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Kris Pt 3A

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Kris Pt 3 will be in 3 parts. 3A has no sex , but lots of fun play and build up to the hot 3B & 3C. It makes best sense to read all 3 in order.

I thought it would look kind of odd if I returned back home so quickly after I left so figured I would go by Kroger and pick up a few things. I made it only few blocks while thinking about my sweet lover then decided to turn again and head south to the Mall. There are some ladies shops there that had “intimate” wear and I wanted to see what they had in small sizes. It was 8pm now and the shops stayed open till 9 so I knew I could hit a few of them and maybe have less people to deal with.

I parked as close as I could and walked as fast as possible without actually jogging! I didn’t “hang” at the Mall, but knew where most of the places were. First stop was Jo Lynn’s Fashions. They had nice stuff and high quality expensive, but nothing really cute and skimpy. JC Penny – NOT! There was another place on the second level so a mad dash to the escalators! I knew where it was, but didn’t know the name. Great, still open. Sylvia’s Formal & Evening. There was a young lady working there and I think she was kind of shocked when I came racing in 25 mins before close. I briskly went up to her and gave her a big smile and then she sighed a little in relief.

“May I help you Sir?” Yes, I’m looking some sexy lingerie for my girlfriend.
“OK, like a bra and panty set?” Yes. And stockings and garter belt.
“We have those right over here.” I followed her over to a back wall display area.
“What size is she?” (Oops) I’m not sure, she’s small, very petite around 5′ tall.
The sales girl kind of looked me in the eyes trying to read me. FAST! My girlfriend “Kimi” is Korean and only 18.
“I see. Do you see anything you like?” Yes, all of it! That got a laugh out of her. I picked out a few sets and asked her what she had in the smallest sizes. She was able to find me a simple black bra, panty and garter set in XXS. Yes! Thank god this place carried more modern Euro fashions than the 1920 Sears and Roebuck catalog.
We went by the stocking area and grabbed the smallest black seamed silk stockings they had. We were heading up to the checkout when a saw a beautiful black silk sleeveless shawl. Fuck, gotta have that! “OK, I need to get outta here” is said.
The girl rang me up and bagged my goodies. I dropped a $100.00 bill on the counter and she gave me little change back.
“Here’s my card, I’m Heather by the way” It’s a pleasure to meet you Heather.
Funny how Heather was getting a little friendlier the whole time I was shopping. She was a real looker too. Blue eyes, long dark hair, statuesque. A Brooke Shields wanna be.
“Kimi is a lucky lady, you should bring her in sometime.” I would have tonight, but she’s very shy. A Korean thing I guess.
“Well anyway, I bet she’s a real sweet peach.” and then Heather did a crazy tongue lick over her upper lip. I stopped dead for a few seconds till I felt the ground again. Uh yeah, and juicy to the core. I opened my wallet and gave Heather a $10.00 tip for being so helpful.
Glad she enjoyed Kris’s pussy juice aroma all over my face. A woman thing I guess!

I made it only two shops down when I saw them. Some plain, but stylish black pumps. On sale too. The lady was just heading up front to close the store. Before she even said a word I told her “I want these shoes!”
She laughed and said “I’m not sure we have those in your size!” Touche! I’ll take a half a size then.
“I was getting ready to close, but it’s been a slow night. How can I help you?”
What’s the smallest size you have in these? She looked and brought out a 6-1/2. I looked them over and thought they were a little too big for Kris. Do you have anything similar style, but smaller? She went to the back room and brought out some hot looking size 5 pumps with a 3″ heel. Those are very nice I told her. “They’re Italian!” How much?
She looked them up and they were about double what the On Sale shoes were. I was disappointed and told her to put them back. “Tell you what, it’s been a slow night and size 5 are hard to move so I can knock $15.00 off.” Really? “Yeah, I’m the manager and the owner allows me a little discretion on setting up sales to keep product moving.” I’ll take them and thank you. “Glad to help” “And these are quality leather and stitching. Those others are crap. That’s why they’re on sale! but you didn’t hear that from me!” (we laughed)
The lady looked up towards the entry and I turned around to see what she was looking at and there was Heather walking by giving her the thumbs up sign. I asked the lady if she knew Heather, and she said “Sure, we talk all the time if the stores are empty before closing.”
We went up to the register and she rung up the sale and gave me her card. Thank you Carol for helping me out. “Very happy to!” I gave her a $5.00 tip and she said ” And you didn’t give this to me either, thanks!” Fuck she was sexy too. A 30ish Ann Margret type. I wonder if she and Heather like to do other things than talk?

