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Jack and Diane

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Just a little ditty. The song left a lot out.

A lot of things were left out like. Jack was Diane’s 16 year old brother. Diane was 11 years old and deeply in love with him. This is how it started.1 year ago Diane came home early from practice thinking she was alone. As she got to the top of the stairs she heard a low moan. Being curious she listened and heard it again. It was coming from her brother’s room. As she got closer to his door it got louder. The door was slightly open so she had to see. As she creeped closer there was her brother sitting at his computer and he was moving and making noises. She stepped a little closer to get a better look. She froze in her tracks and covered her mouth. On the screen there was a young girl naked with a man standing behind her pumping. Diane didn’t know what they were doing, but that’s not what really caught her eye. What see saw was the little girl next door sitting in her brother’s lap bouncing and moaning. Now she could hear what he was saying. He was saying [oh yeah Debbie keep bouncing on my cock.] Diane looked at her brothers lap really close and saw his penis and couldn’t see where it was going. All of a sudden she heard him say I’m cumming. She watched a few more minutes. When Debbie stood up Diane saw white stuff coming from between her legs.

Diane got out of there fast before being seen. Debbie turned to Jack and kissed him. She whispered in his ear thank you for helping me get ready for teasing my brother. Jack told her no problem. Then Debbie told him that Diane was watching. Jack almost passed out. His first thought oh shit I hope she won’t tell mom and dad. Namely he was fucking his best friends 10 year old sister and their neighbor. He had to talk to her. He closed his door and locked it. They got dressed and Jack helped her out his window and kissed her again saying see you later. Once she was gone Jack thought now I’ve got to talk to my sister.

Jack went down the hall to his sister’s room and knocked Diane was a little hesitant at first. Then thought what could it hurt she wasn’t the one doing wrong. So she opened it and smiled at him. Jack saw her smile and started begging her. She said she won’t tell if he did all her chores. He said anything. She smiled bigger as she said well you get your license in 6 months and you can drive me to school. If you do all that I will not tell and you and Debbie can keep doing what you two want. Then she thought again and I want to watch sometimes. He said ok I will talk to Debbie.

As the months moved by Jack and Diane got closer. Jack kept up his end of the bargain. Debbie came over a lot more after that day. Their parents were happy Diane had a friend now. She kept her part too and never spoke a word to their parents. As Diane got to watch she was getting curious and started to ask questions. Jack answered them and explained how it started with him and Debbie. Diane turned 11 before her brother got his license. That’s when Diane realized she was in love with her brother.

Sorry so short. But will finish later. When I have more time. Still enjoy and tell if you want it finished.

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    life goes on

  • Reply Your Name ID:5u0x67i20a

    What song?

    • Tabaxi ID:4o80tft0c

      John Cougar Mellencamp “Jack and Diane”

      awesome song, classic Rock

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    Please do continue