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Kris Pt 3B

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Steve and Kris explore things further and there may be Love blooming. WARNING: Hot sex enclosed!

The BIG DAY finally arrives. I had cleaned myself up that morning and got everything set up. Last night and this morning I worked on recording some cassette tapes from all my albums with the hottest songs like Rock Steady, Born on the Bayou, Hot Legs, Come to Poppa, etc. My stereo had a cassette player and this was easier than fucking with albums. It was going to be a hot day out so I stayed inside prepping with the AC about maxed and didn’t want to go out and get all sweaty. I heard Kris holler out around 9:45, Great!

I went out to greet her wearing my shorts and T. She was wearing her plains too. Hair in a simple pony tail. She remembered the choker though. Smart girl. You want to do the fake mosquito chase again babe? “OK” Kris started flapping her arms around and I started fake spraying. Kris ran and hit the door button and we laughed our asses off. Let’s go in girl, Love is in the Air!

You got here early. “Yeah, mom and her friends managed to get out early and I left just after she called.” That’s cool. Where did she call from? “They stopped at a pay phone and she had to pay a long distance calling fee so she didn’t talk long. She may not even call at noon, but I still better check in at home.”

I got us both a drink and we went into the living room. Kris needed to cool down. We smoked a little and chit chatted. I asked Kris to sit on my lap so we could kiss some. We started out slow and were building up when I told Kris “You kind of stink” She pulled back and looked me in the eyes “Steven Ray, I DO NOT STINK!” OK, you’re just kind of hot and sweaty from you’re bike ride. Why don’t you go rinse off in the shower. I’ll help you if you need it? “Oh, that’s the plan. Get me naked and wet?” Something like that I replied.

We got up and went into the bathroom. I had Kris strip me down first. Of course my cock about slapped her in the face when she pulled my underwear down as I was already hard. “Whoa there, I didn’t know you had a snake in your pants. Warn me next time will ya!” I had to laugh at her. I stripped Kris down without much fanfare. but made sure to tease her a little by rubbing her ass and tits by “accident”. She grabbed my dick and jerked it a few times. Just an accident right?
It was nice to see each other naked in a more casual, fun setting than our first time together. Kris had some womanly hips for her age. Narrow waist, but a cute, slight belly paunch below her belly button and of course those wide set, firm little tits. I folded our clothes up, got out some towels and started the shower and adjusting it. Kris needed to pee and I told her to go ahead. She told me to get in the shower first. I get it. Jacking a cock and getting your pussy licked is one thing, Peeing is another!” OK, but don’t flush the toilet as the water will get too hot.” I turned the hot down a little and stepped back just in case. She didn’t flush.

OK babe, get in here so we can scrub that stink off! (laughing) She got in and was looking for the soap and cloth and I said “No, I’m going to wash you. We’ll try not to get your hair and face wet.” I had her wet her front first then step back. I knelt down, soaped my hands up and proceeded to wash her down. I started at her shoulders and worked down around her tits feeling her up and flicking her nipples. Kris raised her arms so I could do her pits. I tickled down her ribs and rubbed her sides and belly. I soaped her pelvis and down around her pussy cupping and rubbing it. I had my lover lean back against the wall and put her feet on my thighs one at a time so I could do her legs. I had her rinse off then I pulled her pony tail around to her front so she could wet her back. I had her lean forward against the wall and spread her legs a little so I could do her back. That was very sexy too. Prominent shoulder blades and some long lean muscles going down to her ass. I worked her over down to her ass. I took a cheek in each hand and played them this way and that, spreading and push together. One side up, one side down, teasing her. Kris was like “Hey, what’s that all about?” I’ve never washed a little girls ass before. Maybe the Library has a book on it! That got her. I then pulled her left cheek wide and ran my fingers up and down her crack before she knew what hit her. She screamed and said “Yeah, I think you had Better get some training on that!” I put a kiss on each cheek then finished down the back of her legs working her muscled thighs and calves. OK babe, rinse off. I held her pony tail high to keep it dry. I let Kris wash me down a little. She had fun soaping my cock and balls. I showed her how to cup and rub my balls then grip the base of my cock and jack it.
She really took her turn on my ass though.
“Your butt is Filthy, turn around now!” Yes dear.
She started the rubbing and washing well enough then had to run her fingers up and down my crack of course. I gave a little scream out to tickle her.
Then she started the spanking and pinching. “You’re a Bad, Bad man to be playing with a little girls Butt!” I was doing the ouch, ooh, yikes bit as she was reprimanding me. Then I went into the Eew, Yes, Harder, I deserve that and she laid into me a little more. Must have a Dom in the making?