I finally escaped the Mall with a few bucks left. No tween hotties runnin round this late anyway. I was heading out of the parking lot when I had another brainstorm. I headed further south out of town where there was a strip club and adult store off the highway. I went into the store and picked up a small vibrator, small butt plug and vibrating egg. They had a plastic bottle of water based lube so I grabbed some of that too. It didn’t want Kris going home with Vaseline or some other crap we couldn’t get off of her in a rush. I looked around, but didn’t see any other toys I might need for Kris. They had some sexy clothing, but it was over priced cheap costume stuff. I did find some nice spike heel boots, but I didn’t have the money and wasn’t sure how long or if this was going to work out with Kris. Wasn’t even sure of her foot size either. When I went up to pay I did ask the clerk if they had the boots in a size 5. He got out one of their supplier’s catalog and told me they could order that size in, but they didn’t normally stock a 5. I grabbed one of their business cards and left.

I didn’t need to go to the store, but I did drive by Kris’s house now that she told me exactly where she lived today. Everything was dark and quiet. No fires, screaming mothers or cop cars with lights flashing! I went on home and ate a late night snack, washed Kris off my face, brushed the peach fuzz from my teeth and went to bed.

Thursday morning I woke up with a hard on and tits in my mouth. OK, at least the hard on was real! I have been working a welding job this week just past Claremore and only about 4 miles from where my mom lived. She’d kill me if she knew I was close and didn’t stop in after the job to at least say hello. I normally would have, but for some reason I wanted to run home and open my garage door instead! Today I went ahead and stopped for a visit. My mom is old school country and has several sewing machines. I asked to borrow one of her old ones which was fine by her. She offered to mend my clothes, but I told her I couldn’t run stuff up to her every time I got a little tear in something and it was easy enough to sew myself. I’d helped her many times adjusting the machines and knew all about them. I went through her sewing boxes and picked up some various colors of thread and some bobbins. Had a cold one with mom, then headed to the shop where I transferred everything out of the company welding truck to my truck then went home. Kris was a no show so after dinner I went to Sears and picked up a girls training bra and a pack of girls size 12 panties. I based the panties on the size 12 jeans that looked like the size Kris wears. I grabbed a couple nice gift boxes and some other household crap so I didn’t look like a panty perv or something. Stopped by Kroger for belly supplies then went home.

I spent the remainder of the night and then Friday night doing alterations to the bra, panty and garter set I picked up at the mall. Based off the trainer bra I needed to remove a couple inches from the ladies bra strap. I then removed the border around the B cups, trimmed the cups down based on Kris’s tit size and sewed the border back. Shortened the shoulder straps. Only had to do a few mods on the panty and garter belt waist size and shortened up the stocking straps. I put the whole set with the stockings and shawl in a gift box then put that in the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers which would now be Kris’s drawer. The shoes had their own box, but I added some paper towels in the box for toe stuffing if Kris needed it.
The sex toys went in the other gift box which I hid for now. One step at a time.

