more small nuances and details than I could ever put down on “paper” The old: A picture is worth a 1000 words. Being artsy, I don’t just look at a Picasso. I read the artist by his brush strokes. And seeing it all through My mind and fantasy you readers are missing a lot.

And when I try to walk away and do other things she keeps popping into my mind. New things we’re going to do together. I’ve already noted down about 6 more scenes.
I just find it so strange that building a character and fantasy deeper than I ever have before that it would hang on like that. Like the biggest fish you ever caught or the time you got your car or motorcycle over 100 for the first time. That memory hangs on for awhile even when you go back to work the following week. It isn’t just lost the next day.

But I’m not delusional and waiting on the curb for Kris to pedal by!
I’m back to work and have to take a break from Kris awhile.
The mind is a strange and wonderful place.
Oh, here’s the “Only Sex Stories” compliance.

I saw her in the park.
She was cute.
I said lets fuck.
She spread her legs and I did her.
I then pissed in her mouth.
She cried and went home.
I flew my kite.


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    Great story Steveluvstweens

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    To all my millions of fans.
    The Kris Pt 100 was submitted 8 hours after the Kris Pt 3D finale, but somehow it got tacked on here. I wanted it set as an independent posting for comment, but you can always comment your thoughts about that here. Doesn’t really matter as it all pertains to the story thus far.

    Have a great day !

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    Thanks Bama. It’s been an exhausting week and my screen eyes are burning! I have those old man eyes and have to wear high power readers. But even then I want to start Part 4 today, but It will probably be next week if I can keep Kris away that long!

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    Standing ovation asking for an encore… Some might find it tedious to read but I trully enjoyed it, Thank you