OK, let’s get outta here. We dried off then Kris went to get her clothes and I said you won’t be needing those. “Oh, this is the naked part huh?” Not quite, but you need to get dressed to dance for me. “What?” Put on some sexy clothes babe. She starting walking over to her clothes again and I said “Those aren’t sexy.” Kris:”But that’s all I got!!” I had her dizzy.
You have a drawer full of sexy things in OUR bedroom. Her jaw hit the floor and she was lost.
Come with me lover. I took her by the hand and walked her into the bedroom.
There, the bottom drawer. That’s yours. She looked at me, squatted down and open the drawer and let out a scream! “Oh, my God, where did this all come from?” We’ll I lost a tooth last week and put it under my pillow and…
We got the boxes out and went through everything. She’d give out a scream every time we opened a box. She was so exited and tickled.
“When did you get ALL this? Wednesday night after I followed you home.
“Well I was just here yesterday and… you didn’t tell me???” You didn’t ask! (laughing)
I told you we would work something out for your sexy clothes!
“Eeeww, just you wait!” Promises promises! (I mocked and laughed again)
I explained how the garter belt clips worked with the stockings. I told her panties first, then the garter belt and stockings. Then the mini skirt of course. Bra and shawl. We checked the shoes and they fit fine with just one paper towel in the toe. Room to grow. Looks like I have some boots to order! I got her choker out of the bathroom for her. I showed her the makeup and hair stuff and told her to use the bathroom for that first then go into the bedroom to dress. I explained I was not to see her when she left the bathroom to go to the bedroom. She was to call me when she was dressed and ready. When she heard the drum beat music start she was to count to five then come out dancing.

Kris grabbed the make up stuff and went to the bathroom. The stereo was already on, but I flipped it over to cassette mode and adjusted the volume as needed for my tapes. In the spare bedroom I had stashed a very nice, summer weight, royal blue silk boxer and robe set that I never wore and went to put that on. I went to the bathroom door and told Kris I was going to wait in the spare room until she went to the bedroom and to not do too much makeup as she was going to have to take it off after while anyway. “OK, I won’t be long.” I waited in the spare about 5 more minutes looking at some biker mags when she said she was ready.
“OK babe.” I gave her a minute to get into the bedroom then went back to the living room to set up some red and blue mini spot lights I had ready plus I lit some incense and a few candles too. I closed all the window shades in the house to make it a dark as possible then waited on the couch.

She said she was ready. Was I ready?? Not sure.
I got up with the butterflies and jitters, walked to the middle of the room and announced: Ladies and mainly gentlemen. Please give a warm welcome to the incredible, delectable and always edible Miss Krystal Lynn. I pushed PLAY then ran back to the couch. Bonham’s heavy drum beat intro to When the Levee Breaks started us off. About the time the harmonica started, Kris about threw the door off the hinges and burst through dancing. What an entry. I was so shocked I forgot to clap. Oh Lord, what have I gotten myself into. She was the hottest little thing I’ve ever seen. The set fit perfect and the seamed stockings tight. She had pulled her hair back on the right side with a black hair clip, but left the other side down shading the left side of her face. She had accented her high cheek bones and wore the dark red lipstick and dangly earrings that I liked best. Her eye shadow was smokey grey that really made her green eyes pop.
I think I went numb and rock hard at the same time.

Kris was working it. She was swaying and grinding her legs and ass to the harmonicas moan. Damn. After awhile, “Take it off” I hollered. She looked at me and I indicated the shawl. She slowly removed it then tossed it at me. Now I could really see how well the modded bra cups fit Kris. She filled it well and the cups were smooth on her tits. She finished the song just before I thought I was gonna die.

Next up was Rod’s Hot Legs. Kris smiled when she heard the intro and went to town with it. I couldn’t take it any longer. I slide off the couch onto my hands and knees and crawled across the carpet over to my mini stripper. When I got to Kris I reached up to rub her stockings just above her knees. She slowed a little to see what I was up to. I slowly started tickling and working my way up higher. Almost to the tops of her stockings and bottom of the mini skirt then the little minx spun around with her back to me throwing me off. But I was determined. I went to the back of her knees and slowly started working my way up again. Almost to the top and she spun back around facing me. We had a fun little game going now. I motioned for her to flip her skirt up now and then giving me a little panty show. She caught onto the tease. I finally just sat back on the floor letting Kris dance for me and getting a front row seat of her legs and panty show.