I worked around the front of the house Saturday morn then worked on my bike some when it started getting hot. I was dicking with a new clutch cable when I looked up and there was my lover. She was all smiles then so was I. She told me she couldn’t hang out today, but her Mom was going down to Oklahoma City tomorrow with some lady friends to go shopping and check out a couple of new restaurants they heard about. Fantastico!
And just what do you plan to do all day tomorrow by your lonesome young lady?
“I don’t plan to be alone.” Really?
“Really!” Um, let me guess. You’re having some girls come over to play house and Barbie Dolls.
“Nope!” Well, I’m stumped and stupified.
“Should I tell you then?” That’s probably best.
“Let me whisper in your ear. There may be spies near by.” As you wish my dear.
(Whispering) “I’m coming over Here to get Naked and dance around until your Dick Explodes like a fire hose!” Really my dear!! What will the neighbors think? I may get some on their lawn!
Kris finally busted out after that.
“In the house may be a better place.” And when is this all supposed to happen?
“That’s up in the air. Mom is leaving around 9 and I asked her to call me when she gets to OK City so I know she made it ok. Then I’ll know she’s really gone too. I can come over then. I may go back home for lunch for awhile in case she calls. Then come back over until about 5ish. She said she’ll be back around 6.”
That sounds great Babe. And I understand about your going home for lunch and to check in, but you’re always welcome to eat here if you ever have the need to.
“Thanks, that’s good to know.” Well, unless you balloon up to 200 pounds!
Owe, finally my first punch in the arm by my caring lover.
I guess I can stay home tomorrow. I was thinking about driving out to the highway to pick up pop cans for a little extra spending money, but I can do that another time.
“Why, I certainly do appreciate your sacrifice for me!” Anything for you dear.
OK Babe. I’ll leave the garage door open again. Holler if you don’t see me, but don’t come into the house as I don’t want anyone to see you walk right in like you’ve done that before.
“Got it.” And don’t dress sexy either. I wish you could, but if the neighbors see you like that all the time coming over here.. well.. they’re going to talk.
“Really? Okaaaa” That broke my heart. We’ll work something out my love.. but you can bring your black choker!
I had Kris get off her bike and roll it back and forth on the drive like I was checking for something. She was getting ready to leave when I asked her what her middle name was and she said Lynn. Cute. Tell me Miss Krystal Lynn, how long have you been into Country Music?
“I’m not. I prefer stripping to Bad Company!” Oooh, sassy little filly you are.
“And just what is Your middle name smarty pants!” Ray
She had to think a minute and I started snickering. “Well Sunny Sun Ray, stick it where the sun don’t shine!” I had to run to the grass off the side of the driveway and dive to hit the ground laughing! She waited, laughing too.
I finally got up with “Now get out of here before I pull down your panties and bite your ass.”
She peddled away with “Promises, promises” Sticky candy but delicious!

I closed the garage door down. I had Lots of planning to do! The house actually had an old hot tub out back but the land lady (Connie) said the pump was out. It was installed by one of her past long term renters and left. She said she had no interest in paying for repairs though. I had no reason to incur the cost either until Kris showed up. At least I could look it over and see how much a new or used pump would run. I got a flashlight and my Hi-Standard 922 with bird shot to go investigate. The tub was square with solid skirting, but had a panel you could remove. The tub was tied into a small deck that had a sliding glass door into the dining room. I removed the panel and flashed inside. Nothing but spider webs. I knocked them down with a stick and proceeded in. To make a long story short it ended up the pump and heater were fine. A rat had chewed through the wires from the switch to the pump. The first time after that, that the switch was hit there was a short blowing out the fuse. I went to the old fuse box and removed the fuse to be safe. Over the next week after work I repaired the wire and installed new switches on the pump, heater and lights just to be safe. I cleaned out the leaves and muck from the tub and scrubbed it out. Bought the pool bleach, etc and got it all set up. I told Connie about the repairs and gave her all the receipts so she could claim them on her taxes to help her out. I knew Kris would be thrilled with the tub. It was still too hot for “hot” tubbing right now, but as soon as it cools down!

Back to the present, I jumped in my Powerwagon… Yes, a 74 W200 4×4 4-speed behind a built 383 4bbl, to run down the street for supplies. I went to TG&Y and picked up a tooth brush, hair brush and hair accessories, various earrings, perfumes, baby oil, a couple lipsticks, eye liner, a little make up kit, make up remover and a plastic case to hold it all for Kris. I’m beginning to think little tarts aren’t cheap!! I grabbed a cassette recorder and picked up some kind of Asian Indian meditation music cassette. On a whim I went to see what they had in girls bikini’s. Dang, I guess all the French cut, pussy hugging thongs were sold out! I did find a modest black bikini that had a short little coverup skirt attached that should fit Kris. Into the cart. I went up front to pay for it all and the cute, but book wormish young lady, looked at all the girly stuff then at me and started ringing it up without a word. When she got to the lipsticks I spoke up and told her I didn’t know which one would look good on me so I bought both. She stopped and looked up at me. I gave her a lip pucker and a wink. She bust out laughing. Glad the ice was broke. She didn’t have a personal business card to offer so I left.
Next stop was the drug store to pick up one of those squeeze douche bottle things and some mild cleansing solution. Swung by Kroger and bought some food and drink then headed back to the love nest.

I put everything away except for the bikini set. Looking it over closer the bikini bottom and skirt were joined together at the waists elastic band. It was a simple matter of just cutting the bottoms off at the waist band and presto! A breezy little micro mini skirt. I added the mini skirt to Kris’s drawer and hid the rest away in case I needed it for another clothing project.

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  • Reply SteveLuvsTweens ID:14s69ttut0d

    I finally just finished and submitted Kris Pt 3C. It’s almost 6000 words and about wraps up this particular days events for Steve and Kris. There will be a shorter after sex wrap up eventually.

    • BamaWoods ID:4o6ydgchi

      Great job, look forward to reading it.

  • Reply SteveLuvsTweens ID:14s69ttut0d

    Papatya Gunay is actually a real model. Some of my fantasy fodder. She’s kind of obscure but can be googled or duck duck go. She’s a golden tanned blonde of perfection. Greek heritage.
    I’ve searched the net many hrs grabbing all the pics I can find and her leopard print bikini shoot when she was around 12 is smokin!

  • Reply SteveLuvsTweens ID:14s69ttut0d

    I wish this site had a dedicated open and private room chat board. If it did, I’d tell you about Papatya Gunay and her leopard print bikini. Hottest blonde on the planet, but Ooops!

    • BamaWoods ID:4o6ydgchi

      wow she is a wet dream for sure. Got to move to the coast where girls look like that.

  • Reply SteveLuvsTweens ID:14s69ttut0d

    Thanks again. I’ve even had to edit some out as I’m like: Man, enough talk. I want to get to the action! And things will go faster now that the intro has been established. But I write the way I want. Some will like it. Others can read something else. Free country. As mentioned before. So much great young Erotica has been lost. Hard to find really in depth stories about young love it seems.

    • BamaWoods ID:4o6ydgchi

      You can always write about her, I am sure those memories are just waiting to gush out of you.

  • Reply SteveLuvsTweens ID:14s69ttut0d

    Thanks Bama. I’ve never cared for erotica that didn’t give you enough character development to draw you in to the story to build emotional & sexual feelings for them. I may end up having 30 hrs into the Pt3ABC series alone. I”m 60 and have been attracted for 38 yrs, but never touched. Kris had been with me a long time, but just that first chance meeting. We never went through the door together to become friends and lovers. I’m going deep and living the full fantasy out and putting it all down on paper best I can. So getting to know Kris is all new to me too. I’ve met many young beauties in real life I would like to write about and maybe, someday will. Each will have her own story and hopefully personality if possible. Good thing I’m self employed. Better do some actual Work today. Later

    • BamaWoods ID:4o6ydgchi

      I know exactly what you mean and feel. The wam bam thank you mam little stories don’t allow proper visualization if you ask me. I greatly appreciate the time you are putting into your stories. I’m not gifted enough to express ideas and do tend to go off subject or ramble on. So take your time, you have a devoted fan here.

  • Reply BamaWoods ID:4o6ydgchi

    wow you are going full novel…. picking up some speed huh, love it.