I went back to the couch for the next song. Hot Child in the City came on. Now this must be dedicated to Kris if ever there was. She was dancing and I was torn apart. I got up and sat on the end of the arm of the couch and motioned her over. She danced over to me then stopped in front of me dancing. I reached down and fished my cock out through the fly of the boxers to show Kris. She tried to reach for it, but I shook my head No and told her to spin around. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back to me, flipped her skirt up and pulling her pantied ass crack onto my cock. I then worked her ass up and down to the hottest child in the city. She had her groove going on me literally so I reached both hands up to play with her tits and flicking her nipples through her bra. We rode out the rest of the song like this.

Anymore and I was going to lose it. I stood up and gave Kris a deep soulful kiss and asked her if she’d suck me. “Why Darlin, it would be my pleasure!” There she was again.
I had some clean towels ready and placed one in front of the arm rest on the carpeted floor for my lover to kneel on. I got back on the armrest and held Kris’s hands guiding her to kneel down to take me. It was almost magical. Aerosmith’s Round and Round had just started. Kris moved in, but was unsure. I told her just to kiss it and lick around like we do when We kiss. There’s no right or wrong babe. She reach up and grabbed around the base holding me steady, slowly parted her full red lips then slowly let her wet pink tongue out to greet me. Oh fuck, I know I’m gonna die! She was on it now, licking and kissing all over. Sweet kisses, tonguey kisses, long slow licks, little flicky tongue licks around the head. I slowed her down and pulled her free hand to me. “Now start sucking the head like this.” I stuck her middle finger in my mouth and showed her how to do gentle sucks and nibbles on the head. She shook her head, so I let her take control and she did. I reached both hands around the back of her head so I could steady myself and help her. She took my head into her hot mouth and hit me with sweet sucks and gentle love bites. Swirling and licking around with her tongue. I started working her head back and forth a little and she got the hint. I eased up and let her take control of her licks, kisses and plunges. She was the Boss now and she owned me. Miss Krystal Lynn ravaged my cock about another minute and I let her know this was it. She felt me swelling and pulsing harder. She took a deep breath and held it and me in her mouth when I let loose. “Oh, Yes baby Yes, I cried out to my lover!” She swallowed the best she could and some came out between her lips, but she kept at it until I was done. She pulled off, let out her deep breath and licked her lips. I looked down and my cock was still pulsing and had my lovers lipstick tracks here and there. Fuckin sexy. I was wasted and had to shake that one off then reached down for my lovers hands to help her up. I pulled Kris to me to give her some kisses and to tell her how proud I was of her. “Did I do OK?” Nooope, didn’t feel a thing! Are you nuts girl? That was fantastic!! I may never let you leave now! Where’s my rope? “No Mr Bad man, don’t tie me up!” (giggles)
I reached my right arm around Kris’s lower back and grabbed under her knees with the other and swooped her up to my chest. I moved over and plopped down on the couch with Kris in my lap and just smiled at her. She noticed. “I have cum all over my news clothes dammit!” Well that’s what they’re for and they seemed to have done their job. “But still!” Tell ya what babe. If you decide to wear this while riding your bike down to TG&Y, I’ll make sure they’re cleaned properly first! Now That got her laughing!

“So really, where DID you get these clothes?” At the mall.
“Nooo, I’ve been to the mall with my mom at ALL the ladies shops and they don’t have stuff like this for girls my age.” Did too, I got it at Sylvia’s.
“What? I’ve been to Sylvia’s and…… they have clothes like these, but not for girls.”
OK babe. I did buy them at Sylvia’s, but I brought them home and custom tailored them all to fit you. “You did all that for me?” For us lover…. That did it. She got the watery eyes, reached up and grabbed the back of me head, pulled me down and met me half way with a hot, sensual kiss then feel back with a sigh.
I tickled around Kris’s belly and pulled up a finger with cum on it and stuck it in my mouth.
“Steven Ray, that’s mine now!” Reeaally? “Yes, when it’s IN you, it’s yours. When it’s on ME it’s mine!” I reached a finger over and pulled a blob that had landed on her left tit and fed it to her. She opened her mouth up like a baby bird and closed it on my finger. She then quickly grabbed my hand with both of hers and started giving my finger a blow job and nibbles.

Oh, no you don’t. Don’t get me started again. Kris let go then found her giggles. I sat up and helped her up. Let me get a rag and clean YOUR cum up. I don’t know if she ate anymore. Liked it or not. Did it to prove she was a woman. There Was no right or wrong. She was free to decide that for herself.
I wiped the cum spots off Kris where I found them. We sat down and had a drink and took another toke and rested.

Will the incredible, delectable and always edible Miss Krystal Lynn dance for me again?
“Why I would be truly delighted!” There she is!!

Kris got up and went out into the room. Steve Miller’s The Stake was just finishing and I KNEW what was next. Come to Poppa came out strong and Kris got into it. She was wilder now than before swinging her hips around them pushing her ass back and forward. Twisting her shoulders forward and back. Where the hell did she learn to dance like that? She pointed her ass at me and flipped up her skirt. “Take it off baby!” I hollered.
Kris kept her back to me and pulled the skirt down one side at a time as her hips rocked to the beat. Then she let it fall to the floor, stepped Back out of it, bent over at the waist pushing her ass out to pick it up. She pulled it up to her chest while standing up. Spun around and threw it at me. She was so quick I didn’t get my hands up in time to grab it. The skirt open up like a parachute at the last minute and landed over my face. By the time I got it off Kris was still laughing. Kris got back into it and finished out the song.

Next up was Soul Kitchen. I was hard and hot now. Kris was working up another sweat too. I turned on the couch putting my head on the right hand arm towards the end. Kris noticed I was up to something again. I motioned for her and she danced over next to me. Babe, you’re going to dance on my face. She was a little confused at first.
I had her stop dancing and pulled her left leg up against the couch and grabbed her hip. I motioned for her to give me her right leg. When she brought it up to me I reached under her knee to swing her calf and foot onto the arm on the opposite side of my head. Now she got it!
We worked around till her pussy was right over my mouth. I started licking and munching on her pussy through her panties teasing her awhile. I then reached up with my left hand thumb and pulled her panties to the side so I could tease her even better. Her plump little peach was hanging down for me. I started licking her fuzzy labia and munching on them with my lips. I slid my tongue up and down her crack a little but she was still mostly closed. I told her to hold her panties for me so she reached down with her right hand to hold them. I then grabbed her right ass cheek and started slowly moving her forward and back. She got it at took over. I just had to hold my tongue out and let her ride it. We were going good to tease, but not deep enough. Kris tripped me out again! She pulled two fingers off her panties, grabbed her right labia and opened herself up to me. I gladly accepted the offer. Now we had it. She pushed down and I went in licking her juicy petals and clit. Kris started grinding her pussy on me now bucking her hips. I heard her holler ” Oh fuck, Oh fuck, oh fuck.” She let go with her hand, but I was in now and wasn’t going anywhere even if I smothered deep in her pussy. And Kris grabbed the back of my head just to make sure of that. She held me in tight grinding her pussy screaming and moaning, I don’t know what. Her left leg started getting the shakes so I moved my right hand down to trap her knee against the couch. This was going to be a doozy! Now she was shakin all over doing a OH, OH, OH. Then I heard a big EEEEEE! and she locked up vibrating. Kris offered me some nice fresh juice that I accepted. I stopped licking her and just let her coast a minute to see what was going to happen. The vibrating slowed and I felt her go slack so I reached up with my right hand to her lower back and sat up the best I could and let her fall back between my legs on the couch. Kris was panting and wheezing so I knew she was still alive. Finally she breathed in deep and let out a big sigh with “Oh Lord what did you do to me” then she started laughing.
I asked Kris “Did I do OK?” She laughed again with “Noope, didn’t feel a thing.” and we both laughed together.

I wormed my way out from under Kris’s legs and went to get her some cold water and a cool wash cloth to wipe off her face for her. I sat down beside my love and wiped her face and neck down. When she recovered enough I helped her sit up and she drank some water. “You survived baby!” “Barely dear! I thought I was going to exploded and go through the roof!”
“Well I’m glad you didn’t. What would the neighbors think?” (laughing)
Maybe I need to get some sound proofing too?” I got up and went over to a couple of windows and peeked out around the blinds. “I don’t see any crowds that have gathered in the yard so I guess were OK!” When I went back to the couch Kris threw her skirt back at my head again with a “It looked good on you punk!”

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    nice work, I built up a lot of presure but kept it in, defenetly want to read more.